bombardment got even more intense as though they did not care about their vanguard at the front line.

“If our counter-battery can’t do the job then there’s no other way but to deal with it ourselves.
Please give us permission to go!”

Eleanor shouted in a high-pitch voice.
She seemed to be quite frustrated at how they were being one-sidedly bombarded.

“Give it up! If you leave this place then we won’t be able to cope with the enemy’s offensive you know!”

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Diaroze shouted back in an exasperated voice.
She just made the same argument earlier so it can’t be helped that she’s tired of it.

“You guys are the only ones here who can take out the [Renions] okay.
Get it through your skull how important you are.”

At the moment, the [Claymore] and [Jetta] are only able to keep up with the [Renion] with the support of each other and ally multi-legged tanks.
No matter how low the morale of the Imperial Guards is, the difference in both machine and pilot’s skills is just too difficult to overcome.

That’s why, Schleer and Diaroze decided on a tactic where their common soldiers stall the enemy [Renions], creating a chance for their Zenith to finish them.
If Tersis and the others leave this theater there’s no doubt that the enemy will break through.


Still, Tersis and Eleanor’s go-to strategy is ‘attack’.
They won’t be satisfied if they are only instructed to stay on the defensive.
That’s why, hearing Diaroze’s reply, the two puffed their cheeks at the same time.

“You nobles are simply too impatient [DESU]!”

Nora chimed in with a ridiculing tone.
She herself is also frustrated by this situation but she doesn’t voice it out loud.

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“You can go you know? While you take out their artillery, I get to accumulate my score here after all [DESU].”

“I can’t have that huh…….!”

Tersis bitterly smiled at the young girl’s provocation.
When she was taunted like that it certainly is difficult to argue back.
With no other choice, she started looking for her next prey…….however…..

[[High Heat Source Detected!]]

At the same time, the AI coldly reported, Tersis felt a chill on her back and reflexively accelerated away from the place she was standing in.

The next moment, a thick beam pierced the ground where Tersis was standing earlier.
Dry ice evaporates in an instant, causing a big explosion.
On the other hand, the [Van Wolf] took the brunt of it and got blown away.

“Guh, was that their battleship?”

After safely landing her striker, Tersis turns her attention to the direction where the shot originated from.
It was from the sky.
There, a black&white themed striker was holding a cannon that was even larger than its body.
At its side was a striker of the same color theme with a giant sword on its back.

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