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30 minutes after that, Kisei and the others were retrieved by the Melemheim fleet.
The fleet was being pursued by the Noredians but his striker was exhausted by the earlier battle and has to resupply so Kisei landed the [Ex-Caliburn] on the fleet’s flagship, the [Mephisto].

“It’s great that we managed to join up safely but things are going to be tough from now on huh.”

On the storage deck of the [Mephisto] where the strikers are being resupplied Diaroze, Tersis, and a middle-aged woman in a military uniform, Shiraba the commander of the Melemheim fleet are discussing their course of action.

“For the time being, our current objective is to link up with the Calencian main force.
No matter how strong we are, we would eventually be exhausted if we stay behind the enemy line like this after all.”

Says Shiraba while displaying the information on the floor beneath them using her tablet terminal.
At the moment, the Melemheim fleet is being attacked by Noredian pursuers.
They are flying at full speed but it doesn’t seem like they can shake them off.

“Even if you say that, we also have a lot of enemies at the front line…….if we just mindlessly push forward then we will be sandwiched between you know.”

Frea pointed out with a wrinkle formed between her eyebrows.
It is what it is, so it can’t be helped that she’s not using her usual carefree tone.

Pursuers behind and enemy vanguard in front.
Just as Frea said, if they just head directly toward the Calencian fleet, they will eventually get caught in a pincer attack.

“What did they send over as pursuers? Depending on that, it might be better if we turn back and take them out first.”

“It’s a high-speed assault fleet.
They have around 10 large-type cruisers on our tail.
Moreover, with the number of strikers they are throwing at us, they probably have a striker mother ship a little behind them as well.”

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They have already fended off countless attacks from enemy strikers and destroyers.
The fleet may have formed a solid formation to intercept the enemies but those in the center of that formation still can’t help but feel anxious at the enemy’s constant assaults.

“If that’s all then we should be able to take them on though…….”

Diaroze ponders their options while stroking her chin.

“But it’s also likely that we might be flanked by other enemies while we are in combat.
Turning back to fight would be a bad move huh.”

For the time being, what they should prioritize is minimizing the number of battles they have to fight as they need to avoid exhausting their ammunition and fuel.

“What about speed? This fleet is centered around battleships, our speed should be quite good isn’t it?”

“We have no problem on that side.
All 6 battleships we dispatched here are Mephisto-class, the same class as the [Prussia].
Our battleships should be fast enough to compete even against cruisers.”

“What about the 2 other ships?”

Diaroze turned a sharp gaze toward Eleanor.
Yes, the two remaining ships were dispatched from the Fafleta house, Eleanor’s home.

Eleanor was eating an energy bar (a stick-shaped biscuit type combat ration) with both hands holding it like a squirrel.
Since her name was suddenly called, she hurriedly raised her face up, the biscuits still stuffed in her cheeks.

“Ahh, Uhh……I think it will be okay.
We are using the Lonvance-class so we should be as fast as a cruiser……..we have to compromise on the firepower because of that though………”

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Her voice lowered on the latter part but both Diaroze and Shiraba heard her clearly.
It might sound a little disappointing but it’s still good to have rather than not.

“How compromised?”

“Three triple barrel 40Mw compound turrets, nine in total……”

Frea’s mouth formed into a single thin line.
The main cannon of the Calencian flagship, the [Radiant] is 4 twin-barrel 41Mw compound turrets, eight barrels in total.
Although Eleanor said that her ships have to compromise some firepower for speed, the [Radiant] is still slightly inferior in terms of firepower.


Seeing Frea like that, Diaroze grinned.

“Since a standard Noredian battleship is equipped with 46Mw class cannons and above, it would be a little difficult for us to face them head-on with those.
Still, if we consider your ships some oversized cruisers then we should be able to utilize it.”

After explaining to Frea in a small voice, Diaroze crossed her arms.
Frea is a logistic officer so she doesn’t know much about weapons.

“If our speed is equal to the [Prussia] then only the ships under the direct control of the Empress would be able to catch up with us.
I think we should be focusing on escaping here, Master.”


Exclaimed Kisei who was fidgeting with a pen in the corner of the deck.
A bunch of colored paper was held in his hand.
They were the paper Makina and her subordinates prepared for him.

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“I’m suggesting that we shouldn’t take the pursuers head-on but……Master, you are actually writing them autographs? You can just ignore them you know.”

“Well, but…….”

Kisei glanced behind him with a difficult expression.
There, the Wibel Hounds including Makina are being detained in cuffs and shackles.
They were retrieved together with Kisei and Diaroze as POWs.

Their eyes lost color and they looked like it was the end of the world.
Their attitude looks like they are completely burnt out.
It appears that not only Makina, the other of the Wibel Hounds are also fans of Kisei so they are still recovering from the news of his marriage.

“I mean, I feel bad…….”

“You are too kind, My Lord.”

Tersis, who’s been silently listening, shrugged.

“However, we should sortie soon.
Perhaps My Lord should leave such a thing for later?”

Tersis glances at the maintenance crew who are resupplying their strikers.
A simple resupply doesn’t take much time as they only need to refill their ammunition and fuels at best.
On a side note, the standard ammunition for the Calencian army is packed on their ride boosters so they are using that.

“We of the Melemheim house will take care of the POWs personally.
Since they are our lord’s acquaintance we will not treat them harshly, please rest assured.”

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Kisei shows a small smile and lowers his head.
Even though he understands that he can’t do anything for them, it still feels bad to leave them here.
The star system they are in is uninhabited so they would be stranded out here after all.

“By the way, I believe that they operate out of their own battleship.
If it’s still intact after this operation is over, I think we can send them back there.”

“……if it’s still intact huh.”

Diaroze said with a cramped expression.
She then stands up and approaches Makina and the Wibel Hounds.
It seems she’s talking to them about something.

He doesn’t know what she’s talking to them about but since it’s Diaroze, he decided to leave it to her and turned to Shiraba.

“So, ………what’s next for me?”

“For the time being, we have to intercept our pursuers.
If we meet more enemies on our path, you will have to crush them…….that should be it.”

Shiraba said with a serious face and made a mischievous smile.

“That’s quite a bold strategy but we have a lot of jokers on our side.
I’m sure it will work out.”

It was a strategy that ignored Frea’s fear but at the moment, they have no better plan.
Frea shrugged at it while Kisei fiercely grinned at the suggested strategy.

“Alright, leave it to me.”

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