The Wibel Hounds 1

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The enemy reinforcements have closed in.
They are pretty fast.

Running is no longer an option and their only choice is to intercept them.
Thinking so, Kisei silently reloads a new magazine to his blaster rifle.

“They felt off.”

Almost at the same time that he muttered to himself, Eleanor started blasting with her long barrel blaster rifle.
However, the enemy simply avoided her shots and did not return fire.
Seeing that, Diaroze eyed the enemy with suspicion.
Their mono-eye also gives out a fiery red glow and the enemy’s gray iron armor is something that she has never seen before.

“Model specification……[Varlona]? That’s not a Noredian model.
Then who?”

“Can you hear me? This is Makina O’Brien of the Wibel Hounds.”

As though to answer Diaroze’s question, a cold voice rang out from the speaker.
The transmission came through the open channel.

“Mercenary huh.”

Kisei muttered while biting his lips.
The name she gave him was one he has heard of before.

“This is [Wicked Star], Hokuto Kisei.
Loud and clear…….what do you want?”

“I came to make good on our promise………the other small fries can leave.
Our business is with the [Wicked Star] alone.”

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“Small fry!? Did you just call me a small fry!?”

Eleanor immediately got enraged at the provocation.
While frowning at her scream, Diaroze quietly tapped Kisei’s shoulder.

“What is she talking about?”

“I, I don’t know…….”

“…….well, it’s probably something boring like revenge for when you beat them in the past anyway.”

Seeing that Kisei is also completely clueless, Diaroze dropped the topic.
After all, if the enemy doesn’t care about anyone but him then that’s probably the most likely reason someone is challenging Kisei anyway.

“But, this feeling…..I can tell that they are very skilled.
Even with all of us, it will take some time to take them down you know.”

The [Varlona] model the enemies are piloting is a high-end mass-produced model manufactured from Terra.
With a pilot being a veteran mercenary, it should be able to put up a decent fight against even the 4 Heavenly like Tersis.

Naturally, it’s not that they will lose but……right now, their priority is not here.

“Fumu, that would take too much time huh.
Master, can you take them by yourself?”

“Who do you think I am?”

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Diaroze grins at the reliable reply.

“Alright, Eleanor.
If they are willing to let you go then you should.
This whole battle is hanging on this mission so we can’t afford to waste time here you know.”

“M, Muhhh……!”

Knowing that Diaroze is correct, Eleanor could only groan bitterly.

“If I stay then you will let the others go right?”


The woman who named herself Makina affirmed.

Kisei ponders on her answer for a moment while stroking his control stick.

“Aren’t you looking down on us too much? You plan to gang up on Kisei while we’re gone or something?”

Saki asked with a clearly hostile tone.
Behind her, Frea who’s sitting in the extra seat also nodded.

“Isn’t that kind of tactic cheap even for a mercenary?”

“Right! That’s not womanly at all!”

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A short-tempered person would immediately snap but none of the mercenaries bought into that.
The only reply they got was a dry laugh from Makina.

“Kuku, say whatever you want.
We are hounds, not some proud wolves.
Using numbers to take on an opponent that we can’t win against alone is a given.”

It appears that they truly set their sights on Kisei.
And it’s also clear that they have witnessed his ability before.

“Whatever, I will just fight you instead! Kisei and the others can move to the objective!”


Kisei himself doesn’t recall what kind of promise it is that he made with the enemy but when he’s challenged directly like this, there’s no way he would leave it to Eleanor or anyone else.

“No, I will do it.
Leave me and go!”

“Muh, so this is one of those hot-blooded warrior situations huh.”

Tersis commented with a slightly jealous tone.
There was not even a single shred of worry in her voice.
After all, she has complete trust in him when it comes to combat.

“Lady Eleanor, we are continuing our mission.”


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Eleanor was extremely dissatisfied but just as Diaroze said, they do not have time to waste.
Gritting her teeth, she let out a deep deep sigh.

“It can’t be helped…….let’s go!”

As though to shake off her desire to stay, the [Parfeel] immediately accelerated and flew off.
Saki, Tersis, and the others in the escort unit also follow.

Just as they declared, the Wibel Hounds did not give chase.

“……..very well.”

Makina nodded and moved her striker forward.
Her striker is the only one that is different from the others and it appears to be a Zenith-type.

“I, Makina O’Brien, [Lastochka], and my 24 subordinates challenge [Wicked Star] to a duel.”

“You made it sound like a single combat but at this number, it’s nothing but a lynch right………”

Despite the fact that she has done the same thing before, Diaroze muttered that in an astounded tone.

Kisei couldn’t help but smile bitterly at her but he clears his throat and gives them a reply.

“Hokuto Kisei, [Ex-Caliburn], accepted your challenge!”

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