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Liren, last of 4 Heavenly was dragged out in front of Kisei.
She usually possesses a calm and icy demeanor and her subordinates often say that there’s nothing that can make her lose her composure …….However, today her entire body is shivering as though she’s frightened of something.

“EHHH~~~What’s wrong [DESUKA]~? Liren-san.”

With a grin, Nora teasingly jabbed Liren’s side with her finger.
However, she’s so shaken that she couldn’t even react to that childish mischief and her eyes are still fixed on Kisei.

“Eh? Uhh……”

On the other hand, Kisei looked at Diaroze with a confused expression as though he was asking for her help.
In response, Diaroze shrugs and walks toward Liren.

“Well, we can finally meet.
I’ve always wanted to apologize to you once but I just couldn’t find the chance to you know.”

“This woman ran off trying to escape from Kisei-SAN after all.
Kukuku, but it’s not that easy to escape from us [DESUYO]!”

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Liren betrayed Nored in the final phase of the battle on Sensterra Prime and escaped on board the [Prussia] but she locked herself inside a room and refused to meet her ex-colleagues.

“A, Apologize……?”

With a cold sweat, Liren turns her gaze from Kisei to Diaroze.
It was Liren who betrayed her so there’s no need for Diaroze to apologize at all.
If she thinks about it, she’s the one that ought to apologize instead.

“Your instinct was right.
I shouldn’t have pit my army against this man.”

“A, Ahh, my resignation letter……..”

Liren looked down and fixed her gaze on her toes.
Then, her legs started shaking.
Her fear has subsided a little but instead, it was replaced by the guilt toward Diaroze.

“I was surprised when you suddenly gave me that resignation letter but I might have overreacted a bit when I punished you with my electric whip.”

“No way!”

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The one who protested so was not Liren but Eleanor instead.
When Liren tried to resign shortly before the operation started, it was her who suggested [Punishing] her.
She may have switched sides as well but Eleanor still thinks that her decision at the time wasn’t wrong.

That’s why she tried to complain but receiving a gaze from Diaroze, Tersis immediately moved in and covered Eleanor’s mouth.
On the other hand, when a tall handsome woman like Tersis holding the cute Eleanor, it somehow made the scene feel strangely aesthetic for Kisei.

“That’s why let’s make it even between us.
The electric whip for your betrayal.
Well, since we are going to be comrades in arms from now on so let’s get along.”

Liren was reluctant for a moment but she eventually shook hands with Diaroze.
If it means that she’s forgiven for the betrayal then it’s something that she should be grateful for anyway.

“Haa, how kind of you.”

With her cheeks puffed up, Nora started teasing them.

“And you see, a lot of things happened and this man is now our ally.
I can guarantee that he’s not the type that would shoot you in the back.”

“A guarantee like that from Diaroze might not be that trustworthy though.”

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This time it was Valentina who said something unnecessary.
However, although her words sound harsh, the smile that she directed toward Liren was a friendly one.

“With that being the case, let me give you my guarantee as well.
My Love is not some scary beast.
You don’t have to be scared of him okay?”

“Th, that might be the case but……”

Once again, Liren looks at Kisei with fear in her eyes.
Kisei gives her a bitter smile in return while awkwardly scratching his cheek.

“Your reaction, are you a mercenary?”

“…..yes, formerly.”


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Convinced, Kisei let out a long sigh.
It’s exactly what he expected.
His expression contained a mix of sadness and embarrassment.
He shut his eyes for a moment before continuing to speak.

“I’m hated by the other mercenaries after all huh………”

“It’s not hate.
It was fear.”

Liren immediately corrected him.

“The bad omen that spells your defeat once you become its enemy.
The shining star of death.
No mercenary would dare to approach someone with that kind of reputation…….”

Many of the mercenaries who have to risk their lives on a daily basis are religious.
However, every mercenary is superstitious and they all believe in omens and jinxes.
To them, Kisei who continues to produce bizarre results on the battlefields has already been regarded as a taboo.

After all, once you turn him into his enemy, you will unquestionably be defeated.
Moreover, even if you have him as your ally, he would do all the heavy lifting and their earnings would decrease.
From a practical point of view, Kisei is not someone any mercenary wants to get involved with.


However, it’s not funny when something like that is said to his face.
In the first place, being called a star of death even though he always does his best to avoid casualty just doesn’t sit right with him.
In the end, he decided to seriously start thinking of a way to get rid of that reputation of his.

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