The Ice Planet

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The fifth planet of the Galea system, Galea-E.
A frigid planet covered in layers of thick dry ice.
The Calencian fleet and Valentina’s fleet which arrived there after more than a week of travel carved out the surface made of white carbon ice blocks and docked their ships there.


On the upper deck of the battlecruiser [Radiant], a chill ran down Kisei’s back.
Beyond his line of sight is a series of steep icebergs.
The huge ice mountain range boasts an altitude well above the Everest on earth and it is terrifyingly intimidating.

They have erected an Air-field which provides them with breathing air and temperature on the level where they can operate outside without wearing thick jackets but the scene before his eyes still sent a chill down his back.
Additionally, because of how it is quite far away from the nearest star, the cold temperature and the lack of daylight even in the daytime here are quite unusual for him.

“How nostalgic, I wonder how many months it has been since I was last here……”

Next to Kisei, Saki mutters so in a sentimental tone.
She also participated in the first battle here so this is her second time on this planet.

“I want to win this time though……Oi, how’s our chance? Does it look good?”

“Who knows?”

Diaroze shrugged at the sudden question.

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“This is the first time I fight a battle against an army three times the size of my own too.
I can’t say anything for sure.”

“Tsk…….just lie and say we can win or something.
You think so too right?”

While clicking her tongue, Saki wrapped her arm around Kisei’s shoulder.
The crew who were resting and working around them started to give her a hateful glare.

“Don’t go demoralize your own soldiers right before the battle……”

Diaroze tears Saki off him in a fed-up manner.
Perhaps because she hadn’t been with him for a while, she’s strangely clingy to Kisei today.
That being said, since Kisei is seen as an idol by the soldiers, it’s not good to flirt with him in front of them.

“Well, I will do what I can.
Do your best too okay.”

“You don’t have to tell me!”

Saki said that and went Hmph!

“It should be around two weeks until the Noredians arrive huh? I’d like to get us ready as much as possible by then though……”

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Saying so, Saki glanced at the icebergs.
They are installing intercepting weapons such as anti-aircraft guns and missile pads there.
They don’t have much time left but as long as they are fighting with an inferior number, no amount of preparation would be considered enough.

“Come to think of it, your top aces……the 4 Heavenly right? You talked with the last one and she’s on our side now, isn’t she? Where’s she now?”

“Right, I went that far for her after all, I will cry if she can’t make it in time for the battle you know!”

Kisei immediately jumped on Saki’s question.
After all, he went as far as promising to marry Eleanor, it would be bad if all that was for naught.

“That being said, even she wouldn’t move against the will of her family head right…… long as the Head Retainer managed to convince the family head, I think it will be fine.”

Diaroze frowns and looks up at the sky.
She also has her worries about Eleanor’s matter.
Eleanor herself was enthusiastic to join them and she wanted to come with them on this operation but…….since her house still hasn’t given a reply yet, her house arrest in the capital is still in effect.

“Seriously, it’s all so disorganized.”

“I also wish we had done something about her a little earlier.
It was my mistake.”

Diaroze said that with a difficult expression but immediately after, her face turned nasty and she whispered something into Saki’s ear.

“I think that woman is quite an aggressive type.
I would advise you to deepen your friendship with Master before she gets here you know.”

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Saki has never directly met Eleanor before.
However, she does know that she’s from an upstart aristocratic house.
That made an unpleasant thought come into her mind.

“Right, it wouldn’t be funny if she suddenly starts throwing her weight around after all.”

“What are you instigating her to do now?”

Kisei stared at Diaroze who simply laughed and separated herself from Saki.


Then, Schleer suddenly ran up to them.
When the people around them heard her calling him without any honorifics, the eyes of the crew became sharp again.
In the middle of the unfriendly gaze, Schleer froze for a moment before clearing her throat.

She’s done it again, thought Saki as she bitterly smiles at her.

“Kisei-san, since we have time, we’ve decided to launch a training exercise for our troops, do you want to participate?”

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“Ahh, that sounds nice.
I want to see the terrain around here for myself too…….”

Since it’s an interception battle, he wants to make the most of the advantage of the land.
Naturally, Kisei also wants to try flying around to check the place for himself.

“If that’s the case then I will go too.”

Saying so, Saki put her hand on Kisei’s shoulder.

“They finally finished refurbishing [Dainsleif] you see.
I will definitely wash away my disgrace on Senstera here.”

Although not to the extent of [Ex-Caliburn], Schleer and Saki’s strikers were also modified from their engine to their weapons to combat the Noredian ultra-high performance zeniths.
Besides, even though they are now allies, they still do not want the 4 Heavenly and Valentina to look down on them either.
Thus they decided to go all out this time.

“I thought that you would say that so I also invited that stalker wo—-…….Valentina-san to join us too.”


Replied Saki with a ferocious smile on her face.

TLN: I was thinking Starwar (Battle of Hoth) but it’s not quite that since they put their base on a mountain range.

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