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Makina who now has to face Kisei alone immediately started accelerating.
With an ax in hand, she rushed in, judging that without her subordinates’ help, she could no longer fight him from a distance.

“Good resolve!”

If she intends to fight him at close quarters then that’s fine by Kisei.
He immediately pulled out another photon saber from the chest hardpoint and accelerated toward [Lastochka].

The blade of the ax and the beam blade collided.
The [Ex-Caliburn] was pushed back a little due to the ax’s weight advantage.

Using that chance, Makina tried to slam her shield at the [Ex-Caliburn].

“Like hell that will hit!”

However, Kisei kicked off the shield’s surface and avoided the blow, and used the thruster to perform a somersault.
He then thrusts the gleaming blade of his bayonet toward the [Lastochka].


Makina blew the thruster and avoided the stab with a reverse thrust.
Kisei threw away the blaster rifle while killing the momentum from his own thrust.
At the same time, he fires his wire gun and reel in the machine gun of one of the Wibel Hounds that was floating nearby.

The moment he grabbed the rugged machine gun, its software automatically started the device installation process but Kisei manually stopped it.
Even without the control system, a striker weapon can be fired by pulling its trigger alone.
And that’s enough for Kisei who specializes in shooting manually.

“The bullets…….only 12 left huh?”

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Diaroze let out a cramped smile at the bullet count showing on the magazine.
With only this many, they can’t even shoot a barrage at the enemy.

“That’s plenty enough!”

Kisei screamed and rushed toward [Lastochka] with the machine gun in hand.
To intercept him, Makina holds up her ax and shield.

“No you don’t!”

With flashes from the muzzle, the bullets hit the ax’s handle and break it.


That’s unexpected even for Makina.
While holding back her impatience, Makina blocked the incoming photon saber with her shield.
The burning condensed particles are boiling the armor surface which is bubbling into foams.


Kisei’s attack did not finish as he kicked off and left the melee distance.
In the meantime, Makina threw away her now useless ax and pulled out the photon saber from the leg hardpoint.
The beam blade from her photon saber glows blue, contrasting the gray iron surface of her striker.

“One more time!”

While drawing a small curve, Kisei launched another assault.
This time, Makina intercepts him with her own saber.

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“Same old trick!”

Frustrated, Makina set up for a shield bash as her counterattack.
However, Kisei evaded that and shot the machine gun directly at the face of the [Lastochka].


The main camera was destroyed and the [Lastochka]’s main monitor has gone dark.
A moment later, the AI switched the input to the sub camera but by that time the [Ex-Caliburn] has already closed in.

With a machine-like growl, a stake is shooting out from his pile bunker.
The alloy stake easily pierced the front armor of [Lastochka], destroying its engine.

“We can’t even reach your feet after all huh………”

Makina let out a long sigh and weakly leaned back on her pilot seat.
She shut her eyes and tapped her cheeks several times before speaking to the wireless microphone.

“So……did we get a [pass]?”

“P, pass?”

What’s she talking about? That was the look on Kisei’s face.

“You promised right? An autograph, YOUR autograph.
You told us that the next time we meet you will give us one right.”

“Nn? Ah, AHHHHH!”

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At last, Kisei finally remembered the promise he made to them.
He has fought against the Wibel Hounds before.
At that time, they asked him for an autograph.
He couldn’t be bothered at the time so he only replied with [If we meet again then, sure.]

The memory of who or what he fought against is one thing but other than that he rarely remembers anything else that happened during combat.
That’s why he’s forgotten all about their promise until now.

“Unlike last time, I think we did our best.
Was it at least fun enough for you to give us your autograph?”

“An, An autograph, you fought that hard for AN AUTOGRAPH, are you stupid…….?”

Diaroze looked at the disabled [Lastochka] like she was looking at someone so foolish that it was beyond her comprehension.

“Hmm…….my [Wicked Star] Fanclub No.
is in the single-digit after all…….
As his fan, that reason is more than enough you know.”

“Th, There’s a fan club………?”

The person himself never knew of the existence of his own fan club so he started to break out into cold sweats.
To be frank, he never wanted to know about such a thing.
This is even more true if he has his own paparazzi.

“W, Well, if it’s just an autograph you want then I don’t really mind.”


Makina makes guts pose with a beaming smile.
On the other hand, Kisei stiffened a little and let out a small sigh.

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“By the way, it’s been on my mind for a while now………it seems there’s a strange woman riding with you in the cockpit right.
Just who is she?”

Makina asked as though she just remembered.
A striker is normally a single-seat machine.
It’s unusual for it to have someone inside its cockpit beside the pilot.


Diaroze grinned at the question.
Yes, her grin was extremely evil.

“I’m his wife.”

“Please, that’s not funny.”

Makina mockingly smiles.
However, with an awkward expression, Kisei raises his voice.

“Well, uhh…’s true.”


“Yeah, really.”

As though she just received the news of an idol’s marriage announcement, Makina silently collapsed.

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