The Ambush

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In the end, it wasn’t until late at night that Kisei returned to the [Radiant].
He parted ways with Diaroze and Nora who accompanied him in front of his room before opening the door feeling tipsy.


The moment the light turned on automatically, Kisei let out a scream.
The reason is Tersis who was kneeling on the floor in front of him.
She’s staring at him with a look that he has never seen before.

“M, My Lord…….”

As she says that in a faint voice, Tersis shakily stands up.
Kisei was unable to comprehend why Tersis is in his room so his body remains frozen.
She said that she needs a key to his room so that she can protect him in case of an emergency so he entrusted one to her but………she has never made use of it until now.

“Pl, please take this………..”

While Kisei was still confused, Tersis presented him with the longsword she usually hangs around her waist along with its scabbard.
When he instinctively received it from her, it felt extremely heavy.
After all, it’s a real sword.

“Please end my life with this…….I am no longer qualified as a knight……..!”


Kisei’s mind turned blank at her sudden request.
Certainly, she seemed off ever since he kissed her yesterday but asking him to kill her is just too much.

“Uu, I, I…….! Last night…..I…Uuugh…….!”

She said that far before tears began spilling from her scarlet eyes.
It’s clear that she’s not in a normal state of mind.
In a hurry, Kisei pulled her hand and made her sit on his bed.

She won’t make any sense unless he calms her down first.

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Thinking so, he gently wipes her tears with his handkerchief and speaks to her in a soft voice.

“Well, calm down a little okay.
I’ve just got back…….”

After gently patting her shoulder, Kisei took out a bottle of mineral water from the refrigerator and poured it into two cups before handing one to Tersis.
He actually wanted to serve tea or coffee but he’s quite clumsy so he can’t really brew either of them well.

“My deepest apology……..”

Receiving the cup with both hands, Tersis gulped the content down her throat.
The way she drank made it seem like she was very thirsty.
Perhaps she’s been waiting for him for a while.

“Umm, so what happened? You said something about yesterday earlier right.”

“A, About that……”

As though she truly finds it hard to say, Tersis averted her eyes away.
Then after a short while, she turned back to Kisei with a determined look on her face.

“L, Last night,……..I remembered My Lord’s Kiss and I……..I comforted myself……..”

“…….you comforted yourself?”

For a moment, Kisei didn’t understand what she was saying but he realized it immediately after and his face cramped up.

“You mean, umm……you mean like [that]?”


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After hesitating for a while, Tersis replied with a complicated expression.
She then stands up again with tears in her eyes.

“Wh, when I recall the feel of your lips, the bottom of my stomach just starts to tingle…….I couldn’t stand it…….! However, to lust after their own lord, that’s not how a knight should conduct oneself! I can only apologize to My Lord through my death! Please take my life!”


It was the first time that a person confessed something like that to him.
Since the other party is the serious Tersis, the impact it has on him is quite great as well.
In a way, he’s more surprised by this than Diaroze’s coming out as a masochist.

Even so, it would also trouble Kisei if Tersis has to die for such a silly reason.

Due to the influence of the alcohol, his judgment was dulled and he made an immediate decision.

“Well, please sit down first.”

“H, However.”



Reluctantly, Tersis sits down on the bed again.
Just like that, Kisei silently stood up, walked in front of her, and takes her lips.


Tersis couldn’t react to that sudden kiss.
She tried to pull her body away but soon her eyes became blank.
Eventually, she gently reached for Kisei’s body and tightly hugged him.


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Their kiss lasted for several minutes.
Naturally, it would be bad if they started exchanging saliva now so they didn’t stick their tongue in.
Still, Tersis had a clearly disappointed look when Kisei parted his lips from hers.

“……we may be master and servant but aren’t we also husband and wife? There’s no particular problem if we lust after one another you know.”


Tersis tried to say something but Kisei immediately sealed her mouth with his lips.
With this, Tersis has no choice but to stay quiet.
When he pulled his lips back again, Tersis began gulping down her saliva.

“You know, actually…….I’m also excited by Tersis-san’s body too.
We are the same right.”


Although he wouldn’t normally say this, Kisei is quite drunk today.
Thanks to that, he is able to say such a thing without batting an eye.

His unexpected words made her yelp in surprise.
However, she doesn’t hate that.
Rather, she’s quite happy by it and she has a terribly excited look on her face.

“It’s okay you know, something like a kiss, we can do it as much as we like.
Besides, well,…….I’m a little happy that you thought of me when you do it too.”


“It’s embarrassing but….yes.
At least it is still better than you thinking of another man.
Rather, I want you to think of me…….”

Since they are in polygamy, he certainly felt that monopolizing her is wrong but that was still Kisei’s real feeling.

“Un, Understood! I will never think of another man!”

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However, Tersis repeatedly nodded happily as she replied so.
Moreover, she seems a lot more excited and the sweet body odor specific to Vulds starts to rise from her body.

“T, Then, umm,……..I have an extremely impertinent request to ask of you, My Lord……..”

Perhaps her sexual desire and the joy from the acceptance by her Lord are making her bring up an outrageous request.

“A, A picture……may I have a picture of you?”

“A picture?”

“Of M, My Lord’s…….I, I mean I’m fine with My Lord’s lips but, I’m also curious about that other thing as well.”

Said Tersis and she glanced at Kisei’s body.
Since he was drinking, his body temperature was higher than usual and as a result, his appearance right now is quite suggestive from the perspective of a Vuld woman.

“……while you’re looking at it, um,… are going to do that?”

However, Kisei was also not thinking straight due to the alcohol and Tersis’s pheromone.

On the other hand, when he asked her that question while throwing a suggestive glance at her, Tersis nodded with a bright red face.

“Then, there’s no helping it I guess……”

Kisei agreed with a smile but once he regains his usual sense he will regret that answer for a while.

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