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After the stomach-pain-inducing dinner, Kisei was taken by Eleanor to Valentina’s ship, the [Prussia] because she said that she wants to meet the other 4 Heavenly since she hasn’t met them for a long time.


At the [Prussia]’s maintenance deck, Eleanor screamed with a deep blue face.
After all, her magenta-colored Zenith, the [Parfeel] was in a terrible state where its armor and weapon were stripped off.

“What happened to it! I know that I was shot down but the damage suffered shouldn’t be this bad right!”


Kisei realized the cause of [Parfeel]’s current sorry state.
It was because its parts were stripped off to use as spares for the other Zenith-type strikers.
Its parts were also used to supplement his own personal striker, [Ex-Caliburn] and even its main weapon was the one modified from the one [Parfeel] was using.

Kisei averted his eyes away because of the guilt for a moment but he still can’t bring himself not to tell her.
After his gaze awkwardly wandered for a few seconds, he made up his mind.

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“I’m so sorry.
They used some of [Parfeel]’s parts when they remodeled my striker…….”


As expected, that came as a huge shock to Eleanor.
It seems that the maintenance crew is hastily restoring it but there’s not much time left until the decisive battle.
Even from an amateur’s point of view, it’s still worrying whether they can put [Parfeel] back together in time.

“There’s nothing we can do since our supply situation is actually pretty serious, Lady Eleanor.”

Said Tersis.
The reason why Tersis, who usually spends her time on the [Radiant] is on this ship is that she’s having the crew here perform a thorough inspection on her striker.
The maintenance crew onboard the [Radiant] are certainly capable of performing normal maintenance and simple inspections but when it comes to a full-scale inspection, there’s no other way but to leave that to the Noredian technicians who are more skilled.

“Calencia can obtain mass-produced parts through their supply route but they can not procure the special-made ones.
Using parts from one machine to supplement another like this is unavoidable.”

After all, Eleanor’s participation in the war was quite sudden.
Until just the other day, [Parfeel] was treated as a spare that’s only there to be stripped for useful parts.
It’s the drawback of a one-off Zenith-type like this.


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“Still, with the supply shortage, it seems that it won’t be completely restored.
You will have to manage with lowered performance.
We’re already out on spare Zenith parts.
There’s no way around it but to use the mass-produced parts as a substitute in the reassembling.”

“No way……a, at this rate, how can I distinguish myself……”

Eleanor sullenly withered.
Since [Parfeel] was originally a super high-performance machine, the lowered performance due to the inferior parts means a decrease in her usefulness on the battlefield.
In the first place, since [Parfeel] will easily wreck the mass-produced spare parts, they will have to put some limiters on the power output.

“A, about that, maybe you can compensate with your skills……….”

“Uu, that’s true…….I’m one of the proud 4 Heavenly after all.
Even with an inferior striker, I can’t show a miserable appearance in front of others!”

Behind them, Diaroze, who was watching that exchange, frowned and turned away while thinking what’s the title of one of the 4 Heavenly worth now after Eleanor decided to betray Nored.
No, since all 4 Heavenly have sided with Calencia now, you can also see it as a change in their affiliation though……

“Even so, it would be difficult with a machine like this…….I will have to fix it properly after this battle is over.”

Eleanor lamented at the lack of time.
However, her expression immediately brightened as though she had just come up with a good idea.

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“AHH, that’s right! At that time, I can commission a Zenith for Kisei too!”

“Eh, Really!?”

Kisei’s eyes immediately shined when she said that.
In fact, he seemed a lot happier than when Eleanor gave him the ring.
Seeing that, Eleanor had a complicated expression for a moment but she immediately pushed out her extremely plentiful breast and continued with a boastful smile.

Let’s make it a super high-end one that won’t lose to the 4 Heavenly’s personal striker or Royalcraft!”

If she can buy his appreciation with a present then it’s a cheap price to pay.
A Zenith is extremely expensive but with Eleanor’s aristocratic background and the salary she received so far as one of the 4 Heavenly, her pocket money should be barely enough to commission one.

“Ohh, that sounds nice.
Let me commission one for, My Lord too then.”

However, without care about her deliberate plan to buy Kisei’s favor, Tersis nonchalantly chimed in.
In her case, rather than its value as a present, she probably just wants to see Kisei pilot a strong striker though.

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“No, No need! My Zenith alone should be eno—…….”

“Sorry, I’ve made you wait huh.”

When Eleanor was trying to refute Tersis, a familiar confident voice suddenly called out to them.
When they turned around, Valentina was there.

“It took more time than I expected…….
still, all of the 4 Heavenly are finally gathered.
Today will be a memorable day.”

With a grin, Valentina glanced behind her.
Nora was standing there with an extremely joyful expression as she dragged a beautiful woman with long sky blue hair with her.
The last of the 4 Heavenly, Liren Slaine AKA The [Heavenly Eye].

“HIE…’s the [Wicked Star]………!”

The strongest sniper of the Nored empire is now standing before them with her legs shaking like a newborn baby goat.
Her expression is frozen by fear……..

TLN: This week will be the last of character focused chapters, the pew pew pew will start next week.

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