Preparation to the Decisive Battle

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Kisei and the others gathered in the ship’s conference room.
Despite it being early in the morning, all of their military executives had assembled for the meeting.

“Allow me to explain our situation.”

Said Schleer as she stands in front of a large monitor.
Perhaps she didn’t have time to properly get dressed, her long white hair was a mess.

“As most of you already know, there was a report from our intelligence department that the Noredian Fleet has departed from their country.”

Whispering immediately spread through the room.
Some felt excited that they could finally get some action while others were anxious about their chance of victory.

“The enemy fleet consists of 38 battleships and more than 150 auxiliary ships with an emphasis on destroyer-class.
Even after combining our Calencian standing army and the fleet under Lady Valentina’s command, their fleet still tripled our size……..we can expect an extremely tough battle ahead of us.”

“The gap has widened even more than when the war first started isn’t it……..”

One of the soldiers muttered with a quivering voice.
The Calencian army as well as the rebels led by Valentina have suffered a lot of damage in the battles so far.
On the other hand, Nored is mobilizing their entire force which is incomparable in scale to the Calencia Expeditionary Fleet at the start of the war.

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“Even if we count only their battleships, they still have 40 more than us…….just how much force they have left back home I wonder?”

Kisei whispered his opinion to Tersis who was sitting at his side.
The current difference in scale is simply despairing but if their opponent still has a reserve force back home then this will prove to be an even more difficult battle.

“There are some forces that can not be mobilized outside the country in case of civil war and foreign threat…….no matter how much I play it down, I believe that they still have a fleet of the same scale back at the homeland, My Lord.”

“Hii, so the actual size is twice as big huh……a superpower really is something isn’t it.”

“That being said, Nored can not afford to send everything at us.
If we do not plan a counter-invasion, I don’t think that we have to pay them any mind.”

Instead of a foreign invasion, the aristocrats of the Nored empire are more afraid of a rebellion by its common class.
After all, a Vuld society is functioning by having a small number of aristocrats rule over the common mass.
This is especially the case in a power-centric country such as Nored so the majority of its military has to direct its attention at its own citizens.

“Have you predicted the enemy’s route of invasion?”

It was Diaroze who raised that question.
Even though she has fallen to slavery, she still has a boastful attitude compared to everyone else here.

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“It’s likely that they will use the same route you did.
The Noredians wouldn’t go out of their way to take a detour after all.”

An old woman who was sitting next to Schleer answered with a frown.
She’s the Calencian army’s chief of staff, Reit Cadenza.
She’s still commanding battles from the frontline despite her old age.
Naturally, she has fought against Diaroze on multiple occasions ever since the war began.
It’s certainly unavoidable for her not to have some qualms about Diaroze’s participation.

“Given the Empress’s personality, it’s possible that she might try to take us by surprise though…….still, it’s true that with the incorporation of the noble army, she might not try anything strange this time.”

After all, they have more than enough force to trample Calencia.
If the Empress wants to adopt a strategy to avoid a frontal battle then the nobles will start to think that the Empress is a coward.
From their perspective, they have to cover for Diaroze’s failure, that’s why allowing the imperial family to suffer more disgrace is not an option.

“So, we are going to intercept them in the Galea system?”

Recalling her past battles, Diaroze asked.
The Galea system is on the outer edge of Calencia’s territory and was the place where Noredian and Calencian fleets first engaged in the war.
At that time, the Noredian fleet… other words, Diaroze ended up as the victor.

According to the Starway, this place gives us the best chance at catching them.
We’ve already repaired the defense equipment you destroyed in the initial attack as well.”

Although FTL has been established, the interstellar routes are still limited.
Debris, strong electromagnetic fields, black holes…….there are countless dangers in outer space.
That’s why the safe path for interstellar travel is the Starway which has unmanned lighthouses installed at regular intervals.

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“I see, that place huh…….I remember it.

Diaroze put her thumb on her chin with a grin.
A terribly nasty expression is on her face.
It seems like she came up with some kind of evil plan again.

Seeing her like that both Schleer and the Chief of Staff stiffened.

“The defense equipment huh.
Then, we are going to that ice planet…..Galea-E right?”

“…..yes, that is the plan.”

The Chief of Staff replies with a doubtful tone.
The fifth planet in the Galea system, Galea-E is a stronghold fortified with artillery equipment.
Considering the inferiority of their fleet, the main idea of their plan is to hold the defensive line here.

“Then, I have something that I want you to prepare.”


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The Chief of Staff silently glared at Diaroze.
It’s already awkward for her to be attending this meeting in the first place but it’s even more unagreeable when she’s making calls like this.
After all, the enemy general they will be fighting this time is Diaroze’s real mother.

“Well, why don’t we listen to her first.
Everyone here should already be well aware of her commanding ability.
If she is willing to help us then don’t you think that she would be a reliable ally?”

Schleer proposed so.
After all, she no longer thinks that Diaroze is capable of betraying them.
Rotten as she is, Diaroze’s still the woman who shared her first night with Kisei.
It’s natural that she has formed a kind of companionship with her.

“…..if Your Highness says so.
Okay, what do you want us to prepare?”

The Chief of Staff reluctantly agreed.

“Large-scale laser-triggered pure fusion warheads and multistandard pulse engines for moving asteroids.
I need as many of the former as possible.”

“J, Just what are you planning to do with those things!?”

The Chief of Staff could only open her eyes wide at Diaroze’s outrageous request……..

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