Noblesse Oblige

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Kisei sighed inside the cockpit of the [Caliburn-Revive].
It was 3 minutes after his initial assault on the battleship that he rendered it immobile by repeatedly hitting its propulsion engine with all anti-ship missiles he brought.

However, since the main engine and guns are still operable, they can still dish out heavy firepower.
It would be hard to say that he took it down but at least it should no longer be able to participate in further battles.
This result should be sufficient for the time being.

“You seriously went and did it huh.
It wouldn’t be strange if they give you a medal for this you know?”

Saki laughs as she evades the enemy’s fires which are still continuously pouring toward her.
While Kisei was busy taking out the battleship, it appears that she also took down multiple strikers herself.

“I’ve never heard of a pilot who took down a battleship alone you know, seriously!”

“Alone? We did it together right!”

While leaving the battleship which is spewing out black smoke behind, Kisei replied.
Although he has taken out one of the battleships, the enemy still has 3 battleships and many other escort vessels.
The high-power particle cannons they are shooting are lighting up the blackness of space like an aurora.
It’s an aurora of death that you would die if even a single one hit you.

“If you have a strong partner that you can leave your back to then you would have peace of mind doing your things right!”

In fact, the reason why Kisei was able to reach the enemy fleet so quickly was because of Saki.
it may sound bad but, Saki acted as a decoy for him.
Besides, even if they choose to ignore her, the [Dainsleif] and Saki’s skills are more than enough to prevent them from interfering with Kisei’s work.

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“When that comes from you, it sounds a bit sarcastic you know!”

Saki bitterly smiled as she bisected another [Jetta].
While ignoring the wreckage of the enemy strikers she cut down, the [Dainsleif] blew its thrusters and joined up with the [Caliburn-Revive] which was flying away from the enemy fleet.

“Shut up! I was being serious alright!”

“Yeah, yeah! I’m so happy!”

A beam from the blaster rifle of the [Caliburn-Revive] and the [Dainsleif]’s katana each caught another enemy striker, taking them both down at the same time.

“Even if they are piloting a Zenith, aren’t they just too strong!”

“Pile bunker……don’t tell me, that white one is the rumored [Wicked Star]?”

Even though they are the elites of the Nored empire, if they get beaten so one-sidedly like this, it is natural for unrest to spread through their ranks.
Despite them still having an overwhelming advantage in numbers, the Noredian pilots felt like they are on the brink of defeat.

“Be firm! Do you think you can still call yourself a proud soldier of House Eldegard like this!”

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One person shouted at the pilots.
The voice was an aged yet inspiring one.
It came from a blue striker who had sortied from one of the three battleships that are still unharmed.


“Lady Rosia has come!”

The fleet commander, Rosia von Eldegard has come out on her personal Zenith.
On top of seeing their commander sortied without regard to her own safety the Noredian’s morale which was declining began to recover when they realized that a Zenith is joining their side.

‘Still, this is bad……’

However, Rosia herself is having cold sweat inside her personal striker.
She is already old enough to be someone’s grandmother.
She has never neglected training but she doesn’t think that she can compete with the two Calencian Zenith, especially after she saw their earlier rampage.

Nevertheless, she came out here because she was strongly urged by her staff.
A noble who hides in a safe place during a crisis would lose the respect of their fellow aristocrats as well as the commoners.
At the core of Vuld culture, being an aristocrat is the same as being a warrior.
Once branded a coward, both their subordinates and the commoners would turn away from them.
If that happens, let alone fighting a war, she would have a hard time ruling her own territory.

“Rebuild the formation! If we fall into confusion now, we will play right into the enemy’s hand!”

“Yes, ma’am!”

That being said, the effect of having their commander on the field is tremendous.
Even Kisei and Saki can feel that the enemy pilots are moving better now.

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“Oi, that blue one…….”

“That must be the enemy’s commander.
Man, the Noredian commanders all have guts huh!”

Kisei grinned.
Rather than a ferocious smile, the smile on his face is a cheerful one.
It indicates that he is truly enjoying this.
In truth, Kisei is honestly impressed by the fearless attitude of the enemy commander who came out to the battlefield directly after being shown the disparity between their skills.

“Still, if the enemy commander comes out then we have no choice but to respond in kind right! Let’s go!”

“Tsk, and I thought that we can finally head back too.
Can’t be helped then, I will go with you!”

After returning the grenade launcher of which ammunition has already been exhausted to the back, Kisei took out a photon saber.
He then immediately accelerated.
Naturally, he’s beelining toward the blue Zenith.



The Noredian strikers fiercely fired their blasters to intercept them but Kisei avoided what he could and parried the rest while continuing to rush toward the blue zenith with unstoppable momentum.

“No, you won’t!”

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Rosia took out a long blaster cannon.
Instead of Kisei, her aim is fixed at Saki.
This is because she realized that it would be easier to hit her rather than Kisei whose skills are in a different dimension.

“Heh, Oooh, scary!”

However, Saki casually evaded the extra-large beam fired toward her.
After all, despite being overshadowed in this battle by Kisei, she is still the top ace of the Calencian army.


Rosia ejects the empty particle cartridge and reloads another round into her cannon.
She then quickly takes aim at the [Dainsleif] again.
However, by that time, the two strikers had already shortened the distance between them.

“I take it that you are the commander of this fleet! My name is Hokuto Kisei, a mercenary! This is [Caliburn-Revive]! I challenge you to single combat!”

“So it comes to this after all huh…….”

Rosia regretfully muttered.
Even if she turns this down, she is no longer in a position she can escape.
Saying that she won’t accept it due to her fleet’s superiority will not cut it either.
She has two options here.
Either refuse and be disgraced or accept it and get killed in action.

If she is disgraced here, not only her but her trusted confidants and even her children would be ridiculed for it.

And thus Rosia made her decision.

“Countess of Alfen, Rosia von Eldegard, the [Gries Wraith] accept your challenge.
To be honest, I never thought that I’d come face to face with a male pilot.”

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