Good Luck Charm

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“It’s finally our turn huh, seems like this will be a tough fight isn’t it.”

In the cockpit of [Ex-Caliburn], Kisei was saying that with a joyful voice.
With a few touches on the console panel, he’s performing a final check before the sortie.
He’s done many exercises with this new striker but this will be his first real battle with it.

Since he doesn’t know what kind of problem will pop up on the battlefield, he can’t be too careful about it.

“You are the most reliable for this kind of mission, Master.
Normally, a mission to break through the enemy line is supposed to be a bad idea though…….”

Diaroze replies while helping with the final check from the back seat.
She was on the bridge until a while ago but if Kisei is going to sortie then she has no other choice but to tag along.
After all, the collar on her neck would automatically detonate if she was too far away from him.

“But if we can do this then it will give us an upper hand.
With our situation, we can not afford to spare anything.
I’m sorry that I have to put your life in danger…….”

With a deep sigh, Diaroze gently stroked Kisei’s hair.
Her expression seemed somewhat bitter.
Perhaps she has some regret about putting Kisei into a supposedly dangerous operation.

“Taking risks is nothing new right.
It will be fine.
I will show you.”

“Hmm, as expected of the man who defeated me.
How reliable.”

That’s not what she wanted to say but with Kisei who has performed many miracles for the Calencian army, his words were just too convincing.
Being the victim of the miracles he performed, Diaroze could only smile bitterly at him.

“My Lord.”

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Suddenly, a voice called out to Kisei.
The two immediately look at the cockpit hatch which was left open.
There, they found Tersis standing in a Calencian army pilot uniform.
The shining adamantine bodysuit tightly hugged her figure, a highly suggestive design.

“My apology for interrupting you at such a busy time.”

She said that and apologetically lowered her head.
While fidgeting with her crimson hair, her face was slightly red.

“It’s fine but…….do you need something?”

Normally, if you want to talk to another pilot in a situation like this then connecting the communication line would be enough.
There’s no need for her to come over herself.

“We are about to sortie so…….how do I say this, I’d like to ask for a good luck charm.”

“A good luck charm?”

“Yes, Um…..something that can rouse up my fighting spirit.”

A battle maniac like her probably doesn’t need such a thing.
Even if they are in a dangerous situation, Tersis is the kind of woman that would happily leap out and fight.
Unable to make sense of this, both Kisei and Diaroze look at each other.

“…..anyway, what kind of good luck charm are you talking about? Can you be more specific?”

“A, A kiss.
To the lips……..”


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The cockpit was instantly filled with awkward silence.
Tersis started fidgeting even more and her face grew even redder.
Seeing that Diaroze let out a deep sigh.

“It seems you’ve been training her well huh.
Can’t you do the same for me as well?”

“No way…….”

In Diaroze’s case, it felt more like he was the one being trained so he retorted with a frown.
After all, just earlier he was (almost forcibly) taught how to use a whip.

“W, Well, don’t worry about it”

In any case, right now he can’t afford to kick Tersis out of the cockpit.
Also, fortunately, the crew around them are also moving about busily to prepare for the sortie.
They shouldn’t have enough leeway to pay attention to them.
Thinking so, Kisei stood up and beckoned to Tersis.

“Th, Thank you, My Lord!”

Tersis replied in an elated tone before leaping inside and hugging him.
In the same momentum, she also stole his lips.


Naturally, considering the TPO, she didn’t stick her tongue in or use her saliva.
However, she seems to be pretty excited already so some of her salivae ended up sticking to his face.
They stayed like that for about a minute but since it was embarrassing, Kisei tried to push her way.

Tersis ignored that and continued to enjoy his lips but with a merciless hand chop from Diaroze, she unwillingly separated herself from him with a terribly dissatisfied look on her face.

“Seriously, you really are a dog in heat.
It will be hard to discipline her later you know.”

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Tersis glared at Diaroze for her sarcastic remark but she soon returned her eyes to Kisei.

“My, My apology.
I was……”

Seeing Tersis feeling ashamed of her action, Kisei involuntarily follows up.

“I also like kissing you so you don’t have to feel bad, Tersis.”

His words shook her spine and a cloudy breath spilled from her mouth.
Seeing her like that Diaroze smiled.

“What are you getting all excited for over a kiss.
Seriously,……..once this battle is over, you will get to do even more amazing things that would make a kiss never enough for you again you know?”

“E, Even more amazing…….!”

As though that has never occurred to her before, Tersis intensely stared at Kisei.
It was a sensual gaze that’s unthinkable from her usual attitude.

While his body started to shake a little, Kisei glared at Diaroze.

“W, Well, it’s a normal thing to do when you are married after all.”

Saying so, Diaroze urged Tersis to leave the cockpit.

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“If you get that then leave already.
If you want that [Amazing something] then you better do your best to protect him okay.”

“I know that already!”

Tersis answered with her back straightened and dignified voice.
From her current figure, you would think of her as a gallant beauty but since Kisei has already seen her disappointing parts, it’s a bit too late for that.

“Sorry for the inconvenience! Farewell!”

Just like that, Tersis leaped out of the cockpit.
Left behind, Kisei sat down on his seat.
She really came in like a storm, thought Kisei as his face started to cramp.
Without saying anything, Diaroze closed the cockpit hatch.



When he turned around, Diaroze was grinning at him.

She then gently placed a kiss on his forehead.

“I’m also expecting that [Amazing something] after this too you know.”

“……..I’ll do my best.”

With a wrinkle formed between his brows, Kisei answered in a tired voice.
Half seriously, he started thinking that even if he does survive the battle, he might not survive his bedtime afterward.

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