Final Briefing

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In the dusk sky of the frozen planet, countless warships fly off leaving blue trails behind them.
One could say that it’s the entire force of the Calencian-Valentina army.

“……Our patrol has spotted the enemy vanguard fleet.”

Schleer solemnly said in the conference room onboard the [Radiant].

“We estimated that they will arrive in this system in less than a day.
We believe that they are fully willing to engage us so we will use everything we have to combat them.”

Schleer sweeps her eyes around the conference room and brings up the map of the Galea system.
All of the important commanders of this fleet have gathered in this room.
Even Valentina and the others who usually operate from the [Prussia] are here as this is the final briefing before the battle starts.

“First of, we will establish a line of defense here in the satellite orbit of Galea-E.”

“We are going to fight them at the orbit?”

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As expected, a question was immediately raised.
So far, their engineers have been doing various preparations on the surface of Galea-E.
Fighting the enemy in the orbit might render their preparations useless so Schleer immediately acknowledged the query.

Unfortunately, the number of defense equipment on the surface is limited.
If we make our stand on the planet’s surface from the start, we fear that the enemy might separately descend on the planet and take them out one by one.”

“Our enemy does have an overwhelming advantage in terms of number…….if they attack us from all directions then our positions might be easily overrun.”

That’s why we need to intercept their advance in space and pretend to withdraw to lure them into a trap.”

“It was quite a disaster when we were ambushed from all directions back on Leboir.
I see, that’s reasonable.”

The one who raised the question was convinced but Saki pulled the sleeve of Kisei’s jacket with a difficult expression.

“But in space, the number difference will affect us even worse right.
Is this really going to be okay?”

“About that……..I guess we have no choice but to do our best?”

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There are only a few small satellites floating in the orbit of Galea-E so they have nowhere to hide.
In other words, they can not use guerrilla tactics in the upcoming battle.
On such battlefields, their only choice is to take the enemy head-on so obviously, the side with inferior numbers will be forced into a disadvantageous position.

“Hmm…..we have all 4 Heavenly on this side.
A little difference in number is no big deal.”

Said Eleanor as she brushed up her hair.
Her expression is full of confidence but knowing that she’s a little disappointing in the head, Saki shrugged her off with an awkward expression.

“Well, in terms of quality, we might be slightly more advantageous I guess.”

“That’s not all.
With them here, we will probably have a big advantage on morale too you know.”

Diaroze pointed that out with a grin.
With her gaze still fixed on Schleer, she also continues in a small voice that won’t disturb the briefing.

“Nored used the strength of the 4 Heavenly as a propaganda tool to boast its national power.
And all of a sudden, they all turned against them.
Kukuku, this is going to be fun you know……..!”

“Your terrible personality really shows you know…….”

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Liren muttered while stifling her yawn.
On the other hand, Diaroze did not get angry and just shrugged that off with a smirk.

“Well, anyway.
This operation won’t succeed if we can’t buy some time in space.
As Master said, we will have to do our best.”

“Buy time…….?”

According to Schleer’s words, this operation should be about luring the Noredian fleet into their kill zone.
There’s no need to buy extra time for that.
When Kisei cocked his head in doubt, Diaroze snuggled to him with a meaningful smile on her face.

“Kufufu, actually, we have a hidden plan you see.”

“Somehow, I’m getting an extremely bad feeling about this.”

The full extent of the plan is now shared with the pilots like Kisei as a measure to prevent info leaks………however, he did remember how Diaroze requested pure fusion warheads, a type of weapon that’s highly destructive in the earlier meeting.
He doesn’t know what she intends to use it for but one thing he’s sure of is that it must be something outrageous.

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“I don’t know what you’re trying to do but……just what do you want us to do out there?”

“It’s simple.
All you have to do is stall the enemy until you receive the signal.”

Saying so, Diaroze looked up.
She then continues speaking while her gaze looks like she’s recalling something nostalgic.

“Using a Zenith’s high maneuverability to fly around the battlefield and shoot down the enemy commanders while disrupting their formation.
You’ve already done something like that back in both Leboir and Sensterra right?”

“I see.
So we just have to do what we did to you right.”

If I have to make it simple then that’s exactly it.”

Hearing that reply, Saki crossed her arms and exhaled.

“Interesting, let’s do it.”

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