Reentry 3

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Diaroze and the others continue to desperately intercept the Imperial Guards’ assault.
Because only their Zeniths like [Ex-Caliburn] and [Mistilteinn] can fight the [Renions] in terms of performance, the mass-produced models like [Claymore] and [Jetta] from the escort units can only provide fire support.

“The striker……it’s so heavy!”

Their altitude is decreasing at a tremendous speed and a thin veil of reddish air from the adiabatic compression is covering the surface of their strikers as they approach the surface.
Even small aircraft like a striker can not move freely in such an environment and this is especially true for the [Ex-Caliburn] which was unreasonably modified.

“Don’t overdo it okay.
I couldn’t care less if you die but I won’t let you take My Love with you.”

Valentina said in a sarcastic tone.
She agreed to play the role of a hunting dog despite her reluctance because she wanted to keep Kisei safe.
For her, it’s better to have the [Ex-Caliburn] stay as far back as possible.

“Umu, obviously.
I literally grind my head to the ground to keep this life of mine after all.
My will to stay alive won’t lose to anyone, don’t worry.”

“Hmph, I guess so? Haha, you did look quite pathetic after all!”

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Valentina blew her thruster with a dark smile spreading on her face.
The tip of her lance closed in on a [Renion] that’s struggling to get through the turbulence of the atmosphere.


The [Colbrand] is technically a Zenith.
Its charge attack was plenty sharp.
The [Renion] tried to avoid it but the moment it moved away, Diaroze shot it with her long blaster rifle.
With a longer barrel, the firepower was enough to pierce even the armor of an Imperial Guard’s exclusive striker.


Her aim was the cockpit.
Naturally, it was instant death for the pilot.
However, even if she had aimed at the engine, the striker which lost its power would just freefall to the surface and the pilot would inevitably die anyway.
The killing was unavoidable.

However, because he’s not connected to the I-con, Kisei was not assaulted by the feedback from the pilot’s death.
It was never a good feeling nonetheless so he kept his mouth shut.

If I’m as skilled as Master then I might be able to avoid it but…..”

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“No, I understand.
You can do it your way, Diaroze.
You don’t have to go along with my method.”

On a battlefield, the demerits that come with his no-killing preference are too heavy to be imposed on others.
It’s Kisei’s belief that he should not force others to go along with his own preference.
After all, he knows that it’s natural for the soldiers to prioritize their own lives over that of their enemies.

“Can’t you get through the enemy yet! You stupid fools!”

However, they do not have the time to be sentimental.
The Imperial Guards’ commander was frustrated at their lack of progress and came out to the front herself.
The glossy black paint made her striker look kind of similar to the other [Renions] here but its massive body set it apart from the rest.

“The [Getz] huh.
That Zenith belongs to the Imperial Guard Captain.
She’s strong you know.”

Diaroze gives a small nod to Valentina’s explanation.
Meanwhile, the jet-black Zenith called [Getz] is approaching them at a tremendous speed with a stupidly large mace in its hand.

Its specs are similar to that of the Zeniths piloted by the members of the Imperial family and the captain is almost as skilled as the 4 Heavenly.
She would be a troublesome enemy to fight head-on.
If she was alone then it’s possible that the three of them could take her down with a coordinated attack but there were [Renions] spreading out around her with [Renion-Bogens] providing fire support with their blaster cannon from behind.
They are clearly at a disadvantage here.

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“In a time like this………we have to compensate quantity with quality! Can you hear me, 4 Heavenly! Master is in peril you know!”

When Diaroze shouted into the radio, a number of panicked replies came through.

“Uwawawawa!? I’m coming right away!”

“Nnhng, how troublesome [DESUNE]!”

“They won’t lay a hand on My Lord as long as I stay alive! Leave this to me!”

In an instant, Eleanor, Nora, and Tersis who were fighting at a distance away immediately flew over and stood in the way of the Imperial Guard Captain.

“They still behave like a knight after all.
That’s convenient for me.

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If the enemy is on the level of the 4 Heavenly then the obvious solution would be to have the 4 Heavenly fight them.
It was a simple conclusion.
With a nasty smile, Diaroze shoots her long blaster rifle at the group of [Renions] that the 4 Heavenly were fighting to fill in the hole they left.

“Damn you, 4 heavenly! So you truly betrayed us huh! I don’t know what led you astray but I will crush all of you here!”

Befitting her position, the Imperial Guard Captain did not falter at the arrival of the 4 Heavenly.
Rather, she was more than eager to swing her mace at the [Van Wolf].

“Hah, you musclebrain! It’s you who will be crushed here [DESU]!”

“Of course! And I am enough to crush them! Let’s have a duel!”

“Tersis-sama! Please don’t bother with a duel in a situation like this!!”

Diaroze’s plan to have the 4 Heavenly crush her enemy together collapsed in an instant and she couldn’t help but heave a heavy sigh.

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