The Wibel Hounds 3

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Over a thousand high-mobility missiles flooded toward them.
Evasion is impossible, Defending is also not an option………truly a desperate situation.
Seeing the horde of missiles racing toward him, Kisei let out a small sigh as he was battling the [Varlonas].


If he’s stuck dealing with the [Varlonas], he won’t be able to get away.
Kicking off the shield one of the [Varlonas] is carrying, he performed a backflip.
He then fired the anti-ship grenade launcher mounted on the back directly at the shield.
The large missile shot out and exploded right at the center of the shield, even the sturdiest of armor plates can not stand such a shot.
As a result, the [Varlona] lost its shield along with its arm and was blown away while spewing smoke.

After that, he silently used the wire gun to retrieve the blaster rifle he had thrown away earlier.
The motor reeled back the rifle with tremendous force, and now it is back in his hand.

“I’ve been waiting for that…….!”

As though he was counting on them to try that, Kisei accelerated forward while rotating the anti-missile laser turrets installed on both shoulders to the back.
The speedometer immediately shot to the max and a strong G attacked his body.


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The G was so strong that he could start coughing blood but he grits his teeth and withstand it.
The missiles immediately started racing after the trail of blue flame emitted from the thruster like a comet tail.

On the other hand, Diaroze grew even tenser as no matter how powerful a striker’s thruster is, they can not outrun the missiles.

Because of the imbalance of the center of gravity which stemmed from the fact that the [Ex-Caliburn] is a fusion of several strikers put together in a hurry, it began to rattle as it’s accelerating at full speed.
Kisei needs to be precise in his control to be able to find it in a straight path.
If he loses control then the [Ex-Caliburn] would surely start spinning out of control at high speed.
That would definitely spell their end.

“A, Are we going to be okay?”


While enduring the full brunt of the G, Kisei couldn’t afford to reply.
Still, he managed to nod back at her.

The missiles are approaching them from behind.
The anti-missiles laser turrets detected that and automatically shot their circuits with low–power lasers, making them detonate by themselves after a brief pause.

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Still, the number of missiles that are racing toward them far exceeds the number it can handle.
A number of them popped like popcorn but the effect was like a drop in the ocean.


Although Kisei couldn’t even open his mouth due to the G, Diaroze started to shout in panic.
While feeling envious of her internally, Kisei kept flying at full speed.

For the Wibel Hounds, the only striker they have that can catch up with [Ex-Caliburn] is the [Lastochka].
However, it is not flying toward them.
This means that Makina intends to defeat him with a superior number.


Eventually, the missiles that were homing toward [Ex-Caliburn] began to collide with each other.
Since they are tracking the same target, it’s natural that their paths will overlap.
The missiles exploded one after another and caused a chain explosion.
In less than 30 seconds, most of the missiles were destroyed by friendly fire and the rest were easily handled by the anti-missile laser turret.


With the threat gone, Kisei slowed down.
His breath smells slightly of iron.
It was good thatThe [Ex-Caliburn] has a much stronger inertial control mechanism than the [Caliburn-Revive].
If not for that, Kisei might already be dead from the crushing G alone.

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“Y, You were aiming for that……? .you almost scared me to death.”

Diaroze growls at him with a frown.
Her expression was saying something like, is he always this reckless?

“Master and I are supposed to be surrounded by our children and grandchildren and die of old age okay! You shouldn’t do such a reckless thing anymore you know!”

“But you agreed to let me handle them alone right?”

“I didn’t think that they were this good! It was a mistake, I’m sorry, okay!!”

Diaroze was screaming while wiping her cold sweat.
Perhaps she was truly scared earlier.
Then, with her hand still slightly trembling, she stroked Kisei’s head.

“But with this, we probably won’t have to worry about the missiles anymore.”

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High-mobility missiles are relatively small but the amount that each striker can carry is still limited.
Given the number they fired at them, they should have exhausted almost all of their missiles already.

A half-baked attack with a moderate number of missiles wouldn’t be able to fell Kisei so the Wibel Hounds’ decision to fire everything at him was not wrong either.
However, if he can survive it then it will allow him a chance to turn the table on them.

Diaroze took a deep breath and slowly exhaled.

“It’s time for counterattack right.
Go kick their asses! Master!”

“I really don’t know who’s the master between us anymore though!”

Kisei let out a bitter smile at her usual haughty attitude.
But as she says, the Wibel Hounds are only equipped with weapons suited for short-range battle.
And as a result, from flying full speed to escape the missile, there’s now a considerable distance between them and the enemies.
This is obviously their chance.

“Well, let’s do it!”

While controlling the [Ex-Caliburn] to pull out the mega blaster rifle with its left hand, Kisei grinned.

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