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The Empress’s fleet fled to the canyon which was thousands of meters deep.
It is one of the deepest canyons on Galea-E and even a large fleet consisting of battleships can hide in it.

“W, We did it!”

Seeing that, Schleer stroked her chest in relief.
The Imperial Guards also withdrew to the canyon following the Empress so the Calencians can now take their time to descend.
Their artillery on the ground is also aiming at the Empress’s fleet and is constantly raining fire on them.

“For the time being that’s stage one done………”

Diaroze muttered and checked the time.
She frowned a little before shrugging her shoulders.

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“But we still need a little more time.”

“Your strategy this time is strangely specific huh.”

Having nothing to do, Kisei folded his arms and commented.

“Well, yeah……..”

Diaroze gave a vague reply before silently switching her sub monitor to show the tactical map.
There seems to be something she doesn’t want to tell him.
Kisei frowned a little but he decided not to ask.

“No matter how wide that canyon is, there are only a few places where a fleet that large can move about.
If they don’t plan to hide in there forever then they should launch an assault soon.”

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“Then their first target would be the [Valizer] right.
As long as we have that, it doesn’t seem like they are going to show up on the surface after all.”

Valentina glanced at the Mobile Fortress [Valizer] which could be seen from a distance.
This type of weapon that boasts high firepower and impressive defense is highly reliable in a situation like this.
However, because of the terrible state it was in, it can not move properly.
After all, it only received some emergency repairs before they installed it here.

“Their fleet can’t come up here but their strikers should be able to sew through the canyons and valleys here to get close to the [Valizer].
I want that big baddy of ours to stay alive and well for a while.
You should order your pilots to prepare to intercept them.”

“Yes, I know.
It’s about time that the forces were stationed on the surface to launch their attack.
I will tell them to not allow enemy strikers to break through…….”

At that time, countless shells and missiles flew from beyond the horizon and rained on the canyon like a meteor rain.
A fierce explosion erupted, evaporating the dry ice powder toward the sky.

The attack came from the Calencian-Valentina allied forces.
The Empress’s prediction was off as they actually stationed a large number of troops on the surface.
By this time, the Empress is probably fuming.
Imagined that, a snicker escaped from Diaroze’s lips.

“This made me want to savor it for a while.
Truly wonderful.”

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While nodding in satisfaction with her work, Diaroze landed the [Ex-Caliburn] at the tip of an iceberg.
Dry ice evaporates into white smoke at its sole as the striker was pretty heated from the reentry.
Even though the atmosphere of Galea-E is pretty thin.
The sound of shells and missiles raining in the distance could be heard clearly.

“But most of our equipment is 20cm cannons and 24cm rocket launchers.
We can’t take down battleships with that kind of firepower.
Besides, that canyon is pretty deep……..the flashy explosions aside, I don’t think we land that many direct hits on them though.”

Schleer pointed out as she landed her striker beside the [Ex-Caliburn].
Her voice seems terribly tired.
Almost half a day has passed since the battle started.
Even with Vuld physical prowess, she’s almost at her limit.

“If it’s that flashy then it’s enough.
Our goal is to keep them from rearing their heads up from under there after all.”

Their bombardment was literally changing the terrain above them.
Certainly, they wouldn’t want to surface their fleet into that kind of environment.
Even with their medium-sized shells and missiles, their ships won’t be unscathed after a direct hit after all.

We brought almost all of the ammunition we have to Galea-E.
At least, we should be able to keep it raining like this for a while.”

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This operation was planned as their final battle against Nored.
A large-scale operation in that they are willing to exhaust their supplies and troops.

“So things should be fine for now right.
Diaroze, it’s your first battle in a while……are you doing okay? If you can’t move anymore then I don’t mind you withdrawing first you know.”

Valentina asked in a teasing tone.
In truth, the one she’s worried about is not Diaroze but Kisei who’s riding with her.
In the first place, Diaroze only switched in to maneuver the [Ex-Caliburn] so Valentina and the others should be way more tired than her.

Detected the sarcasm in her sister’s tone, Diaroze’s expression turned bitter.

“……..Anyway, it’s our chance.
The Empress should be as red as a boiled octopus by now.
Shall we add some gasoline into the flame?”

“Ugh…….so we are going to use that after all?”

Valentina had a terribly fed-up look on her face.

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