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The next morning.
Kisei was writhing in self-loathe in his bed.
Because of the alcohol influence, he said something strange to Tersis last night.
It would have been nice if he drank to the extent that he doesn’t remember what happened last night but unfortunately, he perfectly remembers what he did yesterday.

“W, What have I done…..”

Kisei was holding his head while moaning to himself.
Last night he let Tersis take more than a hundred risque pictures of him.
He was rather into it last night but when he thought about what he did, he couldn’t help but feel like he just did something outrageous.
It was just too embarrassing.


Even while sinking in the sea of shame and despair, Kisei also realized that he can’t be rolling in his bed like this forever.
With one last moan, he got up and checked the time on his mobile terminal.
There, he found that he has tons of notifications on his message app.
He opened it while cocking his head wondering what was going on but his face immediately cramped at what he saw.


The sender was all Tersis.
Every single one of them is an image instead of a message.
Moreover, they are all lewd photos of the almost naked Tersis in various poses with expressions ranging from tired to satisfied as if she just took them after finishing a workout.
Naturally, the parts of her body that should not be seen were also exposed.
She also looked to be embarrassed yet somewhat proud at the same time.

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“The hell is this……the hell is this!?”

With blood drained from his face, Kisei jumped off his bed.
These are the so-called erotic selfies.
It’s not really that strange for lovers to be exchanging this but the other party is the head of a major aristocratic house.
Pictures like this would only serve as a time bomb.

Kisei immediately leaped out of his room to confront her about it.
He’s still wearing his jerseys which he usually uses as nightwear since he doesn’t even have time to change.
His destination is obviously Tersis’s personal quarter.

“Oya, if it isn’t My Lord.
Good morning.”

When Kisei was sprinting full-speed in the corridor, Tersis casually appeared in front of him.
She looked strangely glowing today.
Kisei replied with [Good morning] and immediately dragged her sleeves and pulled her into a deserted corner.
Fortunately, Tersis was in a good mood and followed him without resisting.

“Oya, Oya Oya.
Fufu, as expected of My Lord.
To think that you could immediately understand my wish.”

After confirming that there was no one around, Tersis grinned.
Then, while Kisei was wondering how to speak to her, she put her hand on his cheek and brought her face close to his.
She’s trying to kiss him.

“W, Wait! I still haven’t brushed my teeth yet!”

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“I’ve already done it so it’s fine.”

Without listening to him, Tersis kissed his lips and moved to kiss his forehead.
Since he told her that she can kiss him as much as she likes yesterday, it was hard for him to refuse now.
After a sigh, he also kissed her back on the forehead in return.

“Ohoh, as I thought, you’re so wonderful……thank you, My Lord.”

With the morning kiss done, Tersis was all smiles by herself.
His earlier urgency was melted away by her happy look but he can not afford to give up.

“That aside, what’s the meaning of this!”

Said Kisei as he showed her the erotic selfies on his terminal.
After a glance at it, Tersis shyly turns her eyes away.

“I mean, I was allowed to take such embarrassing pictures of My Lord so I thought that it would be rude if I did not return the favor.”

“And how did that end with these erotic selfies!?”

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“Well, but……My Lord said that you were excited by my body yesterday so…….”


He did say that.
In fact, the combination of her lustrous red hair and her dignified look was extremely beautiful to him.
Moreover, her tallness and moderately muscular body are also very intriguing.
However, he’s now regretting letting her know about his thoughts about her body.
That was clearly sexual harassment.
No, it was the other side who started it first though.

“Last night…….I managed to get off 10 times from the photos I took…….that’s why I thought I should repay My Lord.”

“10 TIMES!?”

“… that too much? M, My apology.”


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Kisei certainly thought that that was too much but he just can’t bring himself to say it.
All he can do now is growl at himself.
When he first met her, she seemed like the type that held no interest in anything other than fighting and her honor as a knight but to think that someone can change this much….

“Ahh, leaving that aside,…….there is something I must inform you, My Lord.”

“…..what is it.”

Because of how he had to deal with this whole strange ordeal since morning, his mental power is already exhausted.
He gives Tersis a slightly grudgeful glare to beg her not to give him any more headaches but she nonchalantly looks back and calmly answers him as usual.

“It appears that the main force of the Noredian army has begun to move.”

“They finally came huh!”

That news seems to have blown away his mental fatigue in an instant and his expression is now filled with energy and fighting spirit.

Seeing him like that, Tersis also smiles ferociously.

“To intercept their movement, the Calencian fleet will sorties all ships at noon today.
It appears that the decisive battle is finally upon us, My Lord.”

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