Breaking Through the Enemy Line 1

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After finishing their last checkup, Kisei and the others were guided to the launch deck by the crew.
The ride boosters were prepared at the catapult in the center of the deck.
The support equipment reminiscent of a tireless bike is indispensable for this kind of operation where they need increased maneuverability and operation range.

“Launching permission granted.
Please initiate the launching sequence.”

Following the instructions from the flight control, they straddle their strikes on the ride boosters and the AI informed that the link between their strikers and the boosters was established.

“That’s quite a lot of luggage.”

Diaroze muttered while glancing at a large container attached to the rear of the ride booster.
It was made from synthetic resin and lightweight alloy, a common container for transporting munitions.
However, Diaroze wasn’t told what was inside.

“It’s spare ammunition and photon sabers! Even the strongest aces wouldn’t be able to put up a fight without ammo after all.”

Instead of Kisei, the one who answered was the chief mechanic.
With this being the [Ex-Caliburn]’s first real battle, she was on standby in the communication line just in case.

Convinced, Diaroze nodded and replied.

“So you did take lessons from your battle with me huh.
Certainly, if you want a chance to strike this man then it would be when he ran out of bullets.”

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“Back then I had to fight waves after waves of reserved units until my ammo ran out after all……..”

Recalling the past, Kisei let out a small sigh.
That was quite a tough operation for him.
The fact that the woman who put him through that is now sitting inside the same striker really made him think that fate is such a mysterious thing.

“Not just this one, I heard that the escort unit will also carry similar containers too.
It seems that Her Highness wants Kisei-san to make full use of those as well.”

“I can’t thank her enough for that.”

Rather than being stranded without any supply, being able to get support from those around you would be much better.
Naturally, Kisei has enough confidence that he can put up a performance that can match the extra weight they have to carry.

With a grin, Kisei squeezes the control stick.

“Ready to launch.”

In response to his voice, the floor behind their ride booster rose up.
It was a device called a blast deflector.
Its purpose is to deflect the exhaust flame from the thruster.

Launch deck evacuation completed.
Course clear.
Powering catapult.
All green, ready when you are.”

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Hearing that, Kisei silently activated the thrusters of both [Ex-Caliburn] and the ride booster, spilling blue flame behind them.

“Hokuto Kisei, Taking off.”

At the same time he said that, the catapult activated and with great momentum, the striker was launched out of the ship.
With the intense G attacking his body, Kisei let out a small groan.
He has done this kind of launching numerous times already but it still hasn’t changed the fact that it still takes a heavy toll on his fragile body.


Seeing that, Diaroze silently shut her eyes.
For a Vuld like her, this much G doesn’t even make her flinch.
The difference in their physical strength was clear.
She does enjoy a good suffering at Kisei’s hand but she never wants to see him suffer.


Still, that intense G only lasted a moment during the launching sequence.
Upon entering the cruising state, Kisei let out a heavy breath.

“It seems our frontline is having it tough huh.”

Kisei muttered as he looked at the scene displayed on the monitor in front of him.
From his position, he can see red and green beams flying past each other with explosions occurring occasionally.
The faint thoughts he can pick up from there through the i-con system were burning into his brain.
It seems that there have been a lot of casualties in the frontline already.

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“Our mission is to break through that place.
Can you do it?”

“Who do you think you are talking to.”


With a light smile, Diaroze shifts her gaze away from him.
Her sight was directed at their wingman who departed after them.
Next to them was the [Dainsleif], a striker covering itself with its characteristic chrome yellow extra armor.
And to their left and right, they are being escorted by 2 strikers with a strange design that they have never seen before.

“Kukuku, those are some interesting striker designs aren’t they? Huh? Tersis, Eleanor.”

“Hmph! This is only temporary okay!”

Yes, the two strikers were piloted by Tersis and Eleanor, the leader of this operation.
Their strikers’ exteriors are covered with spare parts from dummy units to disguise their presence.
Thanks to that, both [Van Wolf] and [Parfeel] have now taken quite bizarre and messy appearances.

“If we want to use the Melemheim and Fafleta fleets’ betrayal as our chance to launch a surprise attack then we have to hide mine and Lady Eleanor’s presence until the last minute.
There’s no other way.”

Tersis said that but her voice was still filled with dissatisfaction.
Their strikers now look extremely ugly and the extra weight from the dummy exterior also slows them down.
If she has to be honest, she wants to get rid of them right this instant.

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“B, But can you really fight like that? I want us to prioritize our safety first, you know.”

Said Frea who is (forced to) accompanying them as an ambassador from Calencia.
She’s now riding with Saki inside the [Dainsleif].
Naturally, since she mainly works in logistics, going to the frontline is very scary for her.

“Rather, why do I have to ride on this one? If possible, I want to ride with Kisei instead though…….”

“You think 3 people can fit inside a narrow cockpit like this!?”

Diaroze unintentionally retorted in a loud voice.
Although [Ex-Caliburn] was remodeled to be a two-seater, the space inside is not that large.
Besides, packing two people on a single-seat striker would still be better than jamming three people into a two-seater.

“We will get you there safely so please stay still, Your Highness! If you don’t then you might get thrown outside you know!”

It seems that Frea couldn’t sit still inside the cockpit so Saki had to reprimand her.

“Uuu…….why is this happening to me……..”

She usually stays back in the rear but this time she was out of luck as she had to go out to the frontline herself.
With her face deep blue, Frea let out a deep deep sigh.

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