Begins the Setting Sun 1

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“Hmph, these trash Calencians are putting up a decent fight huh…….”

At the bridge of the Noredian flagship, the [Odelcrois], the Empress muttered in a weary tone.
She leans back in her seat and looks at the monitor which is now displaying their current battle situation like she was watching a sports competition.

“You still can’t break through their strikers?”

“M, My deepest apology, Your Majesty.”

The staff in charge of overseeing their striker operation answered while breaking out in a cold sweat.
Despite the fact that she had deployed their elite Imperial Guards, they still can not penetrate through their enemy’s line of defense and get close to the enemy fleets.
Her performance right now could be considered so pathetic that it would not be strange for the Empress to dish out her punishment.

“However, the enemy’s resistance has weakened.
I believe that we can break through soon……..”

The staff continued with a weak smile.
In truth, the Calencians are applying much weaker pressure due to the fact that Diaroze had switched in to pilot the [Ex-Caliburn] in place of Kisei.
They are putting up a good enough fight but the staff theorized that the Calencians are becoming exhausted after a long battle.

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“Hmph, imbeciles…….remember well not to try my patience.
Get it through your skull that I can find a replacement for you whenever I want.”

“Of course, Your Majesty.”

The Empress sadistically looked down at the cowering staff.
Then, suddenly she shifted her eyes to the monitor before bringing up some information by operating the control panel.

“Hmm… this speed, we won’t be able to get on top of their fleets huh.
If possible, I want to wipe them out before they can reach the surface.”

The surface of Galea-E is a complex terrain with extremely high mountains and steep valleys.
It’s possible that the enemy might be able to elude them if they go low enough.
The Calencian fleets are also running low on their ammunition, hitting them hard before they can resupply would be great too.

That said, at this rate, it would be impossible.
Even if it is a little risky, bringing their fleets close would work better to their advantage.

“Your Majesty, the enemy will be able to attack us from the surface, are you certain?”

“Well, they probably have a couple of fortress guns down there but……..the [Odelcrois] possesses the toughest defense among all of the battleships belonging to the Imperial army.
Unless they have a 50Mw class fortress gun, there’s no need to fear their pathetic resistance at this range.”

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After all, they are facing Calencia, a poor backwater nation.
It’s very unlikely that they would be able to prepare such a high-caliber fortress gun.

“Certainly, only a fool would recklessly rush in there.
Still, it would be stupid of us to worry over a threat that doesn’t exist.
Don’t you think it’s high time for us to go on an actual offensive?”

She had been using her subordinates as a shield until just a while ago but the staff readily complied with her order.
Nored is a country where demotion and the death penalty would immediately befall those who do not obey the Empress.
That’s why the Empress herself is always surrounded by Yes-women.

“Ready all units for Anti-ship warfare.
Bring my fleet on top of the enemy.”

The Noredians fleet was already close to the Calencians to attack them from long range.
When the entire fleet powered their thrusters, the distance between them shrank in a blink of an eye.
Right now, the Empress’s fleet is right on top of the Calencians who are in the middle of their descent to the surface.

The Calencian escorts were occupied with dealing with the Imperial Guards and could not intercept them.
With nothing between her fleet and the Calencian main fleet, the Empress could see her enemy descending below with her bare eyes.

“Not even a tiny bit of resistance huh? This is just pathetic.”

It is clear that the Calencians have no chance of victory when it comes to fleet battles.
Convinced of her victory, a smile floated to the Empress’s mouth.

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“Enemy fleet within range.”

“Good, F——.”

At that moment, a crimson flash illuminated the battlefield.
A gigantic torrent of beams pierced through a battleship flying right next to the [Odelcrois].
Its crimson hull melted scrap metal in a blast furnace, followed by a violent explosion.

A fierce shock wave and shattered pieces of steel struck the [Odelcrois], tilting the entire ship.
The helmsman desperately grabbed onto the wheel with a blue face.
With the ship losing its balance, the air resistance is causing it to spin out of control.

“Wh, Wh, Wha, What happened!?”

Caught completely off guard, the Empress lost her cool for a moment.
No ordinary attack can obliterate a battleship in one shot.
Being glared at by the Empress, the operator hurriedly gave her report.

“S, Scanning for the point of origin! We should get the result s–…….done, putting it on the front monitor!”

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The Empress was at a loss for words when she saw what was on the monitor.
It was a telephoto image so the quality is a bit rough but she can make out the figure of a gigantic cannon with legs.
It was the Mobile Fortress [Valizer], the strategic weapon Nored had dispatched to Calencia.

“………..I missed.”

The [Valizer] was standing still on an iceberg.
The place where its cockpit was supposed to be was hollowed out and replaced by a mounting platform for a purple Zenith.
It was Liren’s exclusive striker, the [Pryceta].
Despite the fact that she just shot down a battleship, her expression shows nothing but dissatisfaction.

“What a disgrace………..”

“It can’t be helped.
The barrel and the aiming system were broken and we are forcibly using it after all.”

A Calencian soldier pilots her [Claymore] to insert a new particle cartridge while comforting Liren.
In return, Liren let out a dissatisfied sigh.

The Calencian army recovered the defeated [Valizer] and put it here after some emergency repairs.
It’s not fully operational but it can be used as a fixed battery.
Still, its accuracy is unreliable because it was damaged so badly in the battle.
Even Nored’s former best sniper ended up missing her shot.

“Hmm…….if would’ve been a big win if I managed to take out the Empress…..”

With a frown, Liren once again looked down her scope.

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