this pathetic performance.
However, just because she’s embarrassed doesn’t mean that she wants to give up control.
Besides, there’s a reason why she can’t allow Kisei to take over yet.

“…..that’s right, we’ve already used that video.
Let’s make full use of it here!”


Unable to ignore that, Kisei’s expression immediately changed.
However, before he could stop her, Diaroze connected their radio to a common comm channel.

“Hi there, everyone.
It’s been a while.”

“Th, This voice!”

The pilots of the [Renions] were startled.
These pilots were usually in charge of the Empress’s security so naturally, they are all acquainted with her daughter, Diaroze.
There’s no way for them to mistake her voice.

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“Did you enjoy my gift? Nn? Perhaps that was too stimulating for your unquenchable thirst huh? Kukukuku…….”

As she said that, Kisei’s mouth immediately fluttered.
However, he can not say anything knowing that the comm is on.
If they know that Diaroze is riding with a man, it would be like adding oil to the raging flame.

“T, Th, There are some lines that should never be crossed, Your Highness! …..No, former Your Highness!”

“I was disappointed! I never thought that Diaroze-sama was a pervert who got off on being insulted by a man!”

Sure enough, the Imperial Guards’ replies were harsh.

“Kukuku, it’s enviable, isn’t it? I’ve just awakened to true love!”


The Imperial Guards were furious.
It’s the result of their pent-up frustration.
Certainly, even Vuld women are quite reserved when it comes to such S&M plays but with such a thing being put on a show when they are se*ually frustrated, there ought to be some effect.

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“Even if it’s Diaroze-sama, I won’t allow this to pass! Don’t think you can get away with this!”

Blinded by anger, the Imperial Guards who were scattered here and there on the battlefield quickly gathered.
Naturally, they are all furiously shooting at the [Ex-Caliburn].

Diaroze hurriedly hid behind a rock.

“Now! It’s your chance, attack!”

“Can’t you come up with a more decent plan!”

Saki slashed at a [Renion] with an exasperated voice.
Diaroze’s provocation was effective in disrupting the Imperial Guards’ formation.
This is definitely a good opportunity for the Calencians to attack.

“Hmph, I was just using myself as bait to create an opening……..such a thing is commendable in a war, no? You should praise me instead!”

“I wanted to but you made it damn difficult to!”

Kisei retorted in a loud voice while narrowing his eyes at her.

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