The Heavenly Thunder Attacks 2

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Since they can’t afford to keep on chatting at the storage deck forever, they disbanded once and after they took a bath and changed into new clothes, they met up again at the dining room reserved for aristocrats.
The reason they chose this place is that this serves as a welcome party for Eleanor as well.

“Still, this is Calencia’s flagship huh……..”

Eleanor muttered her impression with a difficult expression.
She seemed to have been looking around the ship when the others were taking a bath.
The dining room here is rather luxurious but in the end, the [Radiant] is still an old ship so it looks somewhat faded.
Moreover, rather than possessing the charm of an antique ship with a long history, it gives off a shabby impression instead.

“Unlike Nored, our budget is not so abundant after all………”

Schleer replies while sipping the coffee from her white porcelain cup.
Dinner is still not ready yet so the staff has served coffee and tea first.
Incidentally, with the situation being what it is, they did not serve any alcohol.

“I’m rather impressed you’ve been able to put up such a good fight with this kind of equipment.”

Eleanor’s words may sound terribly like sarcasm but it seems that it’s her honest impression.
Despite the irregularity that is Kisei, It was still true that the Calencian army managed to push back their Noredian invaders.

“Well, since we Fafletas have already sworn our allegiance, you should prepare yourself to take command on a bigger ship.
I will have my people commission a new battleship for you later.”

“We’ve already got the [Odervansen] so we don’t need a new ship for the time being.
We intend to make it our flagship after all.”

“I don’t know about making a ship you captured into your flagship though.”

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Diaroze crossed her arms and directed a fed-up gaze at Schleer but she simply shrugged her shoulders.
Adding more ships to their ranks is certainly important but because Nored did whatever they wanted in the initial invasion, many of Calencia’s territories were devastated.
Right now, she wants to focus their budget on the rebuilding as much as possible.

“Well, let’s leave that aside for now.”

Eleanor said that in a moody tone before winking at Kisei and smiling at him.
She then stands up from her chair and walks over to him.

Saki cautiously watches Eleanor and puts down her teacup on the table.
She put her hands on the table and was about to stand up as well.
Seeing that, Eleanor signaled to Saki with her eyes that she was not trying to start anything and returned her gaze to Kisei.

“Actually, I have prepared a present for you Kisei-sama,…..No, Kisei.”


Being suddenly talked to, Kisei’s eyes start darting around in surprise and he hurriedly stands up as well.
Seeing him like that, Eleanor took out something from her bosom with a smile.
It was a small elegant box with a blue velvet cloth covering it.
When she gently opened the box with her long fingers, a luxurious ring adorned with diamonds emerged from the inside.

“T, That is……..”

That’s clearly a wedding ring.
As Kisei was still surprised, Eleanor lifted up his left hand with a smug expression.
On her left ring finger, a ring of a similar design could be seen as well.


Seeing those rings, instead of Kisei, it was Diaroze who showed such a big reaction.
Diaroze unusually lost her calm and stood up, knocking down her chair in the process.

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“She got me! To think that I forgot such a thing exists!”

“W, What is it? Paired rings are not that big of a deal right………”

Diaroze frowned and looked at Schleer who nonchalantly asked that question.

“That’s an engagement ring you know! It’s Terran culture……a couple who promised themselves to each other usually wears a ring of the same design.
To put it simply, the ring’s there to tell other women that he’s hers!”

“Wha! She’s disregarding me as the main wife!?”

Upon hearing Diaroze’s explanation, Schleer finally realized the gravity of the situation.
If she had known that there was such an interesting custom then she would have made use of it.
While regretting her mistake, her eyes wander to Kisei’s hand.
Now she’s wondering if she should give him one too.

Since there’s no engagement or wedding ring culture in Vuld’s customs, she is pretty hesitant about it.
After all, with polygamy being the norm, the husband’s fingers would be covered by rings if they adopt such a custom.

“OHoHo, it seems my research into Terran marriage culture is finally paying off!”

With a grin on her face, Eleanor put the ring on Kisei’s left ring finger.

“It, it fits perfectly even without any measurement………?”

The ring might be too tight or too loose if you don’t measure the finger properly.
However, Eleanor’s ring fits snugly on his ring finger as though it was an order-made item for him.
When Kisei looked at Eleanor with confusion, Eleanor unabashedly replied.

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“Hah……I’ve already measured your size since the time we met.”

“Eh, ahh, you did excessively squeeze my hand back then……..that’s what it was?”

Remembering how she was all over his hand on their first meeting, Kisei tried asking.

And with a nonchalant look, Eleanor confirms his suspicion.

“Yes, that’s right! I can tell your size just by touching after all.”

“You’ve already thought of preparing a ring at that stage…….?”

“No? I had it made after our marriage was decided.
Back then it was purely my fetish…….”

“P, Pervert……..”

Saki who has been listening quietly muttered to herself with a disgusted expression.
After that, she also glanced at Diaroze.
It seems she thinks that all Noredian women are perverts now.

“Aren’t you the same though……..”

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Managing to decipher Saki’s expression, Diaroze muttered that and sighed while holding her temples.
After all, Saki did make Kisei go along with her ‘Onee-chan’ play during her first time with him.

“W, Well, anyway, thank you for this.”

Leaving Eleanor’s fetish aside, it felt natural for him to wear such a ring as her fiance so he thanked her with a meek expression and lowered his head.

“Fufu, you don’t have to be so formal, please smile.
It’s not that long since we first met after all.
It’s normal for us to be somewhat nervous around each other……..still, since we are going to marry each other anyway, we are practically a family already!”

With that said, Eleanor gently hugged Kisei.
Her breast is the biggest among everyone here………, hers was the largest among all the women he’s ever met and it is being squeezed against his flat chest.

“W, Wait…….”

Although he’s gained a lot more resistance toward women’s advance, this is still really stimulating for him.
When Kisei’s face turned bright red, they were separated by Saki and Schleer.

“Aren’t you getting ahead of yourself here EHHH, Newcomer!?”

“The main wife is still me you know? It would trouble me if you touch him so casually like that.
The order around here would be disrupted after all.”

“Ara, Ara Ara, is that so? Hmm, it seems that aside from Her Highness Frea, there are a lot of bad insects buzzing around here huh……”

The atmosphere suddenly tensed up.
Although he still hasn’t eaten yet, Kisei’s stomach already started to ache……..

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