The Enraged Empress

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“Communication from Marchioness Lagia! It appears that their fleet has managed to suppress the R-field.”

The bridge of the Noredian fleet’s flagship, the [Odercrois], looked very busy as it is the command center of the gigantic fleet.
The operators constantly relay the reports from various sections of the battlefield while the officers are hurriedly giving out instructions to each one of them.

“What are the results and the damage we sustained?”

Lying back on the command seat, Empress Villenia Rendar Argarine asked the staff with her folding fan in hand.

“We’ve destroyed 2 of the enemy small-size cruisers, 5 destroyers, and one of their medium-sized cruisers, Your Majesty.”


Although they’ve managed to suppress one area, their result so far is not that good.
The Calencians are probably trying to buy time for the time being and withdraw before their side suffers any significant damage.
Thinking so, a wrinkle formed between the Empress’s brows.

“So, what about the damage?”

“2 medium-sized cruisers, and 8 destroyers from the aristocratic army.
Moreover, one battleship is now inoperable…….”

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While snapping her fan shut, the Empress shouted in a loud voice.
The operator who made the report is now trembling in fear.


That said, the force they put on the frontline is a mix of aristocrats’ armies of various sizes.
They are generally in the same state as the enemy so it is unavoidable that they might struggle against the Calencians.

However, the Empress doesn’t care about that.
She simply felt frustrated that her own army was falling behind some rebels.
That point alone was something that she can not tolerate.

“Send in the reserve unit! Crush them with number! Anyone who puts up a pathetic fight will be shot from behind!”

“Your Majesty, we’ve received a report that a small unit consisting of a few Zenith-types has gotten through the frontline.
It would be too hasty to send out our reserved force at this time……”

One of the staff nervously reported.
Naturally, Kisei’s advance was reported to their HQ.

Although a few Zeniths can’t do much to affect the battlefield as a whole, they could be spearheading some kind of enemy strategy.
The staff is suggesting that they should keep their reserved force on standby until their enemy shows their hand.

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“Hmph, what can a few Zeniths do.”

However, the Empress simply ridiculed the staff’s opinion while pushing out her abundant chest.

“They can not win against us in a straight fight so they are probably trying to take my head by sending in their elites.

The Empress mockingly smiles at her enemy as she plays with her folding fan.

“No matter how good they are, they can not do anything if they run out of ammunition and fuel.
No matter what they try, they can not reach this place, Your Majesty.”

The chief of staff followed up.
It comes as no surprise that the [Odercrois] where the Empress is commanding the fleet from is located in the deepest part of the Noredian fleet.
Moreover, their position is fortified by an elite escort fleet which serves as an iron wall that no enemy is permitted to break through.

“That’s right.
In the first place, we are fighting against some hicks here.
Why do we have to be so on guard against them? Your one and only job is to show your worth to me, Your Empress.”

The Empress declared so while slamming her folding fan into her palm.

“If you have time to imagine us losing then go and think up a way to crush the enemy faster.”


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The staff reluctantly nodded.
Naturally, she has more to say but her head might fly off if she’s being too persistent.
Even if she has proven herself as a talented staff, her head can still be put under a guillotine if she upset the Empress.

“We’ve broken through the E-field! Our vanguard has begun to engage the enemy main force!”

“Kuku, finally huh.
Sure took their damn time.”

The Empress stood up from her seat at the long-awaited report.
Since the start of the battle, the Calencians have skillfully stalled their movement and they could not make much progress.

However, the victory is as good as theirs if they can reach the enemy’s main force.
Using their overwhelming number, they can crush the enemy flagship and destroy the remaining enemies one by one.
After all, their enemies would not be able to move properly if they obliterated their chain of command.

“Full Assault! Target the en–…..”

“Reporting! The Melemheim and the Fafleta fleets suddenly opened fire on us!”

“W, W, What!!”

At the sudden bad news, the Empress’s turned bright red.
She has placed the fleets belonging to the houses of the 4 Heavenly on the outer rim because they have failed her but the Empress did not expect them to rebel.

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“W, What’s going on? EXPLAIN!”

“T, The details are still unknown! They suddenly fired at us……our troops are in a state of confusion and we’ve received no detailed report so far, Your Majesty!”

The operator that gave the report was almost crying already.
After all, she knows what kind of reaction the Empress would have if she gives such a report.


Sure enough, the Empress threw her fan to the ground in anger.
Her voice sent chills down the backs of everyone on the bridge.


Nored has an overwhelming advantage in this war.
Even if their aim is to usurp the throne, their timing just doesn’t make any sense.
Moreover, since their fleets are placed at the outer rim, they can not possibly push in to take the Empress’s head.

Although both Houses are among the most powerful noble houses in Nored, turning the whole empire into their enemy can not possibly be a good idea.
There is no reason for them to suddenly rebel against her here.
That was why the Empress was extremely confused.

“Have they gone mad!? Damn traitorous fools……! FINE, SO BE IT! THE CALENCIANS CAN WAIT! COMMENCE ASSAULT ON THE REBELS!”

The Empress gave her order in anger.
However, their vanguard has already begun engaging the enemy’s main force.
If the force in the rear suddenly started chasing a different target now then they will be isolated.
However, the enraged Empress couldn’t care less about that…….

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