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A sigh leaked from Liren inside the cockpit of her beloved Zenith, the [Pryceta].
After confirming that the first destroyer was down, she shifted her aim to another ship.
Then, a high-power beam emitted from the giant sniper blaster cannon held by her purple striker immediately took down another target.

“Liren-san! Why are you here!?”

After she saw what happened, Schleer immediately guessed the identity of the sniper and shouted into the radio.

“W, we do appreciate your help but I thought I stationed you on the surface…….”

“I was free.”

Liren’s reply was extremely simple.
Certainly, although the battle in space is very intense, the Noredians have yet to descend on Galea-E.
It appears that Liren couldn’t bear the boredom and came out to help.

Despite the fact that she can punish her for taking an arbitrary action, it is hard to complain when Liren just saved them during a crisis.
Schleer sighed and held her head.

Meanwhile, Liren sinks the enemy destroyer one after another.
Moreover, as the [Pryceta]’s blaster cannon has a longer range than a destroyer’s main turret she received no counterattack from the enemy.

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“T, Thank you……… but your role is extremely important to our plan.
Once you are done, please go back to your position as soon as possible.”

“That’s…..not fun.
And this seems like it’s going to end soon too………”

“Of course! I will finish this in no time so just go back to your station [DESU]!”

It was not Liren alone.
Nora also deployed in her [Zarava] and started attacking the enemy destroyers.
The enemies turned their autocannons to intercept her but she was completely unfazed.

She skillfully evade their shots and kept firing her magnums into their propulsion engine.
The firepower is a little lacking but it’s still enough to disable the destroyer-class ships.
With bright red flame erupted from their thruster, an enemy destroyer was rendered unnavigable.

“I’m plenty of a reinforcement by myself [DESU]!”

Nora immediately headed to her next target but perhaps she neglected to listen to her order properly, the dummy exterior that was installed to disguise the [Zarava] was already purged.


Liren’s mouth cutely pouted but their enemy’s reaction didn’t end with that.
After all, their formation was greatly disturbed by the surprise attack from an ace they recognized.

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“Th, that……., isn’t that the [Zarava]!? So it’s true that the 4 Heavenly have betrayed the Empire!?”

“Ugh, Intercept her! Don’t let her get any closer!”

Nora ferociously attacks the enemy ships while avoiding their barrages of shells.
Just like that, she sank 3 consecutive ships.

Furthermore, using the chaos Nora created, the Calencian battleships also fired their main turrets toward the confused enemies.
With the effort from Nora, Liren, and the Calencian battleships combined, many of the enemy destroyers that were giving them such a hard time are gradually getting incapacitated.

“There’s no point hitting them with our missiles like this! Retreat!”

The commander of the striker unit that had been harassing the [Radiant] instructed her subordinates in a bitter voice and all Noredian strikers started to take distance away from the [Radiant].

“We need to adjust our position.
Nora-san, please go engage the enemy unit on the edge of our formation!”

Clearing her throat, Schleer gave Nora an order.

The enemy destroyers could get this close because their escort fleets were attacked from all directions and their formation was disrupted.
With the support from the [Zarava] which boasts high firepower and mobility, they should be able to earn time to adjust their formation.

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“Ehhh? How boring [DESU]………”

Nora, who was trying to chase after the withdrawing enemy retreating space carriers, reluctantly agreed.

“Rather, where are Kisei-SAN and the others? Isn’t it about time for them to come back [DESUKA]?”


Upon hearing Kisei’s name, Liren made a strange noise.
She suddenly seemed nervous and turned back to the surface of Galea-E.
It seems she isn’t ready to meet Kisei yet.
Seeing her like that, Schleer let out a bitter smile.

“I can’t say.
Our communication to that side is down due to the enemy’s jamming,…….”

At that time, the communication operator suddenly shouted a report in a joyful voice.

“Incoming report from the frontline! They received messages that the Melemheim and Falfeta fleets had successfully separated from the enemy fleet.
They’re currently making their way to us through the L-field.”

“If they’re already at the L-field then they should be here soon [DESUNE].”

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Said Nora as she fired her thruster.

“Maybe we didn’t need to come out here in the first place [DESUKA]?”

“No, that was truly a close call.
I’m thankful for your help.”

The place where the Melemheim fleet is is not far from the main fleet but it’s still behind the enemy line.
With the main fleet under fire, it would be hard for them to join up.

But thanks to Nora and Liren, they managed to create a breathing room.

Schleer finally let out a sigh of relief.

“When this war is over I will give you two plenty of medals.
Please look forward to it.”

“I don’t really care about medals.
If you want to reward me, give me money instead [DESU]…….”

Nora protested with a slightly pouty face.

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