Begins the Setting Sun 2

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“C, Change the primary target to the [Valizer]! Hurry up and take it out.”

The ultra-high caliber cannon the [Valizer] has holds enough power to sink even their toughest battleship in a single shot.
Since its destructive power was just demonstrated right in front of her, the captain immediately gave that order with a pale face.
After all, it was allowed to fire another shot, the [Odelcrois] might be the next one to go.

The four 50cm triple cannons on the [Odelcrois] take aim at the [Valizer] on top of the iceberg.
Naturally, the other side also noticed that but the [Valizer] showed no sign of taking an evasive maneuver.

“First salvo, commence fire!”

The main turrets blew fire at the command.
Not only the [Odelcrois] but all other battleships also launch their attack.
Countless crimson rays race toward the [Valizer].
The [Valizer] is as big as a battleship so no one misses their shot.

However, just before the high-power beams can hit the [Valizer] directly, they all unnaturally diverge in different directions.
Some of the scattered particles managed to graze its armor but that did no real damage to the [Valizer].

“Fools! That thing is equipped with a deflection shield, but battleships’ turrets can’t touch that thing…….!”

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The Empress screamed, her face looked extremely pale.
The deflection shield can deflect both beams and physical bullets with strong repulsive force.
It is an extremely powerful defensive device.
Naturally, it has its limits but it would take them some time to bypass that shield.
On the other hand, if the Empress’s ship gets shot down before they can destroy the [Valizer] then all the battle so far would go to waste.

“Anyway, lower us down first! Get me out of its line of fire!”

“H, However, the enemy fleets are…….”

One of the staff moaned.
The Calencians can fire at them at this range but they did not launch their attack.
It’s likely that they are out of ammunition and this is a great chance for them to attack.

“Shut up! Their pathetic fleets can wait! Get us down immediately!”

“Y, Yes, Your Majesty!”

The ship’s bow turned toward the surface.
The helmsman then utilized the thruster at the stern at full power.
The ship’s interior is being protected by an inertial control device and they have artificial gravity on board but such a massive movement ended up making some crew members fall over.

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Naturally, the other ships in the fleet also begin to descend following its flagship.
It’s obvious that they also do not want to be a sitting duck for the Mobile Fortress’s cannon.

“According to the topographic, there is a large valley near our location where we can hide in.
Let’s head there, Your Majesty!”

“Good, I’ll allow it.

Since the [Valizer] is on top of an iceberg, its firing angle was extremely wide.
Lowering their altitude alone won’t cut it.
They have to completely cut off the enemy’s line of sight.
The fact that Galea-E is filled with mountains and valleys brings relief to the Empress.

“Growing heat signature from the [Valizer].
The second shot is—-……..”

However, that peace of mind does not last long.
Even before the operator could finish her report, an extra-thick beam flew past the [Odelcrois].
Even though the shot didn’t even scratch the ship itself, the AA turrets and autocannons popped off from the heat from the scattered particles.


The Empress’s expression looked like she got ice-cold water poured up her ass.
The bridge was filled with warning alarms while the operators nervously scrambled to give damage reports.
Their state immediately changed from casual to shaken.
The fact that the Calencian fleets are right before their eyes flew out of their heads.

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“H, Hurry up and get us out of here!”

Although they got lucky this time, the Empress does not plan to stay around and hope for the next shot.
She was half panicked.

“We’re already at full speed, Your Majesty!”

The helmsman replied.

She spoke the truth as the white icebergs all Galea-E was already right in front of them.
Once their altitude got to 3,000, the helmsman adjusted the ship’s posture and it now aligned horizontally to the surface.
After that, with a burst of their reverse thrust, their speed gradually decreased.

“Incoming enemy destroyers and missile vessels!”


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The Empress let out a muffled scream at the report.
A unit of small vessels appeared out of nowhere and was gradually approaching their position.

Their effort to intercept them does not go well as they are in the middle of deceleration and their aim was awry.
Although they managed to destroy several of the enemy destroyers, most of the enemy unit was still intact and the missile vessels had already gotten into their effective range.

“All hands, prepare for impact!”

Rain of anti-ship missiles assaults the Empress fleet.
None of them hit the [Odelcrois] but several battleships and cruisers received direct hits.
The cruiser that was escorting the [Odelcrois] was incapacitated and crashed onto the surface followed by an explosion.
The battleships that got hit did not escape unscathed either as some simply lost power and dived into the icefield below them.


The Empress’s face grew red in anger but right now they have no time to deal with the destroyers.
She pointed at a stupidly large canyon about 10km away and shouts.

“Hurry up! The third shot is coming!”


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