Warrior’s respite

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It’s time for a counterattack but a pilot’s endurance still has its limit.
Kisei and the others have been out fighting for some time already to pave the path for the Melemheim fleet.
Considering that this is going to be a long battle, Kisei who’s the trump card of Calencia, can not be allowed to exhaust himself too early.


Because of that, Kisei and the others were sent to a space carrier stationed in the rear while the [Radiant] and other battleships are dealing with the enemy at the front.
It’s Schleer’s intention to have Kisei rest in a relatively safe place.

However, Kisei pouted and kept groaning at her consideration.
He still can and wants to keep fighting.
He’s currently resting in a pilot waiting room.
It has old sofas lined up inside, a large monitor with no power, and a poster of a half-naked boy on the wall.

“You can’t go making that kind of face you know.
A trump card will only be the most effective if you use it at the right timing after all.
There’s no need for Master to personally deal with some cruisers in the first place.”

With a bitter smile, Diaroze sits next to him while stroking his hair.
The old springs inside the sofa made a creaking noise at her weight.

“Resting is also a knight’s job you know.”

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Said Eleanor with a sleepy voice as she lay down on a sofa.
Tersis and Saki are also here as all of the Zenith pilots who were escorting the Melemheim fleet were sent here to rest.
Incidentally, the other pilots from the Melemheim fleet are resting inside another room on this same ship.

“…….Still, this room is terrible isn’t it.
To think that they would make me use such an uncomfortable sofa as a bed.”

Like the one Kisei and Diaroze are sitting on, her sofa is also very worn after many years of use.
It’s obviously unsuitable for an aristocrat like her.
Even so, they have no choice in the matter.

A space carrier is a simple warship, it’s basically a rocket engine and a bridge hulling a gigantic container.
It’s a type of ship that you use to transport commoner soldiers.
That’s why there’s no luxurious room for a high-born aristocrat on board.
However, this was the only ship that they can use to rest.

“Heh, to whine at something like this, you’re still green huh.”

On the other hand, Saki, who is of a commoner origin, is very calm.
She just sits down crossed-legs on the floor while taking a bite of synthetic meat jerky.

“She’s an aristocrat too right? How about you learn from her a little?”

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In the direction Saki points to was Tersis who’s leaning on the wall while sleeping soundly.
With her strong self-discipline, she fell asleep in an instant without complaining when she was told to rest.
In a sense, she might have the ideal personality of a warrior.

“I can put up with an uncomfortable bed but at least I want a pillow! Kisei! Please let me rest on your lap!”

“There’s no way we’re going to let you do that right.”

Kisei was suddenly brought into the conversation but before he could say anything, Diaroze refused on his behalf.
Moreover, she’s also waving her hand like she’s shooing away a stray dog.

“If Master lets you rest on his laps then Master won’t be able to rest himself right…………Umu, but a lap pillow is also a nice idea huh.”

As though an idea just came to her, Diaroze grinned and tapped on her knees.

“A nap would be a good way to get some rest for the next battle so as your personal slave, I have the duty to provide Master with a good sleeping condition.

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“Honestly, I don’t really feel like sleeping though………can’t I just go back to the [Ex-Caliburn]?”

Still dissatisfied, Kisei grumbled.
He’s unrivaled as a pilot but if the ship he’s resting on is sunk then he can’t do anything.
That’s why it’s his style to rest in the cockpit so that he can sortie at any time.
However, this time he was forcibly brought here by Diaroze and the others……..

“If Master stayed connected to the I-con system then you won’t be able to relax right.
This is not the time to be selfish you know.”

Although the area around this ship is rather peaceful, a large-scale battle between two gigantic fleets is just nearby.
Naturally, there will be a large number of casualties on both sides.
Since she knows that the thought of death has a negative effect on Kisei, Diaroze wants to keep him disconnected from the I-con as much as possible.

“Come, come, hurry up and lay down.”

Diaroze urges him while tapping her knees.
Admitting defeat, Kisei puts his head on her lap and lies on the sofa.
As Eleanor said, the sofa was rather uncomfortable.


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Diaroze gently leaned forward with a sweet smile and placed her plump breasts on Kisei’s face.
Kisei yelped in surprise as the soft and heavy feel of her breasts was too stimulating for his tired body.

“……….what are you doing?”

Eleanor asked in a terrifyingly cold voice while Saki silently glared at her.

“It’s just a simple skinship though?”

“That would just put unnecessary weight on him right.
Take those lumps off his face.”

“What, Master does enjoy my breasts you know.
They will be good for stress relief.”

With a triumphant look, Diaroze snickers.
Saki and Eleanor kept glaring at her but they didn’t physically peel her off Kisei as they want to preserve their stamina for the battle.
In the end, Diaroze’s [Skinship] lasted until the end of their break.

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