Breaking Through the Enemy Line 2

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The battleships of the Calencian-Valentina allied force advanced toward the frontline.
No matter how strong Kisei’s group is, against such a strong army breaking through will be no easy task.
That’s why they are moving into a position to provide covering fire for them in order to create a temporary gap in the enemy’s line of defense.

“We will commence a suppressive fire at point E368 to support our advance unit.
All battleships prepare to fire.”

“Setting target, point E368.
Range 580.
Ammunition set, particle bullet.”

Following Schleer’s command, the commander of each ship quickly instructed their crew members.
The turrets of each ship rotated with a dull noise, aiming their thick barrels at the center of the enemy vanguard fleet.
Their aim is to suppress the enemy and they have already factored in that the enemy will take evasive maneuvers to avoid the line of fire.
They did not aim for any specific ship.

“All turrets ready to fire.”

In the tense atmosphere, Schleer glared at the monitor in front of her.
She then raises her right hand and swings it down.

“All ships commence fire.”

“First salvo, FIRE!”

A salvo of particle bullets containing enormous amounts of energy was fired from the battleships’ turrets.
The numerous rays of light take the shape of arrows and race toward the enemy fleet at near light speed.

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Even with their rough aim, shooting such a salvo into a crowded warzone would cause some damage.
The strikers that were near the line of fire had their armor bubbling over from the heat and exploded while the destroyer that couldn’t evade in time was broken in half.

“Damn it, they brought out the battleships!?”

“Evasive maneuver! Quick! Even if it’s a fluke, we will crash if any of those hits us!”

The enemy vanguard fleet which was subjected to such firepower was thrown into a temporary state of confusion.
Both their strikers and destroyers started to spread out like spiderlings escaping their nest.

However, that’s but a small area in their vast battlefield.
The Noredian ships that were not in the line of fire still had their composure and started commencing a counterattack.

“Deploy the anti-ship striker corps.
The enemy main force has come out to the front, this is our chance.”

The Noredian army still has a lot of reserve forces.
The strikers that were on standby immediately equipped themselves with anti-ship weapons and launched out from their ships one after another.
Their target is naturally the Calencian flagship, [Radiant].

“Enemy strikers approaching from point 345, 20 degrees above.
120 of them.”

“Leave the interception to the escort fleet and our strikers.
Make sure to keep us away from the enemy battleships’ line of fire.”

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“Maintain fire on the enemy fleet, ready the anti-aircraft weapons!”

“Ready anti-aircraft weapons.”

The enemy sent a lot of strikers their way but they still haven’t done enough to create an opening for their advance unit yet.
Right now they will have to endure the enemy assault.
The destroyers and AA cruisers immediately positioned themselves around the battleships, using themselves as a shield against the incoming enemy strikers.

“Open fire! Do not let the enemy get close to Her Highness’s ship!”

The turrets of the escort fleet immediately aimed up and fired.
Green arrows of light flew toward the enemy striker corps.
However, the enemy promptly took evasive maneuvers and only 3 of them were shot down.

“Like hell those bumpkin cannons are going to hit me!”

A Noredian pilot scorned.
However, her advance was stopped by one of Valentina faction’s pilots.
It is a confrontation between 2 [Jettas].
To distinguish friend from foe, one side has a big white stripe painted on it.

“Sorry, can’t let you pass here!”

“Damn it! You traitor scum!”

The Noredian pilot clicked her tongue and avoided the beams from her enemy’s blaster rifle.
However, while she was doing that, a [Vil] flew in and thrust its longsword toward her.
She tried to have her [Jetta] parry it with its photon saber but she couldn’t make it in time.
Just like that, the crimson armor plate was cut through.

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“Fuhahaha! First one’s mine!”

The pilot of that [Vil] was Viscountess Bozes, a Noredian aristocrat who switched sides during the battle of Sensterra Prime in exchange for a kiss from Kisei.

“You must be here too [Wicked Star]-dono.
Please look upon my gallant figure……..!”

Shouted Viscountess Bozes.
Her lust couldn’t be masked by her expression.
It seems she’s trying to distinguish herself here in order to use her achievement to approach Kisei later.

Because of that ulterior motive, her morale was extremely high.
And perhaps every single one of them shares the same thought, the pilots here are moving very well.

The interception corps led by Viscountess Bozes was successful in stalling the enemy strikers.

“They are doing great huh.”

Seeing their performance on the battlefield, the captain of a Calencian new battlecruiser [Clover] muttered with a grin.
The captain was worried about the teamwork between Calencian troops and the traitors from Nored but so far, they are doing well cooperating with each other.

[Clover] is one of the best ships Calencia has to offer in terms of anti-aircraft battle.
It was fitted with 12 triple-barrels 15cm compound turrets and a high-performance radar along with the best fire control system they have.
Naturally, as the captain of such a ship, she can not afford to fall behind her former enemies.

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That’s why she decided to open fire as well.

“Provide covering fire for our strikers! Switch the shell to HE round, set it to AA fuse.”

“Switching to HE round, AA fuse.”

The 15cm compound turrets of the [Clover] were loaded with HE rounds.
Unlike the particle bullets they’ve been using until now, this time they are firing physical ammunition.

“Set target, Track No.37-12! Main turrets, commence fire.”

“Commence fire!”

A large number of high explosive shells were fired from the turrets with fierce momentum.
The bullet speed is much slower than the particle rounds they used earlier but with their enemies already so close to their position so the captain judged that the physical rounds would hit their targets just fine.

She was not wrong.
The HE rounds detonate midair creating multiple fireballs in the jet-black space.
One of such fireballs hit a [Jetta] that was targeting Viscountess Bozes.
With its armor shattered by the explosion, the [Jetta] exploded after a brief moment.

“HoHou! Those Calencians do have some good shots huh…..!”

Viscountess Bozes smiled.
And after praising her ally, she moved on to find her next prey…….

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