Enemy’s Target

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“Phew, we are finally back.”

Kisei said as he stretched his muscles after he stored the [Caliburn-Revive] at the [Radiant]’s hangar.
He spent quite a long time inside the narrow cockpit so fatigue has accumulated because of that.

“Man, I didn’t think that we would be able to get back in one piece.
I thought I was going to die, you know.”

“You were with me so it’s all good right.
I have never had a wingman crash on me, you know.”

While cheerfully replying so, Kisei took out a lollipop from the holster wrapped around his thigh.
He quickly unwrapped the wrapping and put the strawberry flavor candy into his mouth.

“…..hey, why do you have a lollipop inside your holster.”

“When you get tired, you need a way to replenish your sugar right.”

“I mean, why inside the holster……”

Saki asked with a tired expression.

“Why you ask? There’s nowhere else to put it in a pilot suit right.”

“No, just put a gun in there.
What are you going to do if you need to fight outside your striker.”

“Even if you give me a gun, I’m so bad that I’d just end up shooting my allies in the back, you know.

“There’s no way a person who can shoot a blaster rifle with no lock-on assist like you can be that bad right!!”

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Saki unintentionally retorted in a loud voice.
To shoot without lock-on assistance means that the pilot did not rely on the computer of the striker.
It’s something that can’t be done unless the pilot is a very skilled sharpshooter.

“Well, that was not really my shooting skills though…….”

“You two, Good work!”

When Kisei was about to continue, he was interrupted by Schleer who ran up to them.
Although she probably did not see any battle on her end, she looks a little excited.

“You gave me a surprise! I never thought that you would have gone ahead and taken down a battleship.”

“I didn’t take it down, you know.
I just made it impossible to navigate by itself.”

“Certainly, giving them some time, that battleship would show back up on the frontline but…….with its propulsion engine completely wrecked, it should take them a few months to fully repair it.
This is a big deal you know!”

“Wahaha, I was just living up to my reputation as the strongest.
With a reliable partner, one or two battleships are nothing for us, right Makishima-san!”

“I’m not going to do that ever again alright!”

It is insane to challenge an entire fleet with only two strikers.
To combat a fleet with strikers, you would normally need several dozens of strikers.
Even with the Zenith-types that boasts high performance, the pilots are still living beings of flesh and blood.
It should be impossible for them to compensate for the workload required of dozens of people.

“C, Certainly, the earlier battle really was pushing it……I am happy for such a great battle result but it would be bad for us if you were to get shot down.”

“That’s exactly right, Your Highness.
Please do something about this guy……seriously.”

Schleer shook her head from side to side and lightly tapped her cheeks.
She then turns her gaze toward Kisei.

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“No matter how strong you are, it should be easier for you if you have support……..Please do avoid picking a fight where you would be outnumbered in the future, Kisei-san.”


If it becomes a decisive battle, I can participate in the battle and provide fire support for you using the [Mistilteinn] you know?”

“Self-promoting at every chance huh.”


“Nope, nothing.”

Being stared at by Schleer, Saki turned away and whistled.
Kisei had to narrow his eyes while wishing that they can get along a little better.

“So…….we now know the position of the enemy’s main force.
What is our plan?”

“Ahh, that’s right.
I will explain the plan to you now.
We will get pretty busy very soon after all.”

At Schleer’s nod, a blue-haired woman in a high-ranking officer uniform suddenly appeared at her side.
She’s someone Kisei met once when he first arrived at the [Radiant].

“Solana, please do the explanation.”

“Understood, ma’am.”

The woman nods with a serious expression and sophisticatedly bows to Kisei.
Indeed, this woman is a military officer who received first-class training.

“I’m the Martial Lord, Colonel Solana Wilbent.
I must apologize for not introducing myself the other day.”

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In the Vuld aristocratic system, an aristocrat may be given an official position instead of a territory.
A Martial Lord is one of such positions.
In terms of rank, hers is the equivalent of Marchioness but her official position is in the army.
In Calencia, her nobility status should be quite powerful.

“A Martial Lord? That’s amazing considering that you are so young.”

“I was only pressed into this position by my mother.
I still have a long way to go.”

Without acting shy at his praise like most women, Solana replied so and cleared her throat with a small cough.

“From the location of the enemy’s main force, we were able to predict their plan.
We think that the first target of their operation is planet Leboir Alpha, in the Leboir system.”

“Leboir? I see, so that’s their plan huh.”

Saki groaned.
However, for Kisei who is unfamiliar with this area, he is clueless about the significance of that name.
Noticing that, Solana further elaborates.

“The Leboir system is a small star system with one red dwarf at its center and a small rocky planet with almost no atmosphere orbiting it.
The supply base on that planet has been established as a relay point for the operations of our based squadrons.”

A Based Squadron is a unit consisting of small crafts like strikers and missile vessels that operate from fortresses instead of motherships.
Since they do not have a mothership, they have a fixed operation range but in a defensive scenario, they can be quite useful since they can deploy strikers in large numbers.

“If the enemy takes control of this supply base and repurpose it into their striker base then the Noredian strikers will be able to invade the capital using only the ride boosters.
The Noredian army will be able to assert dominance over us and the Calencia empire will stand no chance of winning this war.”

“So they do not plan to only utilize the prowess of their fleets alone huh.”

From the calculation based on the Noredian main force’s location, their fleet will have to pass through the Leboir system before it reaches the capital.
Also, the base at Leboir Alpha, albeit not well-equipped, they still have some defensive equipment.”

“If they planned to invade your capital using only their fleets then they would have no need to go out of their way and choose this route right.”

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“Yes……I am ashamed to say but not all routes to the capital have fortresses defending them.”

Said Schleer while diverting her eyes away from Kisei.
The Calencia empire is a small country.
And due to budget issues, it is not possible for them to construct fortresses on all routes.

“That’s why we decided to establish a defensive line around Leboir Alpha.
Fortunately, it shouldn’t take long to do that since our main force is located near the Leboir system.”

“But if that’s the case then is this situation not bad for us, Colonel? Considering our current position, the enemy may arrive at Leboir earlier than us right?”

Saki raised a point.
Currently, the 3rd Fleet is a little too far to intercept the enemy.
If the Noredian fleets head straight toward the Leboir system, they might not be able to make it in time for the first engagement.

“Well, since our main force will be in charge of directly engaging the enemy…….we should think of ourselves as a flanking unit instead.”

“Is, is that so.”

Saki was worried that everything would be over before she could get a turn.

“Well, that’s why we are currently heading toward the Leboir system at full speed.
It will be some time so please take a good rest for now.”

“So it will be a while before we deploy? I understand.
Hokuto, let’s go.
You are hungry right.
I will treat you to something.”

When the conversation was concluded, Saki pulled Kisei’s hand and started walking away.

Seeing that, Schleer chased after them in a hurry.

“Pl, please wait.
I have a little free time as well! I won’t let you two go alone!”

Behind the three who are steadily moving away, Solana let out a long sigh.

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