Battleships and Strikers 2

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Kisei and his group continue to tirelessly attack the Noredian battleships.
Their Zeniths dance like butterflies toying with the Noredian AA turrets.

Meanwhile, as the AA turrets were focusing on Kisei and the other aces, the Calencian pilots were also attacking.
Naturally, the Noredians did not take that lying down and counterattacked but the Calencians simply shot once and withdrew back without overextending themselves.
This strategy was truly a pain for the Noredians to deal with.

“What are our escorts doing!”

The fleet commander yelled.
The proud Noredian fleet is being toyed with by merely 3 Zenith-type strikers.
Such disparity obviously invites the suspicion that her subordinates are being negligent.

“Our strikers are fending off the attack from the enemy fleet, Ma’am.
With our own Zeniths dispatched to the enemy fleet, the strikers we have left can only do so much.”

One of the staff members answered with an expression that literally says [It’s your own damn order.]

Since they have more than 30 battleships and several times more auxiliary ships, the commander thought that they could do without that many strikers as their escort.

“Ugh…….what’s the progress of our striker unit! It’s about time they’re done on that side and come back right!”

“It seems that the enemy escorts are putting up heavy resistance so they still can’t get through, Ma’am.
From the report, it appears that Tersis-sama herself is leading their escorts…… apology but including Tersis-sama, 3 of the 4 Heavenly are currently guarding the enemy fleet.”

“Guh…..damn you Tersis!”

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The fleet commander groaned.
She was a Duchess, the same rank as Tersis, and was of the same age.
She originally has a kind of rivalry with Tersis but that is now made worse by the fact that Tersis has allied herself with Calencia.
The commander stood up from her seat and harshly threw her cap on the floor.

“Useless fools! Fine, I will do it myself!!”

The commander also has a Zenith.
She certainly is skillful but can she really beat the monsters that can easily toy with their numerous AA turrets? Her staff wondered but didn’t voice their doubt out loud.
After all, letting the [Ex-Caliburn] and other enemy Zeniths do as they pleased any longer would be bad for them.

With a snort, the commander headed for the hangar and jumped into her personal striker.
Flying out from the launch deck, her target was, of course, Kisei and the others.

“Kukuku, she came out unexpectedly early huh.
That one is a big shot you know.”

Diaroze said with a grin when she saw the approaching Zenith.

“That striker belongs to Duchess Angel.
One of the most powerful aristocrats of Nored.
She’s not on Tersis’s level but her skill can easily be put on ace-class………”

Even so, a pilot with ace-class ability still won’t be nearly enough to take Kisei.
She didn’t say that out loud but Diaroze was all smiles as she watched Duchess Angel accelerating toward them.

“So it’s our chance to demolish their morale huh.”

“Exactly! Just take her down in single combat!”

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“If it’s a duel then leave it to m–.”

“No, please leave this to me.”

Schleer and Valentina immediately offered but Diaroze simply shrugged with a smirk.

“If she gets shot down by a man then it would serve as a better humiliation right?”

“Up to no good as always huh…….”


Diaroze blushed and laughed at Kisei’s comment.
Kisei was a little exasperated but it’s true that he’s better at single combat.
He trained his mega blaster rifle on the approaching green Zenith and declared.

“This is Hokuto Kisei of Calencia! Commander of Noredian Fleet, I challenge you to a duel!”

“A, A man……!?”

The commander was confused as she gazed at the [Ex-Caliburn] but as noble etiquette dictated, she must name herself in response.

The commander clears her throat and shouts in a loud voice.

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“I accept! I am Lean Angel, Duchess of Eliden, Admiral of the 2nd Nored Fleet!”

“She accepted huh.”

With a grin, Diaroze muttered in a small voice.
She sneakily operated the console and switched the communication channel from the open channel to private laser communication.
She then whispered something into Kisei’s ear.


Kisei looked taken aback for a moment but he shrugged and nodded before speaking into the mic.

“Duchess Angel! I’ve heard a lot about you from my wife.”


“Yes, my wife, Tersis von Melemheim!”

“Wh, What!!”

Hearing the name of her rival, Duchess Angel’s fuse immediately blew.
Her face was bright red as she stepped on the foot pedal.

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“I’ve never heard that she got herself a husband!”

“We just recently got engaged.”

“Ugh! She got one earlier than me! Unforgivable!”

Diaroze gave a muffled laugh to the duchess’s raging voice.
Indeed, there’s almost no redeeming her personality.

“…….! Fine, but if you lose to me I will have you become mine instead!”

Why? Kisei groaned with a bitter expression but Diaroze simply patted him on his shoulder.

“There’s no situation more exciting than robbing a man from your rival right.
That said, you think she will be able to maneuver properly with that much blood in her head? Kufufu…….”

While groaning to himself, Kisei gave his reply to the duchess.
He wasn’t so thrilled to bring up the topic of his marriage in a place like this but since it’s involved with the duel, he has to do it.

“—–Then once again, I, Hokuto Kise, [Ex-Caliburn], challenge you to a duel!”

“Lean Angel, [Dilkas]! Accepted the duel!”

And thus the duel with pretty much an obvious result began.

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