light were racing toward the chalk-white ship.

For the time being, there was no direct hit but the fact that their mistress might be on board said ship sent a chill down their spine.

“Which ship fired at them! Tell them to stop the bombardment immediately!”

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“It’s Marchioness Maphtou’s ship, ma’am! I’ve sent a ceasefire order but they refused to reply……”

“What!? They are trying to use this chance to get rid of Lean-sama…….!?

The one that launched the attack was an aristocratic house that does have close ties with the Angel house.
This is what happens when you show even the slightest of openings.
One of the staff holds her head with a severe expression.

Even if they all have the label of the Noredian army, the reality is that what they have here is just a collection of aristocrats.
Even with a chain of command, the lower ranks aristocrats will not always obey their orders.
There are even some that actively look out for a chance to undermine their peers.

“If it comes to this, how about we raise the white flag on our own? Multiple ships under our command already had their FC radar damaged.
Even if we continue to fight, we will be at a disadvantage anyway.”


The chief of staff groaned.
Her job is to take command of the fleet in the absence of the duchess.
However, as they can see from the Marchioness’s actions, some of their subordinates do not plan to follow their command.

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“In the first place, this war began with the Empress’s whim.
Win or lose, it won’t have much effect on House Angel……..given our situation, we should prioritize Lean-sama’s safety first.”


One of the staff members tuned in while the others nodded along.
No one wants to die in a place like this.
Besides, even if they choose to withdraw here, the one who will be blamed is not them but the duchess who pathetically got herself defeated.
When they can simply shift the blame, there’s no reason for them to risk their life uselessly.

“However, what do we do if our fleet continues to attack the enemy flagship? I believe this [Radiant] is a fairly old ship.
A lucky hit would be all that was needed to sink it……….”

“Seriously, they should just put Her Excellency on the [Odervansen]!”

The Chief of Staff bitterly lamented.
However, complaining won’t improve their situation.

“At this range, we should be able to manage a laser communication.
Let’s negotiate with them to move Lean-sama to a safe place.
We will tell them that all ships under House Angel are ready to surrender.”

The motivation of a noble who has no stake in this war was extremely low.
And Diaroze has already taken that into account with her plan.

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