Intense Battle at the Radiant

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The Calencians are gradually shooting down the attacking Noredian strikers with their AA turrets but they still keep their assault going.

Feeling the 5th impact from the explosion on her ship, Schleer couldn’t help but moan bitterly.

“As expected, we are their main target after all………!”

Compared to the Noredian ships they added to their ranks like the [Prussia] and the [Odervansen] the [Radiant] is just an old-fashioned ship that would look like an easy target for the enemy.

That said, they could not afford to switch their flagship to the [Odervansen] since its operating crew still hasn’t been proficient enough.
On the other hand, the [Prussia] is Valentina’s ship, the fact that it’s being operated by former Noredians soldiers made it out of the question for a Calencian flagship.
That’s why they had already predicted that the [Radiant] will be the enemy’s main target.

“The enemy………..they have many destroyers and small-type cruisers.
It would be difficult to shake them off even if we retreated at full speed huh.”

Looking at the tactical map on the monitor, Schleer taps her cheek with her index finger.

“But if we prolong this battle, it will surely get worse once the enemy reinforcements arrive.”

“This is not the time for us to go on an offensive, what we should focus on is our defense.
I suggest we pull out troops back from the front line and form a defensive line here.”

Schleer’s staff, Solana proposed.
She points to the troop placement displayed on the map before continuing.

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“We can withdraw the 5th fleet deployed in E-field and merge it with ours.
The 5th fleet is centered around our space carriers after all……….I believe they would be a big help in fending off the enemy strikers.”


Solana’s proposal makes sense and Schleer ponders on it while glancing at her watch.
Not much time has passed since the battle here began.
The core goal of this operation is to buy time before they lure the enemy to their defensive line on the planet.

Certainly preserving themselves here is important but considering the future stages of their plan, it would not be wise to move their front line at this time.
If they lose this war, it could spell the end of Calencia.
That’s why even if it’s a little risky, Schleer decided to hold this place with what they have now.

“No, if the E-field collapses more enemies will flood into this area.
Even if we gain a temporary advantage over the enemy vanguard, we will lose in the long run since the enemy has a number advantage.”

“That’s……..yes, it is as you said.”

“Anyway, we have to—-……”

“Explosion confirmed on the AA cruiser [Genge]! Communication lost!”

Schleer hurriedly turned her gaze toward the direction of the [Genge] at the screaming operator’s report.
On the large monitor, which is displaying the image outside the ship using their external camera, a fiery explosion erupted on a battered cruiser.

Because they are in space, there was neither sound nor shockwaves.
However, from what Schleer can see, the cruiser suffered fatal damage.
Zooming in, she spotted that its propulsion engine had already gone silent.
Meanwhile, the Noredian destroyers nearby kept bombarding it with their turrets.

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This is bad.
Schleer almost clicked her tongue out loud.
[Genge] is a cruiser that played a vital part in their defensive formation.
With it gone, a large number of Noredian destroyers flood into the opening where the [Genge] has fallen.

“Main turrets cease fire! Change aim to enemy destroyer No.11! Hurry up!”

Their main turrets which were bombarding the enemy from afar now have to turn toward the approaching horde of destroyers.

“Change firing mode to alternate fire! Take it down with one shot!”

“Roger that.
Aiming completed, ready to fire.”


The 41cm cannons are the main turret of the [Radiant] roar.
They’ve changed the firing mode to alternate fire which fires only one of the twin barrels.
They fired only a few shots but perhaps due to how close they already are, their first volley accurately hit their target.

The Noredian destroyer which was hit directly by a battleship’s main turrets had its crimson armor plate pierced and exploded.
The firepower was clearly overkilling but the crew of the [Radiant] can not celebrate yet.

“Next! Set target to cruiser No.3!”

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The turrets moved slightly to adjust their aim and barked again.
The cruiser pops off like a cola can hit by several magnum rounds.
However, there are still a large number of enemies remaining.
And their main turrets need a frustratingly long to reload.

“Switch to AP rounds.”

While hiding her impatience, the gunnery chief ordered.
Enemy strikers still kept up their attack so they could not divert their autocannons to attack the enemy destroyers.
After all, if they neglect their AA effort, the enemy strikers will bombard them with their anti-ship grenade launcher instead.

“Where are our escort strikes? Tell them to hurry up and cover us!”

Of course, they have deployed strikers to escort the main fleet but it seems they already have their hands full dealing with the enemy strikers.
Regardless of the overall fleet, it seems that Nored even has the striker number advantage.

Seeing that Schleer grit her teeth.

“Fire control radar alert from the enemy destroyers! We’re within their main turrets’ range, ma’am.”

“Hard turn! Don’t let them take aim at us!”


The ship started to make a sharp turn and the crew felt a slight G on their bodies.
A brief moment after, the enemy ships fired their main turrets.
Most of the crimson beams went off target and flew past their ship but some still hit the [Radiant] and the [Prussia].

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However, they are only small-caliber turrets.
Even a direct hit can not penetrate their armor.
However, they can still inflict damage to their unarmored parts.

“Third navigation radar damaged!”

“It’s not our fire control radar! Don’t worry about it!”

When the captain barked another order, the ships fired another volley.
Their AP rounds easily pierced the destroyers’ armor, causing explosions inside their ships.
Unable to withstand the pressure, the destroyers swell up like a gas cylinder thrown into the fire and instantly explode.

Naturally, other battleships also fired their volley to intercept the enemies and many destroyers were shot down in an instant.
However, the enemy space carriers are still unscathed.


Along with Schleer’s moan, an enemy destroyer prepared to fire missiles from its turret-type 635mm triple barrels grenade launcher.
Such a thing can be easily intercepted at a long distance but the enemy is already too close.

Sweat ran down Schleer’s back.
Even if they can intercept this one, there are still many more enemies.
Their main turrets alone can not handle this number.
It was when she thought that the situation is turning for the worst—–


That thick beam was fired from a distance and pierced the bridge of the destroyer that was about to launch its missile toward them.

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