The Long Awaited Union

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The Noredian vanguard fleet is currently being sandwiched with enemies on two fronts.
In such a situation, it’s unlikely that they will be able to put up a proper fight.
Judging so, the fleet commander has issued a retreat order.

“We finally arrived……..
thank goodness.”

In front of the familiar chalk-white battlecruiser, Kisei let out a deep sigh of relief.
It took him 30 minutes to clear out the Noredian strikers and destroyers but now they finally managed to link up with the Calencian main force.

“Good work, Kisei.”

Schleer’s voice could be heard through the comm channel.
She sounded terribly relieved that the first stage of their plan went well.
Also, he could feel the tiredness in her voice.

“Now we should have enough strength to handle the Noredian army head-on.”

The number of battleships in the merged fleet is 18.
Moreover, each battleship is accompanied by auxiliary ships of various classes.
Considering the combat power of each individual ship, their army is now stronger than it ever was before the war.
Although most of these ships came from their former enemies, Schleer can’t help but feel moved thinking about how Calencia was one-sidedly beaten before.

“But if we fight them head-on we will still lose in the end.
Even with this number, we still can’t afford to be reckless, Ma’am.”

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Solana cautioned her.
Although they now stand a better chance due to their bolstered number, it is still not enough to win against the full might of Nored in a direct fight.
Even if they can keep it an even fight for a while, they will eventually get surrounded and defeated in the end.


While listening to Schleer’s and Solana’s conversation, Diaroze put up a tactical map on the console monitor.
The enemies in the area have already withdrawn but it seems that the ships that were in pursuit of the Melemheim fleet are still yet to give up.

They were held back by the Melemheim’s striker corps but it is unknown when they will breach through.
Slapping her cheeks, Diaroze stretched her body while the tight pilot suit emphasized her enormous breasts and bodyline.

“Nnnn! ……..Fumu, it might be better for us to hit them back once huh.”


Although Solana looked like she also had her opinion about their situation, she did not interrupt Diaroze.
After all, she’s aware that Diaroze is an extraordinary strategist.

“They must have dispatched their fastest ships to pursue the Melemheim fleet.
If that’s the case then we should crush their fast-moving ships before their slow ones arrive.
In other words, we should destroy them while they are isolated.”

“I see.”

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On the [Radiant], Schleer folded her arms and considered Diaroze’s plan.

“But what would we do if there are enemies that we can’t take down during that time? Once we start exchanging fires, the enemies wouldn’t withdraw so easily you know.”

“That’s also true.
But the enemy won’t be throwing everything they have at us immediately.
We have all 4 Heavenly here, not to mention Master as well.
We are at the advantage in terms of ability and morale.
As long as we have those, we should be able to manage a few disadvantages.”

“Why do you think that the enemy won’t just throw everything at us?”

Focused attack is one of the basic battle tactics.
The enemy has no reason to let go of their number advantage so easily.
Thinking so, Solana asked while cocking her head.

“Unless her safety can be guaranteed, the Empress herself won’t be coming out to the frontline herself.
To add to that, her elite troops will have to stay back to escort her.
That’s why they will probably send the noble army our way.”


Being the Empress’s actual daughter, she should be someone who’s most familiar with her personality.
However, they have a lot to lose if this plan doesn’t go well.
Because it’s not an easy decision, Schleer decides to seek some advice.

“Valentina, what do you think?”

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A little surprised voice returned from Valentina on board the [Prussia].
It seems Valentina herself did not expect to be asked an opinion.
Unlike Diaroze who fed them suggestion after suggestion even when she was not asked, Valentina’s not very active when it comes to the planning process.

“Mother……no, it’s true that the Empress is a very cautious person.
What she’s fearing the most is being at the center of the attack.
This woman might be shameless but she wouldn’t propose a plan with no chance of winning………I think.”

“Fumu……..thank you.”

With her arm still folded, Schleer kept pondering on it.
The staff around her silently waited for her next words.

“…….in case the enemy sends their main force here, what will we do?’

“Well, that’s simple.”

Diaroze replied with a terrible amount of confidence.

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“If that happens then we can just go take the Empress’s head.
Be it on her battleship or her striker, Master can easily take her out.
After all, the moment she showed up is the moment her fate is sealed.”


Recalling how Diaroze did everything to not confront Kisei directly, Schleer was convinced.
If the Empress is defeated by Kisei in single combat then the morale of their entire army would plummet to the point that they would no longer be able to fight.

Most of the aristocrats only pledge their loyalty to the Empress’s might.
If said might is no longer all-powerful, it wouldn’t be strange for the Vuld aristocrats to rebel.

“Besides, in the worst case, we still have that BOMB.
I don’t really want to use them here but……..if push comes to shove we will have to use it.
It should deal a big enough blow for them to retreat after all.”

“Th, that huh……”

Valentina growls in a clearly embarrassed tone.
On the other hand, Schleer’s face stiffened.
It’s that messed up after all.

“Very well.
We will go with that plan.
All ships full speed forward!”

Since they already have a plan, all that is left is to swiftly execute it.
They need to avoid the enemy’s fast and slow ships to join up so Schleer immediately issued her order.

“Set target to H-field.
We will meet the enemy there!”

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