ps she was also overwhelmed by the pressure.
That’s probably a given since no soldiers can stay calm when they are facing an army three times the size of their own.

“I have to survive this and go home! I don’t have time to bicker with you!”

“Wait, you have a man waiting at home?”


The Calencian pilot boastfully answers.
On the other hand, Valentina’s pilot had a terribly fed-up look on her face.
That’s unsurprising since she’s currently single (has been for a while).
In the first place, she wouldn’t join in with the rebels if she has a boyfriend or a significant other back home.


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Incomparable to her earlier one, this time her tongue clicking has a lot more emotions packed in it.
In reply, the Calencian pilot exhaled with satisfaction.

“I’m going to get married when this war is over, you know.
Do you want me to send you an invitation?”

“Y, You, don’t get carried away……..!”

Valentina’s pilot was about to retaliate but suddenly a warning sound echoed inside their cockpits.
They instantly ready themselves and grip their control sticks.

[[Multiple heat sources approaching.]]

“All strikers, Break! Break!”

At the warning from the AI, the commander tensely commanded the pilots to perform a hard turn.
In a hurry, all pilots pull their control sticks and accelerate at full throttle.

A few seconds later, countless crimson beams cut through the jet-black space.
They came from warship-class blaster cannons.
Although it was not precisely aimed at them, the shots were calculated and fired at their position from a long distance……….However, the incoming bullets were too numerous.
A moment later, several explosions rise on the battlefield.

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“Ugh, damn it, they finally decided to show up huh!”

Valentina’s pilot used complex and skillful evasive maneuvers to avoid the incoming particle bullets that are flying toward them seemingly at random.
There, she saw the Calencian striker whose pilot she just talked to earlier fly by.
Her eyes reflexively followed it for a bit, then……


It was hit by an extra-thick beam that pierced through its armor in an instant.
A little later, a big explosion followed.
However, in the vacuum of space, there was neither a shockwave nor the sound of explosion.
It was a sad, soundless death.

Valentina’s pilot clenched her teeth so hard that they almost made a breaking noise.

“A large number of masses detected! It might be the Noredian main fleet!”

“A large number of strikers sighted! All strikers move to the intercepting position.
[All weapons Free]!”

The sudden report from the radio dragged her back to the battlefield.
Now is no time to mourn the dead.
With a bitter expression, Valentina’s pilot stepped on the foot pedal.

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