VS the Imperial Guards 2

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Although the battle is to their advantage, Kisei’s group’s goal is to withdraw.
Still, their enemy lives up to their elite reputation and they won’t be repelled so easily.
The compromise here is to maintain a stalemate and slowly retreat.

“Uhg, how troublesome!”

A high-power beam from a blaster cannon mounted on the [Mistilteinn]’s shoulder penetrated an [Renion]’s engine.
She has already shot down a number of Imperial Guards but the amount of enemies she has to deal with doesn’t go down at all.

“Quantity and quality, it sure is a pain when your enemy has both huh!”

Valentina shouted with a severe expression.
It may have been a mistake for them to fight the Imperial Guards here by themselves.

“You guys just keep prioritizing on not getting hit! Their strikers are not something that your [Claymore] and [Jetta] can face!”

Schleer ordered their escorts which consisted of mass-produced strikers to stand back.
[Renion] is a quasi-Zenith model, mass-produced strikers would be easily overwhelmed even if their numbers are equal.
In a situation where the enemy has more than enough strikers to spare, pitching their mass-produced units against these enemies would be unreasonable.

“We’re already doing that, just staying on the defensive is all we can do, ma’am!”

A reply came from one of the [Claymore] pilots.
The people they brought with them are their elites.
They manage to hold on despite the fact that your average pilot wouldn’t last even 10 seconds.
Still, even if they do not have the leeway to fire back, it’s something to be grateful for that the enemy can not only focus on the 3 Zeniths.

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“That’s more than enough! Do not push yourselves.”

Even while they were having that exchange, Kisei continued to defeat the enemy.
A [Renion] had its armor penetrated by a couple of shots from Kisei and by the time the pilot noticed that her striker had been disabled, Kisei has already moved on to another one.

“You are as terrifying a monster as the rumors said, [Wicked Star]!”

Although the pilot fired an anti-armor shell from the multi-purpose launcher installed on the [Renion]’s chest, such a sure-fire way to deal significant damage to Kisei was never allowed to hit.
With a spray from his head-mounted machine gun, the shell was destroyed midair and a counterattack from his blaster rifle blew the [Renion]’s head clean off.


[[Zero remaining bullets! Zero remaining bullets!]]

At the same time the [Renion] pilot clicked her tongue, the electronic voice of the AI reported so.
Kisei immediately threw away his rifle.

“Allow me!”

One of the [Claympre] caught it immediately.
Naturally, the enemy concentrated fire on the [Claymore] but it’s weathering the barrage with a sturdy tower shield.
With a swift moment, the pilot launched the blaster rifle mounted on the back toward Kisei.

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Kisei reeled the rifle in with the wire gun, it’s the same model that he usually uses and it’s fitted with a brand new magazine.

To mitigate the need for him to resupply, Kisei is always accompanied by a pilot.

“You went and did something unnecessary!”

“You won’t escape!”

Two [Renions] pointed their rifles’ muzzles toward the [Claymore] but Kisei wouldn’t allow them to hurt his supplier.
With 2 shots from his new rifle, the enemy blaster rifles were blown away from their hands.


Just like that, he accelerated at full throttle.
Blue flame explosively blew from his main thruster and the distance between him and the two strikers was no more.

The pilot of one of the [Renions] reflexively pulled out a photon saber from the back but that was about all she could do.
Before the red beam blade could form, her striker was already pierced by the pile bunker.


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“This is just ridiculous……….”

The Imperial Guard hatefully shouted at Kisei who had been wreaking havoc.
Despite the fact that a group of elites piloting top-tier strikers is attacking him from all sides, they can’t even contain this pure white striker’s rampage.

“But we still have the pride of the Imperial Guards to uphold…!”

Translation, ‘But we can’t retire here!’.
Inspired, the Imperial Guards pointed their weapons toward [Ex-Caliburn].
It was at this moment.


A sharp voice hits Kisei and the others’ ears.
Reflexively, Kisei flew up.
And merely a few seconds later, a number of thick beams rain on the battlefield.


The Imperial Guards scramble to evade but even without a direct hit, the strong scattered particles peculiar to high-power beams take out their camera and some of them even lose some limbs.
In no time, several [Renions] and [Renion-Bogens] were incapacitated.

“Enemy ships!? No!”

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The Imperial Guards quickly scanned their radar but there was no such reaction in the area.
However, beams that powerful can not be used by a striker.
That left them with one possibility.

“Mobile artillery!”

The Calencian mobile artillery unit has come to the rescue.

“Use this chance to withdraw! We will follow you after the next salvo!”


Without missing the opening created by the bombardment, Kisei’s group started to withdraw.
The Imperial Guards immediately tried to chase after them but they were stopped by a fierce bombardment from the mobile artillery unit.

“Damn it…….!”

By the time the Imperial Guards managed to regain their posture, Kisei’s group was already too far for them to give chase.
Seeing that, they switched their attention to the Calencian mobile artillery unit and prepared to snipe them but they too also began to withdraw.
The Calencian mobile artillery unit was well aware that they would be in grave danger if the Imperial Guards managed to catch up so they did not wait around.

“They got away! How am I going to face Her Majesty after this……….”

The Imperial guards couldn’t help but frown at their eventual predicament.

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