Breaking Through the Enemy Line 4

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10 minutes after they charged in, the effect of the initial suppressive fire started to diminish and groups of enemies were gathering around them.

“Dealing with this many small fries sure is annoying isn’t it……!”

Eleanor gritted her teeth as she sprayed the enemies with her heavy machinegun.
She just does not have the capacity for precise aim when the enemies are coming from all directions.

“Can we get rid of these junks already!? It’s so hard to move!”

Eleanor and Tersis have covered their Zeniths with dummy exteriors to hide their identity.
Naturally, they also suffer a decrease in both maneuverability and movement speed because of that.
Even for elite aces like them, handling this many enemies with such a handicap is still tough.

“If we want the surprise attack to be the most effective then it is still too early to take them off.
The best timing would be when we can join up with the Fafleta fleet.”

Diaroze answers in a calm voice.
Aside from scanning for enemies, she literally has nothing to do.
Despite being on the battlefield, she simply doesn’t feel that involved with it.
At most, she would nudge her control stick a little with her finger while observing Kisei operating the striker with an incredibly precise movement.

“Well, you can still purge these things if the situation absolutely calls for it right? It would be putting a cart before a horse if you got shot down before we can meet up with the fleets after all.”

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“H, Hmph! This [Heavenly Thunder] will not be shot down that easily, I will have you know!”

When her ability was challenged, it was her nature as a Vuld aristocrat to put on a bluff so Eleanor fiercely replied.

“I expect no less.”

Kisei whispered so while avoiding multiple beams flying at them.
Despite the tough spot they found themselves in, Eleanor’s morale hasn’t diminished.
It appears that her reputation as one of the Noredian Strongest pilots was not for show.

While manually turning off the automated lock-on warning alert that has been ringing in the cockpit for a while, he kept shooting down the enemy [Jettas].
Then he took his mind off the enemy strikers that have their abdomens pierced by his shots, he reloaded a new particle magazine.

“[Wicked Star]-san, do you need ammo?”

The escorting Calencian pilots asked in a calm voice.
Kisei has been firing his blaster rifle for a while so it’s natural that they would worry about his remaining ammunition.

“Yeah, I think it’s about time for a resupply.”

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“Roger that.”

While evading the enemy’s barrage, the Calencian pilot approached the [Ex-Caliburn].
She then threw the particle magazines bundled in a cable and Kisei easily received them.
They did it like it was something very simple but things would not be this smooth unless both Kisei and the pilot are very skilled.


“It’s my duty.
Well, please leave the ammo to me.”

The pilot replied in a joyful tone.
They were called an escort squad but their job is mainly to provide support for the aces like Kisei.

“But how long do I have to put up with this though?”

Saki asked in a dejected tone.
Since she can not fight to her heart’s content because Frea is riding with her, it’s very tough for Saki when they are kept being attacked like this.

“We received an encrypted location of the Melemheim and Fafleta fleets.
At this pace, we should be able to join up with them in about 30 minutes so just endure it.”

“Tsk, talk about an unreasonable demand!”

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Saki’s words were in sync with Frea’s half-crying voice.
Whenever a bullet flies their way, she would scream like a child.

“OHoHoHoHo! How pleasant! Have you already started leaking!?”

“S, Shut up!”

Frea replied in frustration.
At that moment, a large number of particle bullets flew toward [Dainsleif].
An enemy destroyer has come forward.
Although it was a small ship, it was packed with a considerable amount of anti-aircraft weapons.


Frea screamed with a pale face at the barrage of bullets that were coming her way like a shower of light.
Saki clenched her teeth and immediately pushed her control stick down to get the [Dainsleif] out of the way.
They barely managed to get out of the way and the barrage of particle bullets flew past them into the void.

Almost at the same time, Kisei pulled out his mega blaster rifle that was mounted on the back.
He then quickly shoots an extra thick beam back at the enemy like a western gunman.
The ejected empty cartridges flew out and the extra powerful blaster shot through the thruster of the Noredian destroyer.
Unable to maneuver properly, the destroyer flew away while spewing smoke.

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“Nice! It seems the firepower is enough to take down a destroyer huh.”

Against a ship, using something like an anti-ship grenade launcher is more conventional but compared to a beam, a missile is much slower.
An ability to take out the enemy ship with a blaster beam sure is something that he is grateful for.

“Leaving cruiser-class aside, that thing is powerful enough to take out destroyer-class and smaller vessels you know!”

The former owner of that weapon, Eleanor, boastfully said so with a smug expression.

“Hou! That’s nice, very nice!”

Ki, Kisei, you are pretty wild on the battlefield aren’t you……..”

Seeing him fight, Frea whispered while wiping cold sweat on her forehead.
After all, compared to how he is normally, he seems like a completely different person now.

“Well, as expected of the top ace of my army……..that being said, it feels like I’m a prince in fairy tales isn’t it…….”

When it comes to stories about a brave knight protecting others in Vuld’s common sense, it’s a given that there would be a prince by her side.
Recalling the face of her brother, Frea can only awkwardly smile.

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