A Toast

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“Man, thanks a lot! It’s thanks to Kisei-kun that things went so well.”

That evening, Kisei and Frea was having dinner in a private room of the hotel’s restaurant.
No one else was with them in this small and stylish room.
Diaroze forcibly dragged Nora who protested the arrangement and they are now in a similar room nearby.
That was probably Diaroze’s consideration toward Frea.

“Well, hahaha……..I’m really glad it all worked out.”

In this particular case, Kisei’s only role was bait.
In the negotiation part, he was just sitting there to show his face to the other party.
Thinking about it now, rather than happily celebrating, he could only smile bitterly at how little he’s done.

Seeing him like that, Frea shyly scratched her cheek.

“I mean, I do feel sorry you know? I know that it was a lot of burden on you…….”

“It’s okay, we are already kind of a relative after all………”

If things keep going in this direction then his body surely won’t last but it was already done.
He isn’t going to complain about their plan to rope in Eleanor now.
Still, he has something else on his mind.

“Are we really going to get married?……”

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“Y, yeah……”

Frea blushed and started to fiddle on the table.
Her eyes averted from him.

“Kisei-kun is already engaged to a lot of people but……most of them are from Nored, right? Considering the political balance, it would be bad if you only have 2 brides from Calencia after all…….”

With her eyes still turned away, Frea said that as if she was trying to make an excuse.
However, a moment later, she smiled and turned her eyes back toward Kisei.

“Well, that’s just a front though.”

“A, a front………”

“Actually you see, I……from the beginning, I’ve been going for you.
Well, let’s say that it’s love at first sight…….”

“I, I see…….”

Recalling Schleer telling him the same thing, Kisei’s face reddened.
They are twins so they might be more similar than he expected.

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“That being said, I was aiming for polygamy from the start…..it’s pathetic of me, isn’t it.
I was actually pushing Schleer-chan’s back you know? At first, I doubted if it would work out though.”

Saying so, Frea looked away again.

Her cheeks are slightly inflated and she looked kind of embarrassed.

“Do you hate the idea of marrying this Oneesan (In-law)? If you don’t……then, let’s get married.
Even if you don’t like me now, I will do my best so that you will come to love me…….”

When asked this kind of question, Kisei always couldn’t bring himself to say that he hates the other party so he could only sigh.
Of course, his answer will be the same this time as well.

“I don’t hate you.
You are Schleer’s Onee-chan after all.”

“Nn, that’s enough for me now.
Eventually, I will make sure that you will come to love me regardless of Schleer-chan.”

Surprisingly, Frea seems to be quite confident.
Seeing her smile at him, Kisei also smiled back at her.
Then, the two heard a knock coming from the door.
A waitress entered the room with a silver tray in her hand.

The waitress elegantly placed cocktail glasses in front of them.
It seems to be an aperitif.

“Ahh, sorry, I’m still a minor so……..”

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While looking at the content of the glass which seemed like white wine to him, Kisei said that while waving his hand from side to side.

“Right, Schleer-chan told me about that before I think? Hokuto-kun is 19 years old right?”


“In our country, 18 years old is already considered an adult you know.
It’s fine.”

Said Frea with a grin.
However, Kisei was a little troubled.
After all, even if there’s no problem regarding the law, getting a man drunk is still a common tactic in Vuld society.

“It’s your first time drinking so I chose something that’s easy to drink.
It’s okay.”

“……okay, I will try.”

Well, the other party is someone who he’s already scheduled to marry anyway.
She wouldn’t resort to that kind of tactic to have his way with him now.
Thinking so, Kisei picked up the glass.

“I’m glad.
Then let’s have a toast.”

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Frea happily said and the two brought their glasses together for a toast.

When Kisei nervously put the glass to his mouth, he found the content surprisingly delicious.
It had a juice-like refreshing sweetness and it was easy for him to drink too.

“Ahh, this is nice.”

This time he took another sip without thinking too much about it.
When he swallowed it down, he got a warm feeling in the back of his stomach.

“Be careful okay? It’s easy to drink so a first-time drinker can get drunk in a blink of an eye after all.”

Said Frea with a mischievous expression as she placed her glass on the table.
She’s quite an experienced drinker so she knows how to handle her alcohol.
Since she’s finally got a chance, she wants to enjoy her time drinking with Kisei.

“Unn, I’ll be careful.”

Saying so, Kisei took another sip.

Because they are alone, he might have gotten thirsty from all the nervousness.
Perhaps the alcohol is already working, his cheeks have turned a little redder as well.

Seeing him like that, Frea presented him with a glass of cold water while suppressing the dirty urges that swell from inside her.

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