Battleships and Strikers 1

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Kisei and the others fly through the volcanic-eruption-like gunfire from the enemy AA turrets.
The defensive formation the enemy deployed to defend their battleships is very strong and even skilled pilots could be shot down in less than 10 seconds.

“Alright……this is getting exciting!”

In order to sew through the gap between the AA fire, one needs monster-like reflexes, swift judgment, and precise control of their striker.
Even someone as confident as Valentina is sweating cold as she maneuvers her control stick.
If she let up for even a moment, she was sure that her striker would be turned into swiss cheese.

“Kukuku, if you’re that scared then you can stay back you know.
Even I would lose some sleep if my sister dies after all.
No need to push yourself.”

Diaroze’s tone was a teasing one.
Her words were provocative but there was also some sincerity in them.
That said, since she’s sitting back and letting Kisei do all the work here, the other party just couldn’t take her seriously at all……..

“Hmph, I really don’t want to hear that from a literal dead weight though.
If you hop off, his striker would probably be 100 kilos lighter don’t you think?”

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“I’m not that heavy!!”

Diaroze turned moody.
She was gaining weight recently because she didn’t move around much.
Even for Vulds, weight is still a sensitive topic.

While smiling bitterly at the silly sisterly exchange that seems so out of place on a battlefield, Kisei shot his mega blaster rifle at the bridge of an enemy battleship.
The radar dish was exposed to the heat from charged particles and exploded.

“Our Fire Control Radar is down, ma’am!”

“What are you doing! This amount of enemies, just shoots them down quickly!”

Agonizing cries rose from the battleship.
Still, since their gigantic fleet of battleships is being toyed with by such a small number of enemies that they normally can get rid of in no time, it is unavoidable for the commander to get frustrated at their lack of progress.

“Our Optical Rangefinder was also destroyed! We can no longer aim our main turrets, Ma’am!”

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“Damn it all……!”

Kisei and his comrades are also targeting the huge laser rangefinder installed on top of the bridge so they have no way to measure the exact distance between themselves and the enemy ships.
With that being the case, long-range shooting is impossible.
The less powerful mini rangefinders that came with each of the main turrets are also useless.

“Just shoot those strikers down for the time being! If we let them go back unscathed then Her Majesty’s wrath will be upon us!!”

Various AA turrets spewed out beams and shells in response to the fleet commander’s order but Kisei skillfully took a sharp turn with his striker and avoided them all.
It was a splendid maneuver.

“Kisei-san, please don’t overdo it.”

Schleer pleaded in a worried voice.
She still remembers how he was hospitalized back in Leboir when he was exposed to a heavy G which damaged his lungs.
It was Schleer herself who proposed this operation so it’s natural that she would feel responsible.

“It will be fine.
If it’s this striker then I can keep going!”

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Kisei grinned and replied.
The striker he used back at Leboir was [Caliburn-Revive] but this time he’s using its evolved form, [Ex-Caliburn].
And the difference it made is huge.

“The inertial control installed in [Ex-Caliburn] was the same one I had on my [Zentis].
It’s a world apart from some outdated bumpkin Zenith so don’t worry about it.”

“I don’t know if I should feel relieved or angry here but…..we will, SEE!”

With the last part of her words, Schleer fired the blaster cannon on the [Mistilteinn]’s shoulder.
Her target is another battleship.

Her aim was true and the thick beam completely destroyed its radar dish.
A myriad of AA turrets fired back at her instantly after and the [Mistilteinn] got some scratches on its armor but with its heavy armor, such scratches didn’t even faze Schleer.

“Hah, even a bumpkin Zenith can fight with a decent pilot in it!”

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“So you’re not gonna deny the bumpkin part huh……..”

Diaroze exasperatedly shrugs.
Almost at the same time, an alarm sounded inside the cockpit of [Ex-Caliburn].

[[Enemy Craft Incoming, Enemy Craft Incoming]]

The AI reported in a dry voice.
However, even before that, Kisei was already turned to intercept them.
He turned the mega blaster rifle’s huge muzzle toward the approaching [Jetta].

“Ah, let me take care of it!”

However, the [Colebrand]’s spear has pierced the [Jetta]’s abdomen before he could pull the trigger.
With a kick to its crimson armor, Valentina kicked the first one away and used the blaster gun attached to the base of her spear to take down the second one.


Her words before the operation gained creditablity as she truly seemed like she had familiarized herself with her new striker.
If so then it would be okay to leave his back to her.
Convinced, Kisei nodded to himself.

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