Breaking Through

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Certainly, the group of destroyers ended up making Kisei and the others reluctantly give up their battle in the rear but from their perspective, Kisei’s arrival is also a disaster.
After all, a whole enemy fleet just appeared behind them while they were engaging the Calencian main force in the front.

“T, Those ships, they are not on our side!?”

“So the report that the Melemheim fleet has defected is true!?”

With their ships and strikers being mercilessly fired upon by the Melemheim fleet, the Noredian vanguard fleet was plunged into great confusion.
Since they were firing at them from long range, there was no direct hit but it does affect their morale due to the sudden pincer attack.
Moreover, none of their ships are equipped to fight against battleships at this range.

“Hurry up and retreat will you!”

The Noredian fleet that’s trying to escape is also being attacked by Kisei and the others.
Confused, the fleet couldn’t form an organized counterattack.
All they can do is direct the meager firepower of their destroyer’s main turrets and AA weaponry at the [Ex-Caliburn] but that is not nearly enough to stop Kisei’s advance.

Unable to intercept his attack, the destroyer received a blow to its propulsion engine and aimlessly flew away while spewing black smoke from its stern.
A large ship with thick armor is one thing but a destroyer with low defensive power can be taken down by a striker’s firepower with no problem.

“Don’t let those Zeniths get close to the ships!”

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The captain of the escort striker unit led the charge to prevent Kisei from causing further damage to the fleet.
However, they understand well how unreasonable it is to face a Zenith with their mass-produced machines.
Even if they try to counterattack, Kisei would just disengage and all they can do is delay the inevitable.

“Only at this level huh!”

Tersis rushed toward a [Jetta] that’s firing blindly at them with her longsword.
Naturally, the acceleration power of the [Van Wolf] which was designed to be a close quarter specialist won’t allow a mere [Jetta] to escape its charge.

“U, Uwawa!?”

All the [Jetta]’s pilot could do was point the rifle’s muzzle at the [Van Wolf] with a scream.
However, even faster than the pilot could pull the trigger, Tersis’s sword that was specially forged for her use has already cut through the [Jetta]’s armor like wet paper.

“Kugh! Lady [Heavenly Blade]! Why did you betray us!”

In a bitter tone, a pilot of a nearby [Vil] questioned Tersis.
The 4 Heavenly are heroes of the Nore Empire.
The fact that they are now turning their blade toward them, soldiers of the Imperial army, is simply something that they do not want to accept as reality.

“For Love!”

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The moment she replied, Tersis fully accelerated.
Seeing the vermillion striker rushing toward her [Vil] like a cannonball, the pilot’s face immediately stiffened.


In the desert naught of man that is the army, the topic of boyfriend is forbidden.
The pilot instantly got enraged.
She forgot that she was addressing the [Heavenly Blade] herself and unsheathed a photon saber to intercept the [Van Wolf]’s charge.

“That’s right!”

With not a shred of guilt, Tersis replied.
At the same time, she swung her sword down on the [Vil] who managed to catch it with its photon saber.
However, while losing its balance from the impact of the blow, the [Vil] received a kick to its abdomen.


The [Vil] fired its thruster and regained its balance but that was all it could do.
Tersis’s longsword sharply pierced the abdomen of the crimson striker.
Then, Tersis pulled the sword back out while kicking away the now disabled striker.


The pilot let out a pitiful scream while hydraulic oil continued to spill out from the wound on her striker’s abdomen.
And her scream gave Tersis a triumphant smile.

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“Hmph, sorry about that…….”

“You actually don’t feel sorry at all right! Tersis-sama!!!”

However, the retort that immediately followed made Tersis frown.
And that retort came from none other than Eleanor.

“It’s in bad taste to add insult to injury you know!”

“You just did the exact same thing though……..”

Diaroze shrugged while bitterly smiling at the pitiful cry that can be heard from the open channel.

“But judging from how weak their resistance is here, …….our allies must be close huh.”

Beyond her line of sight were the enemy destroyers trying to escape the bombardment from the Melemheim fleet.
At first glance, it may look pathetic but it would be more natural to think that they ended up in this state because the Melemheim fleet just showed up behind them while they were focusing on the enemy to their front.

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Even an elite crew would panic if they got attacked from a direction they didn’t expect after all.
That said, such a confused state is only temporary.
They need to break through this place before the enemies regain their composure.

“I don’t see any report about any more enemy cruisers being sunk after we left.
I don’t think they can catch up to us yet but……….it would be bad if we take too much time here.”

Diarzoe growls while stroking her chin.
She chose to maintain the position as a tactical adviser but her way of thinking is still that of the commander.

“Master, we should prioritize the destroyers here.
The strikers they have here only wield anti-striker weaponry.
It seems they’ve already dispatched their anti-ship squadrons somewhere else.
They probably won’t post any threat to our battleships.”

Ignoring the enemy strikers and forcibly breakthrough.
That’s the plan she decided to go with.

“Leave it to me!”

With a grin, Kisei accelerated.
The nozzles on the back of [Ex-Caliburn] spit out blue flames and pushed the striker forward with tremendous force.
His target is the destroyer that’s currently firing its main turrets at Tersis and the others.

Seeing his approach, the destroyer hurriedly pointed its turrets at the [Ex-Caliburn] but Kisei was unfazed.
In less than a minute, an anti-ship missile was fired into its propulsion engine, turning it into a chunk of iron that can no longer navigate on its own.
And without sparing them a look, Kisei moved on to his next target.

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