Breaking Through the Enemy Line 3

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Due to the effort of Viscountess Bozes and the members of the escort fleet, the Calencian battleships have successfully provided suppressive fire for their advance unit.
The Noredian troops deployed on the frontline have retreated back to avoid the battleships’ line of fire and it is now the perfect chance for them to attack.


With a manly shout, Kisei accelerated at full throttle.
Using the ride booster, his striker immediately flew forward at blinding speed.
Saki, Tersis, and Eleanor, as well as 16 other elite pilots also dash forward in a formation.



Although the enemy number has thinned, it is not like the opening was completely void of resistance.

The enemies that have survived the earlier salvo from their battleships are firing them with their anti-aircraft weapons.


Kisei fiercely shouted and readied his blaster rifle while performing evasive maneuvers.
Unlike your average bike, a ride booster does not require its rider to have both hands on its handle to maneuver.

“You are not going to use your new mega blaster rifle?”

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Asked Diaroze while she was scanning the radar screen.
Right now Kisei is using his old 8.5Mw blaster rifle, the one he has on the [Caliburn Revive] instead of the mega blaster rifle they repurposed from Eleanor’s striker.

“It would be a waste!”

“That thing has a longer range so I think it would be safer for us to use it though.”

Diaroze wants to safely snipe the enemy from outside their range.
However, Kisei doesn’t even consider such a conventional strategy an option.
With no hesitation, he fired his blaster rifle and the [Jetta] that was about to fire at them with its long barrel blaster rifle was disabled with its engine destroyed.

“Did you say something about range?”

“…’s nothing, my mistake.”

In a striker battle, she has no place to add her input.
Recalling how Kisei is in battle, Diarzoe shrugged.

Meanwhile, their exchange did not interrupt his shooting.
He continues to casually evade the enemy shots and return fire, taking the enemy striker out one by one.
The sight was the meaning of the saying ‘one shot-one kill’ (TLN: No one died tho)


Watching his performance, Eleanor shouted him praise.
Her voice also has a mix of the feeling of relief that she has him as her ally.
After all, the overwhelming battle prowess he showed in their past battles is still fresh in her mind.

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“I can’t afford to lose either!”

With that said, she fired the heavy machine gun on [Parfeel]’s right arm.
It’s the same heavy machine gun model Schleer has on her [Mistilteinn].
Because she intends to hide her identity, for the time being, she is concealing the [Parfeel]’s original weapons.

A heavy recoil rocked the cockpit of the [Parfeel] as a red trail of tracer bullets flew into space.
The 47mm shells rushed into a platoon of [Jettas] which were charging at them, disrupting their approach.
Then with their movement stopped, Eleanor uses the long barrel blaster rifle in the left hand to snipe them one by one from a distance.

“Lady Eleanor, do not forget to conserve your ammo.
You often go trigger-happy at the enemy and get carried away after all.”

“Anyone would seem trigger-happy to you! Tersis-sama!”

Eleanor replied with a fed-up expression.
After all, Tersis is the type of person that fly out into battle with only a sword.
It’s nice that she will never experience running out of bullets but when they are straddling on a ride booster like this, fighting in close quarters would be difficult so she would not be able to show her real ability.

“At least carry a carbine with you!”

“What, if it’s with my skill then……..”

With a grin, Tersis accelerated forward, leaving a trail of blue flame behind her [Van Wolf].
The ride boosters they are using are of a general model but coupled with the thruster from a top-of-the-line Zenith, the speed she can exhibit is not something that a common [Jetta] can keep up with.

Just like that, Tersis went straight into the enemy platoon.
The [Jettas] tried to intercept her with their blaster rifles but she avoided all the shots with minimal movement.
Then, as she flew by one of them, she cut it down with her longsword.

“How’s that?”

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“Shooting them down with a blaster rifle is way more faster!”

“What did you say…….!”

It seems that Tersis was upset at that comment.
Meanwhile, seeing their casual exchange which is totally unsuitable for a battlefield, a smile just floats on Kisei’s face.

“Are they usually like that?”

“Well, yeah.
In exchange for their strength, their coordination just flew out of the window.
You know how many stomachaches they gave me when I tried to make them cooperate with each other?”

Diaroze’s answer seemed terribly real to him.
With a bitter smile, he glanced back at their unit.
After all, when Tersis and Eleanor are rampaging in front of them, Saki who should have been with them was strangely quiet.

“Saki, you good?”

Saki’s [Dainsleif] is just following quietly behind them.
Occasionally, she would shoot her submachine gun to provide suppressive fire but her movement is strangely tamer than usual.

Seeing that, Kise asked in worry.

“I’m fine.”

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Saki replied with a somewhat fed-up tone.

“But Her Highness Frea’s not.”

“I’m, I’m sorry.
It’s just, this is my first time on the frontline………”

Frea’s voice was shaking a little.
Frea is on board the [Dainsleif] as they need an ambassador from Calencia’s side to show their sincerity to the Melemheims and the Fafletas.
Still, it’s a little unreasonable for someone who mainly handles logistics like her to be sent out to the frontline in a fierce battle.

“It will be fine.
I’m here with you.”

“Thank you…..Uuu, I’m so sorry, for being such a pathetic woman I mean……”

Hearing Frea’s self-deprecating comment, Kisei let out a small smile.
Her self-deprecating tendency and how she can get disheartened by herself are similar to Schleer.
It’s a little rude but it made him think that they are really sisters.

“Well, we have other escorts too…..just fly safe for now Saki.
We will handle the enemies ourselves.”

“Sorry, I will leave it to you.”

Although she agreed, he could tell from her voice that she wanted to go out and rampage too.

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