flashy maneuvers.


Being told that, Schleer felt like she just got splashed with cold water.
She thinks about it for a moment but she didn’t have much time as the AI has already started warning them about the approaching enemy strikers.

Interrupted by the cold [Enemy approaching, Enemy approaching] from the AI, Schleer switched her way of thinking.
If they are defeated here then the Calencian fleets would be defeated just as easily as the Angel fleet.
They can not pointlessly risk it all here.

“Let’s retreat for the time being.
It’s enough that we know where the enemy is coming from.”

The Calencian fleets are currently withdrawing toward Galea-E.
Just as the Noredian staff had reported to the Empress, their ammunition truly is runny low.
Even in a favorable situation, their fleets are in no condition to fight at full power.
With that being the case, there’s no other way but to accept it for what it is.

“Withdrawing is good and all but it seems we won’t be able to avoid fighting these Empress’s lackeys you know.”

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Valentina said with a stern look as she gazed into the distance.
The light of the stars is mixed with a number of blue flames from enemy thrusters.

“They’re fast.
It would be hard to shake them off at this distance……”

Kisei said with a grin.
Only the strikers with relatively high-powered thrusters like [Ex-Caliburn] and [Colebrand] would be able to escape but the slow ones like the [Jettas], [Claymores], and Schleer’s [Mistilteinn] won’t be able to so engaging the enemy is unavoidable.

“All of them should belong to the Imperial guard.
Of course, they are probably using the Imperial-guard-issued model, [Renion] and [Renion-Bogen], a fire-support specialized variant.
Be careful.”

Valentina’s words made a smile spread on Kisei’s face.
His enemy will be strong this time.

“In short, there are a lot of pilots and strikers on the same class as Diaroze’s personal guards coming our way right.
This is going to be fun!”

“That’s right but don’t overdo it okay.
These guys are only one of the Empress’s trump cards.
You can’t allow yourself to get exhausted here.”

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“But we can’t run either right.
It can’t be helped so let’s do this.”


Diaroze let out a deep sigh at Kisei’s complexion which no matter how she looks at it, is far from good.
Moreover, it doesn’t sit right with her how he’s not trying to put up a brave front but genuinely excited for his next battle.

“Valentina, Schleer.
It’s time for you two to show how womanly you are okay.
Do your best and protect him.”

“You don’t have to tell me!”

“Of course!”

Hearing the two enthusiastically shout their reply, Diaroze exhaled a little.
It was an expression that says [These two are just too easy].

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