The Wibel Hounds did not chase after the [Ex-Caliburn] earlier and the distance between them and Kisei was quite wide.
Kisei did not let that chance go and immediately prepared himself with a blaster rifle in the right hand and a mega blaster rifle in the left.
Both sides are locked in a staring contest.

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“To overcome even that, as expected of the [Wicked Star]!”

On the other hand, Makina has a fierce smile on her face instead of being upset at how he managed to avoid the barrage of missiles.
They seem to have been studying Kisei’s extraordinary combat prowess so they must have already anticipated that he might be able to overcome their strategy.

“Switch to formation C! Be wary of hit and run!”

“Roger that!”

The Wibel Hounds prepare to intercept him with an organized movement.
In the distance, Kisei pushed toward them at full throttle.
Blue exhaust flame spewed out from the thruster as he accelerated toward the enemies.

“If one shot isn’t enough then how about this!”

The enemy can still barely avoid the beam from his rifle but this time he followed up with the mega blaster rifle a beat after and a [Varlona]’s engine was shot through.

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The [Varlona] has taken the full brunt of the Noredian-made cannon and was broken in half with the upper and lower halves blown away in two different directions.
Obviously, that much firepower was overkill.

“We couldn’t even touch him when he was piloting that old model! Whose bright idea is it that gives him that monster to pilot!”

One of the hounds grumbled with a stiffened expression.
The cockpit of the [Varlona] that got hit seems to be intact but seeing such firepower unleashed upon them still sent shivers down their spine.

“Don’t falter! If even one of us remains then it is our victory!”

The Wibel Hounds spread out to avoid being hit but they would not be able to support each other if they are too far apart.
In that case, all Kisei needs to do is to shoot them down one by one.
They should not have broken their close formation.

“Umu, you are attacking them from outside their range right.
Go shave them off one by one.”

Diaroze haughtily said as she saw that they can snipe at the enemies from a safe distance.
Kisei couldn’t hide his smile, wondering where her earlier upset attitude had disappeared to.

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“That would be the best way to guarantee our victory but……….well, let’s see if they will let us do that.”

That said, their enemies are no amateurs.
On the contrary, they are elite.
Being careless and they might even turn the table on them…..while he was thinking to himself, he kept shooting a few [Varlonas] in the same way he did earlier.

The enemies are struggling to close the distance but Kisei skillfully utilizes the high-performance thruster to keep them at range.
The [Varlona] is certainly a high performance model but it does not have nearly enough thrust power as the [Ex-Caliburn] so they can not possibly catch up.


There, Makina rushed toward him with her [Lastochka].
Since it’s a Zenith, its speed can rival the [Ex-Caliburn] so as expected, Kisei can’t shake her off.

“She’s taking her chance huh? Kuku…..starting to get impatient aren’t we! Shoot her down!”

“No, that’s…….”

Kisei’s intuition is telling him that Makina is not rushing him without a plan.
The feeling he received from the [Lastochka] was still surprisingly calm and collected.

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“She has some kind of play huh?”

Kisei muttered.
There, the [Lastochka] fires its rifle.
The AP round was accelerated to the extreme by the electromagnetic force and raced toward the [Ex-Caliburn] with amazing accuracy.
Kisei evaded the shot with a paper-thin distance and reflexively countered with his blaster rifle but his shot was easily blocked by a shield.


Furthermore, she also evaded the follow-up shot from his mega blaster rifle.
As expected, even her shield can not withstand a shot from that thing.
Using their exchange as an opening the [Varlonas] closed the distance and opened fire with their machine guns.

“Ugh, I see…..these mongrels, they are using their leader as a decoy huh!”

Diaroze shouts while hatefully glaring at the incoming tracer bullets.
It seems that their strategy is for the [Lastochka] to contest the [Ex-Caliburn] to create the chance for the [Varlonas] to strike.

Makina herself seems to devote herself to buying her subordinates time and keeps to suppressive fire.
However, even with that, her accuracy is still extremely high and her shot would hit him if he started to get careless.

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If he let himself get surrounded by the [Varlonas] he would be locked in the same formation and fired upon from all directions as earlier.
Even Kisei wants to avoid such a situation.
He tried accelerating to fly away from the [Varlonas] but Makina prevented that by shooting her rifle to block his path.

“This is troublesome!”

Kisei grits his teeth while groaning.
He continues to use the thruster to avoid the enemy bullets but Makina relentlessly pursues him and launches her attack.
It was truly like he was being chased by a pack of hounds.

“How is it, [Wicked Star]! We Wibel Hounds have evolved!”

Makina proudly shouted.
On the other hand, Kisei let out a small sigh.

“Really, you guys are not half bad…..!”

It looks like this is going to be a long battle.
Thinking so, Kisei glanced at the remaining ammunition.

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