The Captured Duchess

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“Grrrrr………losing to a man, what a disgrace…….!”

Screamed Duchess Lean Angel in her green Zenith which has a big hole in its abdomen.
At the moment, her striker is being towed by Kisei with his wire gun.

“Kukuku, quite a sorry sight you’re in, Duchess.”

Sure enough, Diaroze responded with a joyful smile.
She calls herself a masochist who derives joy from being abused but she also enjoys abusing others as well.
‘There’s really no helping her personality huh’ Kisei muttered under his breath.

“That’s what you get when you jump into battle in such a state you know? It should serve as a good lesson for you, Duchess Angel.”

“Kuh, how underhanded……..!”

As a result of Diaroze’s provocation, the duchess lost her cool and was defeated in under a minute.
Kisei instantly slipped in through her opening and pierced her striker with his pile bunker.
Moreover, now that she’s captive, there’s no way out for her anymore.

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“…….Rather, that voice, is that you, Your Highness Diaroze?”

“So you can tell huh.
Fumu, indeed, it is I.”

With her being a high-ranking aristocrat, it’s almost impossible that she has never met Diaroze before.
Naturally, Diaroze herself was also acquainted with the duchess.

“N, No way…….you betrayed the empire!?”

“Umu, Umu, that is exactly right! Kukukukuku!”

“How could this be!? Not only the 4 Heavenly but you as well!? Just what is going on………”

Duchess Angel held her head.
She’s already noticed that this war was quite unusual but she was still clueless about what was actually going on and Diaroze isn’t going to fill her in either.

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With a grin, Diaroze gazed behind her striker.
The Angel fleet is already a certain distance away.
Their AA turrets no longer target them as they’ve already exited their range.

“That should be enough right, Schleer.”

The operation to destroy the enemy fire control radar was mostly successful.
While Kisei and the aces rampaged, their soldiers had been attacking the enemy ships using the brief openings they created.
It was a hit-and-run strategy.
In a sense, the 3 Zeniths were simply a decoy while the real attack was being carried out by the soldiers piloting the mass-produced strikers.

Fortunately, most of the enemy ships were focusing on Kisei and the two and the plan went swimmingly.
In the first place, for this many of their pilots to survive in an operation of strikers vs a whole fleet is quite unusual.

“Yes, it should be enough.
We can’t afford to overextend ourselves and get shot down after all.”

A tired voice came from the [Mistilteinn] which flew up next to them.
The barrage of AA turrets from over 30 battleships and their escort ships felt like they were flying toward a literal wall of bullets.
When they managed to leave the enemy behind, Schleer was already exhausted both mentally and physically.

“Besides, ………I received a report from Galea-E that our missile vessels are already on standby at the satellites.
It’s about time we conclude the first phase.”

There are several natural satellites orbiting Galea-E.
They are not as big as Terra’s moon but they serve as temporary deployment bases for their missile vessels which have short cruising range.
Schleer has stationed several units there to compensate for the inferior number on Calencia’s side.

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“Soon the enemy fleet will rush our main force.
We don’t have time to rest.”

Valentino said as she put on a brave face.
Diaroze is worried that she might be pushing herself but the one who’s pushing themselves is not only Valentina.
Kisei’s complexion is also not that good.

But our ammunition is already scarce.
Let’s head back to the carrier and resupply first.”

It would be dangerous for them to return to ships that are in the middle of combat like the [Radiant].
Since the enemy is trying to get through and attack the fleet, they can not afford to land on the ships at the frontline.
The space carrier that Kisei rested at earlier was stationed in the rear so they can safely resupply there.

“Umu, that’s a good idea.
We can stash this idiot there too.
We can’t fight with a POW in tow after all.”


Duchess Angel raised her voice in surprise.

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“A space carrier? Me!?”

Space carriers usually are for commoner troops.
Naturally, they have no facility to house high-ranking aristocrats.
It is dictated that aristocratic POWs must be treated befitting their status……..but given their current situation, they can’t afford to do that right now.

“You are putting a duchess there huh……”

Recalling the dirty lounge of the space carrier, Kisei let out a small smile.
However, since Tersis and Eleanor, who was a Duchess and Countess respectively, just rested there, there’s no choice but to ask Duchess Angel to put up with it.

“Well, we will release you once the war is over so just put up with it for a while.”

“No way……..”

Duchess Angel moaned in a defeated tone.

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