Reentry 2

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The Calencian fleets are steadily descending to the planet’s surface.
In this situation, if they take an evasive maneuver, their landing point will greatly deviate from the planned location making their only option to be to intercept the enemy away from the fleets.

Because of that, Kisei and the others decided to meet the Imperial Guards at a location slightly away from the fleets.
At this range, they should be within the range where their battleships’ main turrets can provide support.
Naturally, many strikers from the escort units are with them as well.

“I can’t possibly fly in solo and wreak havoc behind the enemy formation like Master did after all.
I will focus on logistical support so I will leave the vanguard role to you guys okay.”

Saying so, Diaroze glanced at the sub-monitor and read the specs of the new weapon she took out.

It was an 8.5Mw long blaster rifle.
It was a long-range model of the rifle Kisei usually uses with a long barrel for long-distance sniping.

“I imagined you would be using your whip and shotgun or some kind of close-quarter weapon though.
Will you be alright using something you’re not familiar with?”

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“I’ve been training.
Don’t worry.”

She did her best because she knew that she had to protect Kisei who was physically weaker than the rest of them.
If she decided to fight up close using the full power of their Zenith, Kisei would probably get crushed by G.
To lessen the physical burden on him, she chose to fight at a distance.

I will expect you to show me Liren-san’s level of skills alright.”

“Don’t be unreasonable!”

It’s impossible for her to get on the level of someone who climbed her way up from being just a mere mercenary to one of the 4 Heavenly through her sniping skills alone.
Kisei and Valentina laughed at Diaroze’s angry retort.

“…….and, here they come.
All strikers, move in to intercept! Do not let even a single one of them through!”

However, such a casual atmosphere didn’t last long.
The moment her radar detected the incoming enemy, Schleer immediately sharpened up and gave her order.
A moment later, multiple beams flew over from the enemy side.
The [Claymores] and [Jettas] scrambled to evade.

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“Now then, let’s hope that I didn’t get rusty.”

Muttering so, Diaroze carefully accelerated the [Ex-Caliburn].
Since the first volley was probably just a prefire, she didn’t have any problem evading.
Diaroze exhaled in relief.
The [Ex-Caliburn] is much worse than her [Zentis] in terms of balance.
That’s why she needed to be careful maneuvering it.

“I’m disconnected from the I-con so I’m practically useless right now.
I can’t warn you if anything dangerous is coming so be careful.”

Kisei said apologetically.
Right now, Diaroze is the one who’s connected to the I-con.
His superhuman reactions and sixth sense came from the I-con system so he can not do his usual things at the moment.

“I know………that was why I suggested I took over in the first place.”

“……….what do you mean?”

“It’s nothing.”

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Diaroze cut short their conversation with an awkward smile.
Just like that, she takes aim at a [Renion] which is flying toward them.
After waiting for the crosshair to change color from red to green, Diaroze squeezed the trigger.

The green beam flew at sub-light speed and raced toward the [Renion] but as though the pilot already predicted its trajectory, the [Renion] easily avoided it.
The second and third shots which she fired in succession were also avoided.
Diaroze clicked her tongue.

“I don’t want to think that I really got rusty but…….I guess I should expect no less from the Imperial Guards huh!”

The Imperial Guards is a unit that would be very reassuring to have as an ally but quite troublesome to deal with as an enemy.
Moreover, Diaroze hasn’t piloted a striker in real battle for a long time and it made her feel like her senses have dulled.
She wanted to just let out a sigh but she held it in.


The [Renion] that had been avoiding Diaroze’s shots was blown away by Schleer’s cannon.
Its flying posture collapsed from the repeated evasive maneuvers so it couldn’t avoid a direct hit from Schleer.
Schleer’s shot hit its waist, blowing away its legs with oil spilling from its damaged part.

“Umu, Nice support!”

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Her prey was stolen but she was rather thankful for the assistance.
The Imperial Guards are enemies that they must be vigilant against so the situation where they can pick them off one by one is the desired result.

“This is just right.
Now, play a bloodhound for me, foolish little sister.
I and Schleer will be the hunters.”

“You’re getting carried away again…….”

Valentina seemed a little dissatisfied but the tactic Diaroze proposed would certainly be effective.
Even for her, the [Renions] is not an easy enemy.
A coordinated fight would be to their advantage.
With a deep sigh, she suppressed her frustration with her reasons and accelerated.

“Sorry, but you guys will have to be my outlet!”

While firing her built-in blaster gun, she approached a [Renion].
The low-power blaster gun couldn’t penetrate its thick armor but with Schleer and Diaroze in charge of dealing damage, she only needs to keep their movement in check.

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