The Wibel Hounds 2

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Almost at the same moment he accepted their challenge, the [Varlonas] spread out around [Ex-Caliburn].
They were all equipped with machine guns and immediately opened fire on him.

“Mmm, all of them have a machinegun huh……!”

Unlike blaster weapons, machineguns that fire metal shells cannot be parried back with his photon saber.
This probably was a specific strategy against [Wicked Star] as unlike blaster weapons that shoot charged particles, these bullets travel at a far slower rate in space.

“We’ve done our research on how the [Wicked Star] fights.
You will not find an opening to take us down so easily.”

“Nicely done…..!”

While avoiding the storm of shells, Kisei groaned.
However, his fierce smile is still the same.
With his teeth exposed in a wide smile, he started firing his blaster rifle at the nearby [Varlona].

It tries to avoid his shot but it couldn’t get away in time and its right leg was blown off.
However, losing a leg won’t completely disable a striker.
Even while its hydraulic oil and propellant are leaking from its damaged leg, the [Varlona] returns fire with its machinegun.

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“You shifted the axis? Nice!”

He used the information from the i-con system to shoot at the enemy with foresight.
His target was actually the enemy’s engine but the enemy pilot was so skilled that she could avoid that deadly blow.

“We Wibel Hounds are an elite mercenary band! Did you like that?”

“So you’ve even looked into my personality huh!”

While avoiding the barrage from the enemy machineguns with a small movement, Kisei replied with a grin.
However, Diaroze who’s sitting in the back is already sweating cold.
She thought that he would be able to handle them easily since they are mercenaries but their opponents are much more skilled than she thought.

“Th, These guys……aren’t they on Imperial Guards level? They are actually this skilled?”

“They might be even better you know.”

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“Gununu, damn mercenaries!”

Despite her betrayal, the Imperial Guards who reported to her directly were her elite troops.
It’s natural that she would have some qualm seeing mere mercenaries rival them in terms of skills.

“I’m also a mercenary too though.”

With a bitter smile, Kisei shot another beam at the same [Varlona].
If he can’t take them down in one shot then he judged that he needs to take down each one carefully.
However, once again, his opponent barely avoided his shot.

“Tough one aren’t you!”

Since his opponents returned fire with dozens of times more firepower, he found himself in a tough spot.
All of them are moving in the same direction and continue to avoid his shots and with shells flying from all directions, the main monitor of [Ex-Caliburn] looked as though he’s in the middle of a sea of aurora.

Counterattack would be quite difficult in such a situation.
Even if he managed to exploit a momentary opening, the enemy would avoid his shots albeit barely.

“Not bad, not bad at all!”

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With a smile on her face, Makina rushed in with a rifle.
The moment her striker’s mono-eye glow red, a high caliber armor-piercing shell flies toward [Ex-Caliburn].
Her rifle is the type that shoots physical projectiles instead of a beam.
Their preparation is very thorough.


As expected of an elite mercenary, Makina’s shot was extremely skillful.
Although he managed to avoid the first shot, he had to cut the second one with his saber.
The metal AP round was caught by the energy blade and instantly evaporated into metallic steam.

“Nice one……!”

If he hadn’t replaced his saber with a high-end one then the amount of heat would not be enough to completely evaporate the shell.
This time a bead of cold sweat floated on his forehead.
However, it’s not like he’s going to be on the receiving end forever.
With a flowing motion, he shot his rifle at the [Lastochka] that was about to fire its third shot.

“I knew you would do that! Now, Do it!”

However, the green bullet was blocked by a large shield on the left arm of [Lastochka].
Then, following Makina’s command, two [Varlonas] equipped with a shield and a short sword perform a pincer attack on him.

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Kisei immediately abandoned his rifle judging that the firepower was not enough to take down [Lastochka].
Instead, he pulled out the mega blaster rifle and shot it at a [Varlona] that rushed him with their shield.

However, there was another one.
He can’t deal with it with his rifle but Kisei managed to catch its shortsword with his photon saber.

The energy blade and metallic short sword grind against each other sending sparks flying.

“Now! All units deploy missiles!”

Makina gives her order with a fierce smile.
The [Varlonas] that were firing their machineguns at a distance immediately deployed a large number of missiles from the pods on their back.
With all of them combined, they’ve launched over a thousand missiles at him.

“H, Holy shi…….!”

Diaroze screamed with her face deep blue.
Even Kisei himself wouldn’t be able to avoid this number of missiles.
It was truly a grave situation for them.

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