Reunion of the 4 Heavenly 2

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Kisei was aware that other mercenaries think of him like a tumor.
He doesn’t mind if they want to pick a fight with him but he really dislikes how they treat him like an omen of death.
While thinking so, Kisei taps the back of his hand with his fingers.

“……I really won’t shoot you from behind you know.
You don’t have to be scared of me.”

“It’s as he says.
He isn’t some wild beast that would bite you when you carelessly approach him after all.”

Valentina supported him.
With a casual smile, she also gently wrapped her arm around Kisei’s shoulders.
Seeing her touch him so familiarly like that, Eleanor’s gaze turned slightly sharper.
However, she doesn’t say anything.
After all, when she was included in the marriage, she was also told about their policy on how to deal with Valentina.

“Rather, the one who will do the biting is me [DESUYO].
Like this, chomp chomp.”

Nora snuck behind Kisei and jumped on his back.
She was trying to sink her teeth into his nape but Valentina silently tore her off and quickly twisted her joints.


Held by Valentina who’s much taller than her, the small Nora could not resist.
Meanwhile, Diaroze cast a fed-up gaze at Nora wondering what she was thinking, picking a fight she knew she would lose.

“Seriously…….you should know better what will happen when you touch someone else’s man right?”

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Hearing Valentina says something like [someone else’s man], Eleanor and Tersis looked at each other for a moment before awkwardly shrugging.
They also feel guilty for what they are doing to her.

“W, Well, it’s usually like this so let’s get along with everyone from now on okay.
I’m not saying that you have to be our friends but at least I hope we can treat each other like normal colleagues……I guess.”

“T, That’s……..”

Liren averted her eyes away.
What comes to her mind was the counter snipe Kisei performed on Sensterra Prime.
A feat like avoiding a sniper shot originated from outside the atmosphere and successfully counterattacking with a regular blaster rifle is not on the level of being strong or skillful but supernatural.

Liren shook her head violently to get rid of the fear.
In her mind, she’s afraid that Kisei might really shoot her from behind if he deemed her an incompetent ally.
Of course, Kisei won’t do that but with how little she knows him personally, she can’t help but think of such possibilities.

“U, Uu………”

Clenching her teeth, Liren mustered up her courage and looked straight into Kisei’s eyes for the first time.
There, she saw a small beautiful boy who stimulated her desire to protect him.
Surprised, her body started shaking and she put her hand on her chest to try to calm down.
Her heart was beating wildly from the nervousness and fear.

Liren then hurriedly turned her gaze away from Kisei.

When she takes a few deep breaths and looks at him again, her heart starts beating faster, this time it is even more intense than the last.

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Her face turns slightly red and she turns her face away again.
Suspension bridge effect or some such incomprehensible mental state is affecting her mind.
Seeing that, Diaroze narrowed her eyes at her and secretly let out a sign.

“Th, Then, Umm, let’s start as a friend, maybe……….”

In the end, she nervously extended her hand toward him, her face still refusing to turn back to him.
It seems she wants to shake hands.
Relieved, Kisei exhales and reaches his hand out toward hers.


However, the moment his fingertips touched her hand, she immediately withdrew her hand in an instant.
Kisei took a step back in surprise but without even the composure to care about that, Liren hurriedly wiped her hands on her clothes.
Just like that, she silently grabbed Kisei’s hand and shook it.

Perhaps because of her cold sweat, Liren’s hand, which is unusually warm, was very moist.
It must have been drenched before she wiped it.
Thinking about how scared she was of him, Kisei felt a little sad.

“Alright, now it’s settled right?”

Valentina smiled and gently separated their hands.
She then exaggeratedly shrugged her shoulders.

“Man, I was really worried you know.
Liren was holding up inside a room this whole time so I thought that it might affect our teamwork you see.”

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“That’s right [DESU].
We’re living on the same ship but I couldn’t meet Liren-san at all.”


Tersis frowned at Nora’s words.

“You did not even come out for the training exercise, Lady Liren?”

“…….I didn’t.”

“That is no good.
Very well, let’s go have us a mock battle right now.”

The real battle can start at any moment now you know? It would be a problem if you don’t save your strength.”

It was Valentina who hurriedly stopped Tersis.
If their enemy suddenly launches an attack on them in the middle of the exercise then it will be very bad.
Right now, every combat personnel was ordered to remain on standby.
The only units that are moving about right now are the patrol unit and the likes.

“Then why didn’t you drag her out of her room earlier?”

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“I was waiting for Eleanor to arrive.
I expected the plan to go well after all…… would be easier to get Liren out if everyone’s here right?”

“Well,…..I wonder about that.”

Liren had a bitter expression on her face.
It’s also possible that she might find it even more difficult to come out if a lot of people were waiting for her.

“Well, it ended up alright anyway.
Now we have all of the 4 Heavenly together so how about we hold a welcome party? I’ve actually prepared a special dish for today you know.”

Valentina offered with a terribly happy smile but the others awkwardly looked at each other for a moment.
After all, Kisei’s group already had their dinner at the [Radiant].

“W, what’s wrong? My Love……”

Valentina started to get nervous from the awkward atmosphere.
Feeling sorry for her, Kisei replies.

“It’s, it’s nothing.
Man, I’m looking forward to it.”

As a result, he had to join Valentina for a second dinner.
After that, he had to vomit some out because he ended up eating too much that evening.

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