VS the Imperial Guards 1

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Crimson high-power beams raced through the jet-black blanket of space.
They came from the enemy fire support specialized strikers, [Renion-Bogen].
To avoid that, Kisei and the others spread out.

“So in short, we just need to hit them hard enough to open a withdrawal window.
You can expect their reinforcements to arrive one after another so make sure you don’t push yourselves.”

Diaroze crossed her arms and stated so in a haughty tone.
With a small smile leaking to his face at how she ended up acting like she was the commander again, Kisei pulled the trigger on his control stick.
A green beam was shot out from his blaster rifle and impacted the black armor plate on an [Renion-Bogen]’s abdomen.
Its paint evaporated in an instant and the plate glowed red from the heat but the shot did not penetrate.


However, a beat after, a second shot hit the exact same spot.
Even its heavy armor could not withstand this and its engine was pierced.

“Be careful! The enemy also has long-range weapons!”

“Don’t let them get a lock on!”

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The Imperial Guards only consisted of elites so they did not panic even after one of their comrades was shot down.
The [Renion-Bogens] took an evasive maneuver while pointing their long blaster rifle at Kisei and the others.

Not only that, the [Renions] act as their vanguard and fire at them with their blaster rifles.
That was simply to keep them in check but that doesn’t mean they can afford not to avoid it.

“Unlike the aristocrats, the Imperial Guards’ morale is high.
They won’t withdraw so……easily!”

Valentina holds up her lance and charges toward a [Renion].
Naturally, the enemy concentrated fire on her but she skillfully avoided it and continued charging while guarding the ones she couldn’t avoid with a buckler on her left arm.

“First one!”

With strong momentum, the lance pierced into the [Renion]’s abdomen.
Kicking it away, she fulled the lance back and fired the built-in blaster gun at another [Renion].
[Renion] is a heavily armored model so a shot from her lance was not enough to penetrate its armor but it worked well enough in stopping their movement.

“I got you!”

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Schleer did not miss her chance a large missile fired from her [Mistilteinn] stabbed into its back.
It immediately detonated, causing a huge fireball.
The missile was extremely powerful and the thick armor covering the cockpit and engine were blown away, while the other limbs simply dispersed in all directions.

“That counts as one point for both of us okay?”

“I’m not petty enough to keep score over this.
Do whatever you like!”

While the two were having that back and forth, Kisei approached another [Renion].
The Imperial Guards greeted him with a barrage from their blaster rifles but they were parried back with a flash from [Ex-Caliburn]’s photon saber.


The Imperial Guard saw the beams she fired flying back toward her and managed to block them with her shields.
However, that opening was all Kisei needed.
Before she knew it, Kisei was already at her side and drove his pile-bunker into her striker’s unprotected flank.

“So that’s the mercenary they called [Wicked Star]……..! Concentrate fire on him! Don’t let him catch you alone!”

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The other [Renions] immediately took a distance away from the [Ex-Caliburn] at their commander’s order.
Almost at the same time, a salvo from the company of [Renion-Bogens]’ long blaster rifles converged on his position.


Kisei swiftly avoided those that he could while batting away the ones that he couldn’t with his photon saber.
Unlike the [Renion]’s blaster rifle, the impact he received from batting the higher output of the long blaster rifle shook his cockpit.

“The 8.8Mw long blaster rifles they are using are not all that powerful but their fire rate is extremely fast.
You should watch out for a barrage.”

Diaroze advised in a joyful tone.
Kisei silently nodded in reply while firing back with his blaster rifle.
Of course, the [Renion-Bogens] continued to fire while taking evasive maneuvers but they are getting shot down one by one.

“Just how good is he!?”

There are many excellent pilots in Nored but they’ve never fought against someone so out of the norm like him.
Beads of cold sweat are forming on the Imperial Guards’ faces.

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“It’s splendid of you to recognize a man’s skills on the battlefield though!”

Valentina caught one of the [Renion-Bogens] unaware and immediately pierced its engine with her lance.

“Leave this place to me! I have to show you my good side once in a while after all!”


Thanks to the [Coldbrand]’s assault, the fire support from the [Renion-Bogen] company came to halt.
With this, the front-line enemy can not expect fire support for a while.
Now it’s time for him to deal with their vanguard.

“Tsk, even against Zeniths, for us to get pushed back like this by just 3 strikers………!”

While somehow avoiding a shot from Kisei, the commander bitterly said and gritted her teeth.

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