he’s sitting back and reaping all the results.
Even as her daughter……no, it’s exactly because I am her daughter that I can’t forgive it.
That’s why this is my revenge against the Empress.”


The Head Retainer couldn’t confirm whether what Diaroze said was true or not.
However, back in Nored, it was true that Diaroze was condemned while the Empress escaped all responsibilities while pinning everything on her.
Thinking that she plotted a rebellion after being used as a scapegoat would make sense.

“I no longer desire the seat of the empress.
I’ve made a vow to myself.
Even if I have to fall to slavery, I would drag Mother down from her throne.”

Diaroze proclaimed while tracing the slave collar with her finger.

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Seeing that, the expressions on Eleanor and the Head Retainer’s faces immediately changed.

“Y, Your Highness…….it can’t be, that is real?”

Eleanor was quivering.
Once a slave collar is put on you, there’s no way to remove it.
Moreover, it is impossible for someone who has such a thing around their neck to return to being an aristocrat.

That’s why such a display is showing Diaroze’s extent of determination.

This is necessary to gain the Calencians’ trust.
I have no regrets.”

Diaroze replied with a determined tone.

‘Well, of course, you have no regrets.’ thought Kisei as he turned his cold gaze away from the whole situation.

“Another thing.
I also have the Melemheims’ full cooperation in this endeavor.
Take a look at this.”

With that said, Diaroze took out an envelope from her pocket and gave it to Eleanor and the Head Retainer.
Looking at the wax seal, the Head Retainer was astonished.
The wax seal certainly is the crest of House Melemheim……..in other words, Tersis’s family crest.

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After a glance at Diaroze, Eleanor opens the envelope.
When they checked the contents of the letter contained inside, they both gulped and punched in a code written on it on their mobile terminal.
A security code that is extremely difficult to forge is usually included in this type of official document and it allows the sender to be easily identified by inputting the code into their terminal.

“……it’s real.
To think that even Tersis-sama is also betraying Nored.”

Although she is a little eccentric, Tersis is quite famous as a textbook example of a knight.
And to add to that, she is also the head of one of the three most powerful noble houses in Nored.
If she’s now siding with Calencia then Diaroze’s story is very convincing.

The Head Retainer pondered on it for a while as she tapped the table in front of her with her old finger.
The dry sound of tapping strangely echoes in the quiet room.

And about a minute later, she looked up.

“I understand Your Highness Diaroze’s intention now.”

With it looking like she’s about to make a decision, Diaroze grinned in her heart.

“However, we have a vast territory to take care of.
I am aware that this may sound greedy of us but we can’t cooperate with you without anything to gain.
In this regard, can you tell me how this will benefit House Fafleta?”

TLN: 200 chapters already, only a hundred more…..

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