Linking up with the Fleet

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The Noredian fleet was suddenly subjected to fierce gunfire from unexpected directions and is now plunged into turmoil.
The gunfire clearly originated from the position of their allies.
In this situation where they can not identify the enemy, they have no way to put up a proper fight.

“Let’s use this chance to link up with my fleet.
The enemy will get back on their feet soon.”

Tersis pointed in the direction of the bombardment with the tip of her sword before leading the others toward her fleet.
Saki nods and accelerates after her.
With their enemy trying to evade the gunfire in panic, none of them could afford to intercept their group.

Although the fleet is quite far away from their position, the distance can be covered in a blink of an eye with the speed of their strikers.
Several minutes later, Saki and the others managed to link up with a large fleet that is centered around 8 big battleships.
On the side of each ship is the insignia depicting a sword and a shield crossing over a white lily.

“This is your?”

“Yeah, it’s my fleet.
How is it? Quite spectacular don’t you think?”

Tersis’s tone was very proud.
She is the head of House Melemheim, one of the greatest aristocratic houses of Nored.
It’s natural that she has control over such a big army.

“Th,The Fafleta fleet is also here you know……..
Of course, it might not look that impressive when compared to the Melemheim fleet though.”

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While smiling bitterly at Eleanor, Saki looks over the fleet.
They seem to be on alert but they do not point their AA weaponry at them.

“Every single ship here is our ally? A, Amazing, to think that it’s this big…….”

Frea voiced her admiration.
Eight battleships are nothing to sneeze at.
Adding to that, aristocrats that possess their own territory usually do not dispatch all of their fighting power to the frontline.
After all, they need to station some back home in case the neighboring lords suddenly decide to prey on their territory.

In other words, Tersis must have an even larger fleet defending her territory back home.
Thinking that far, Frea started sweating since it’s likely that with the two houses combined, they would have a larger fleet than Calencia even before the war started.

“My lady, can you hear me? This captain of the [Mephisto], Siraba.”

There, communication comes from the flagship of the Melemheim fleet.
It was a private channel, connected to the [Van Wolf] alone but Tersis operated the console and connected everyone in the data link system.
Now everyone in the group can hear their conversation.
[She’s my Head Retainer], after introducing her in a playful voice, Tersis cleared her throat.

“Loud and clear.
Ladies, thank you for coming.”

Tersis’s tone was deeply emotional.
Even though it was the Head’s order, betraying your country with no hesitation is something that requires a great amount of courage.
The Noredian fleet did not retaliate so far due to the chaos but soon they will launch their counterattack.
After all, House Argarine is not so sweet as to let traitors escape without a fight.

“My Lady is scarier than the whole Noredian fleet after all.”

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A casual reply came from the [Mephisto].
As expected of a retainer of a house of warriors, they are quite bold.

“Besides, since you are going to get married, perhaps a congratulatory salvo is in order, My Lady?”


Tersis shyly nodded.
On the other hand, Frea and Eleanor quietly puffed up their cheeks.

“So…..where is your would-be husband, My Lady? I’ve heard he’s the kind of person that would be unrivaled in a striker though.”

“We were together halfway through but……he stayed back to stop the enemy pursuers.”

“Oh my! Is that the so-called, [Leave this to me and go!] situation?”


Tersis nodded.

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“For my husband, there would be no one more suitable right?”

“I see, I see.
I was curious about what kind of person our new master is but……to think that it would be such a person.”

The reason why Tersis still remains single to this age despite being one of the great aristocrats is that she wants to choose her own partner.
In her eyes, your typical Vuld male is simply too pathetic for her.

It’s a matter of course for her retainers to be curious when she suddenly told them that she wanted to betray Nored for a man.

“However, this is no good, My Lady.
No matter how strong the Master may be, we are among enemies here.
It is possible that the unthinkable can happen.
We need to retrieve him at once.”

“Well, he will probably be fine though.”

Saki muttered.
Certainly, it might seem like a dangerous situation but she just can not picture Kisei losing at all.
It was why she agreed to his plan to stay back in the first place.

“Catching up with your retainer is fine and all but can you let me do my job soon?”

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Feeling that they are taking their time talking with each other, Frea inserted so with a prickly tone.
Her job here is to act as a military ambassador.
Also, because she was put through many scary experiences to get here so she wants to get her job done soon.

“Ahh, sorry about that.
This person is from the Calencian royal family, Princess Frea Henrietta.”

“My apology, Your Highness.
I am Orcus Siraba, a vassal to House Melemheim.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you.
Thank you for coming to my country’s aid.”

Frea replied in a formal tone

“I’d like to perform a formal greeting and deepen our friendship but unfortunately, the situation doesn’t allow us to do that.
As you suggested, let us retrieve Hokuto Kisei as soon as possible and join up with the main force.”

Frea said in a strong tone.
The fact that they have betrayed Nored means that they are currently surrounded by enemies.
If they don’t join up with the Calencia main force soon then no matter how strong their fleet is, they will not escape unscathed.

“Yes, of course…….now then, I believe it is time for us to show our worth to our new master.”

Siraba’s fierce smile can be sensed through the communication.

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