The Space Carriers Menace

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Around the time Kisei was picked up by the Melemheim fleet, the Calencian main force was engaging the enemy vanguard fleet.

“New enemy ships spotted 45 degrees ahead! The report said that it’s a group of destroyers centering around a space carrier.
Their number is 20, distance 280.”


Schleer growls with a cold sweat while leaning back in her seat.
Aside from the newly arrived enemies, their fleet is being surrounded on all sides.
Most of them are space carriers being guarded by destroyers and small-sized cruisers.

Although their ships do not possess much firepower, they are loaded with anti-ship armaments such as grenade launchers and missiles.
If such a thing hit them directly, even a battleship would suffer considerable damage.
In other words, the Calencians can not let their guard down here.

“We can’t afford to stay this close to the enemy anymore.
Bring us out of their range!”

Using a wireless radio, Schleer relayed her order to the captains of each of her ships.
On the outer edge of the formation, many of the strikers deployed from the enemy space carriers are already engaging their escort strikers.
If the enemy deploys even more strikers than this then they will eventually get overwhelmed and their formation would crumble.

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“Set target to No.37 destroyer.
Ready the main turrets!”

By the captain’s order, the main turrets of the [Radiant] rotated with a dull noise and took aim at the enemy destroyer.
Naturally, the rest of their battleships followed suit.

“Ready to fire.”

“Commence fire!”

Extra thick beams were fired from the huge barrels peculiar to a battleship’s turret.
Although the beams of light flew directly toward the target, the enemy is using a small ship that can make tight turns.
It simply rotated and skillfully evaded the barrage.

“Don’t panic, aim correction!”

It was a long-range bombardment that was barely within their effective range so they didn’t expect the first shot to hit.
After confirming the capability of the enemy ship, they adjusted their aim and immediately fired a second salvo.
The armor plate of the Noredian destroyer that was hit by the charged particles glows red and its AA turrets start to pop off like popcorn.

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It didn’t sink but this much damage is plenty enough for a long-range bombardment.
Cheers erupt on the bridge which was in a cloudy mood due to their battle situation.
After all, if they keep adjusting their aim, they will eventually deal significant damage to the enemy ships.

“Enemy strikers approaching! Distance 20, point 300, 15 degrees above!”


Schleer hurriedly looks in the reported direction.
A group of strikers is beelining toward them with blue fiery trails behind their back.
The cruisers and destroyers deployed around the [Radiant] are actively firing at them with their AA turrets but they’re already too close.

The [Claymores] that were stationed here to escort them headed off to intercept but the Noredian strikers simply overnumbered them.
With the enemies firing their blaster rifles toward them as they approached, the [Claymores] could only shoot back at them from a distance.

“Shoot them down!”

Without waiting for the Captain’s order, the AA turrets have already begun firing beams toward the incoming enemies.
Naturally, the battleships positioned around the [Radiant] such as the [Prussia] also started firing.

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The barrage of beams from 10 battleships is extremely fierce but the enemies wouldn’t come out here in the first place if they are afraid of such a thing.
While skillfully avoiding the beams, the Noredian striker corps head directly toward its target.


At that prompt, the autocannons started firing at the enemies.
A dense barrage fired from multi-barrels cannons raced toward the [Jettas’] formation.

One [Jetta] was caught by the storm of shells and its limbs were blown off and exploded.
Another [Jetta] that managed to get out of the way was caught by a shot from the AA turrets and destroyed.


However, the Calencians couldn’t get off scot-free either.
The [Jettas] that bravely charged at them and managed to get close and took aim at the [Radiant] with their anti-ship grenade launcher.
A large missile was fired and headed straight to the [Radiant]’s chalk-white hull.
The autocannons tried to shoot it down but it was fired from a very close distance and was impossible to intercept.

The HE warhead detonated, sending a huge vibration throughout the entire ship.
That shot didn’t manage to tilt the ship itself but Schleer still frowned at the unpleasant sensation.

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“Damage report!”

“AA turret No.4 is down! It seems that the nearby turrets were also damaged by the explosion but we still did not receive a detailed report, Ma’am.”

“That’s not significant damage.
Do not panic.
Continue intercepting the enemies.”

Said Schleer but inside, she was not calm.
It’s highly difficult to sink a battleship with striker’s anti-ship armaments but if they destroy the weaker points of their ships such as their auxiliary armaments then their combat power will suffer in the long run.

If their firepower at medium and short ranges decreased then it would be extremely difficult for them to fend off the enemy destroyers which pack high firepower incomparable to the weapons these strikers are carrying.
Even a battleship wouldn’t be able to take on such a thing directly.

“Enemy strikers are circling around! They are coming back!”

An operator reported in a pathetic voice.
Then, another vibration shook the [Radiant].
This time a bead of cold sweat trails down Schleer’s cheek.
The [Radiant] is in danger.

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