The Empress Advances

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“Duchess Angel was defeated!?”

Nored Empress, Villenia Rendar Argarine, jumps out of her bed and shouts.
She was in the middle of a nap but the report from her subordinate was simply too outrageous to hear.


The staff who brought in the report affirmed in a frightened manner.

“She was defeated in a duel and was taken prisoner by the Calencians……, Your Majesty.”

“I can understand being defeated in a duel but why was she captured!!”

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Alarmed by the worsening situation, the commander went out to the frontline to maintain morale and got defeated.
It was idiotic but she could understand the logic.
However, being captured by the enemy is beyond that.
What were the soldiers doing? The Empress was frustrated.

“Does my army only consist of incompetents? They have more than 30 new battleships you know! With that much force, they should be able to win half-sleep.”

Let alone half asleep, you were soundly sleeping earlier weren’t you, the staff thought but didn’t say it out loud.
Well, it is a long battle, even the Empress needs her breaks.

“Seriously, each and every one of you!”

Fuming, the Empress got up.
The fleet that lost its commander would be in chaos and she can’t leave that alone.

The Empress’s chamberlain silently dresses the Empress in her military uniform.
Even though they are overwhelmingly at the advantage, this is still a real war.
Naturally, the Empress can’t just go out there in her sleepwear.
With the jacket, she was ready to head to the bridge.

“So…….how is the situation on the front.”

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“The Angel fleet did not lose any of their ships in the attack but it appears that they suffered major damage from the attack from the enemy strikers, Your Majesty.
On the advancing side, our troops still can not get to the enemy’s capital ship…….”

“They lost despite everything huh they have huh.
Damn greenhorn.
I will put them to the guillotine later.”

The other side is a great aristocrat so even the Empress can not just execute her.
Still, she has to let her pent-up frustration out somehow.”

“But, it might be a good thing that they still can’t engage the enemy main force yet.
Even with a superior number, a fleet that lost its commander would be exploited easily.”

The weakness of a Vuld army is that it will be greatly weakened when its commander is defeated.
In this case, the Angel fleet is nothing more than a collection of nobles’ ships.
With the top authority out of the picture, they will just turn into a disorganized crow that can’t cooperate with each other.

“It’s a shame but there’s no other way.
Take us forward…….”

Although the number of fleets under the direct control of the Empress is small compared to the aristocrats’, the Empress’s fleets still have the best personnel and equipment.
Moreover, due to the feudal system, the chain of command is not complicated as they know who’s truly in charge, unlike the aristocratic fleets which are simply a group of aristocrats bunched together.

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That’s why the Empress was confident that even with her fleets alone, she could still win against the whole Calencians army.
She was only staying in the rear just for precaution.

“Your Majesty, the location of the Angel fleet is quite far away from ours.
Would we be able to make it in time?”

At the time when the commander was defeated, the Calencians did not stay still.
The Angel fleet will surely suffer no small damage by the time they arrive.
Thinking so, the staff asked with a concerned look.

“What, it’s a nice opportunity, isn’t it.
The Calencians also have their limits.
They should already be pretty much exhausted by the battles so far.
Moreover, if they engage the Angel fleet head-on, they will surely be low on ammunition.
It wouldn’t be strange if they ran out of ammo by the time we arrive.”

Said the Empress with a nasty grin.
She’s the leader of a superpower and her predictions are pretty much always accurate.
The current Calencian fleets do not have enough supply for two consecutive battles against a fleet as big as the Angel’s.

“Besides, what losses would I suffer when the only ones damaged were the aristocrats.
Depending on how damaged they are, I can just take their territories after all.”

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Rather, it would be convenient if the aristocrats suffer moderately.
A cruel smile floated on the Empress’s face as she spoke in a joyful tone.
Both the staff and the chamberlain’s faces cramped up to the Empress’s selfish words but they did not say anything.
They were not brave enough to comment on this brutal Empress who casually put people to the guillotine.
If they go out of line, who to say their entire families won’t be slaughtered.

“More importantly, are the fleets and the imperial guards ready? I want to enter the fray at the most convenient time possible.
Have them ready themselves.”

The best timing for her fleets to enter the battle would be when the Angel fleet starts to rout.
If she sets up a counterattack from the flank when the enemy tries to pursue them then she can just swoop in and reap the reward.

In the first place, although they have lost their commander, who to say that the Angel fleet can not push the enemy back with their superior number.
In that case, she would have to race against them and take the enemy’s commander’s head herself.
Anyway, she can not afford to miss her opportunity.

“The [Odelcrois] as well as all our ships are ready to advance at your command, Your Majesty.”

“Very well.”

The Empress satisfactorily replied.

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