rticle bullets but……….”

While checking her watch, Schleer strokes her chin.
It is still too early for them to withdraw to Galea-E.

It seems like she will have to do her best here for a while longer.

When she thought so, she felt even more fatigued.
She wants to just drag Kisei to bed right now and sleep for 12 hours straight with him in her arms.
Still, she didn’t voice her desire out loud.

“Incoming report from our recon unit! Enemy battleships were spotted in the L field.
30 ships confirmed!”

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However, her delusion was interrupted by the operator’s tense voice.
When more than 30 enemy battleships are spotted, it probably can’t be helped for the operator to panic like that.
After all, if 30 battleships fired at them from the front, even their main fleet would be evaporated in the blink of an eye.

“There are a lot of them.
Perhaps the cruisers here are only buying time for their battleships to arrive?”

Solana groaned.
In the middle of the battle, the enemy cruisers here suddenly opted for a passive tactic.
The frequency of their reinforcements also decreased.
It appears that the enemy is also switching tactics.

“But, the L field is it………it would take another 30 minutes for them to get here huh.

Schleer thinks of a countermeasure while looking at the tactical map.
Judging from the number of their battleships, it must be the Noredian main force.
From the report, there should be more though………no, perhaps the Empress and her guards are still in the rear.

“Withdraw the fleet to D field, maintain fire on the enemy cruisers.
After we buy enough time we will descend to the surface.”

The place they designated as the D field is in the low orbit of Galea-E.
They can quickly descend to the surface if the need arises.
In the worst-case scenario, they can also expect fire support from the surface so it’s a good place for them to conclude the first phase of the battle.

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At Schleer’s command, all ships turned back and fired their thrusters.
Without missing that chance, the enemy cruisers who were taking their distance immediately chased after them.

The rear guns of the [Radiant] began firing at the enemy ships to keep them away.

“Use alternate fire to save our ammunition.
Even a large cruiser can be sunk with a well-placed AP round.”

It’s pretty dangerous to approach a battleship in space but large cruisers including an old-fashioned one like the [Radiant] still have high firepower.
At worst, they might even take advantage of their speed and block their path.
Moreover, the Calencian side also wanted to save their particle bullets for the enemy battleships.

“Contact Kisei and the others, tell them to be ready to sortie at any time.”

Calencia has an overwhelmingly inferior number of battleships.
If they want to buy time, they will have to resort to their trump card again.
While apologizing to Kisei in her heart, Schleer gave her order.

This battle will probably be the climax of the first phase.
Thinking so, Schleer slapped her cheeks to fire herself up.

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