The New 4 Heavenly

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“Checking with the database……….NOTHING!?”

The enemy strikers appeared to be Zenith-type but there was no record of them in the database and Tersis doesn’t know that such a model exists either.
Their oversized weapons gave a strange intimidating feeling.
Realizing that she was facing some abnormal foes, Tersis pointed her sword at them.

“This is Tersis van Melemheim! Name yourselves!”


At the sudden question, the two Zeniths seemed to be confused for a second and lowered their weapons.
However, they immediately repositioned and replied.

“Ein Soylent, one of the Four Heavenly, the [Heavenly Thunder].”

“Zwei Soylent, same, the [Heavenly Blade].”


Strangely enough, the voices that came from both machines sounded exactly the same.
It was as if the same person spoke twice.
Still, it was confirmed that the voice came from 2 separate strikers.

But that’s not the problem.
The enemies have named themselves members of the Four Heavenly.
The Empress must have newly appointed them.
That makes them kind of Tersis’s junior.

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“Hmph, to name yourself the [Heavenly Thunder] in front of me……insolent fool.”

Eleanor sneered.
Even though they named themselves the Four Heavenly, they merely took the seat that they left vacant.
Moreover, Eleanor has never heard of House Soylent.
That’s why she thought that they were simply some third-rate stand-in.


“It’s insulting that there is only the [Heavenly Blade] and [Heavenly Thunder] here but not the [Heavenly Roar] [DESU].
The rest were probably left to guard the Empress though…….”

In any case, if they are here then it just means that they have to defeat them.
Thinking so, Nora grabbed her control stick.

“No one-on-one duel this time [DESU], Tersis-SAN!”

“Guh, you sure jabbed where it hurt.”

It’s Tersis and the others’ job to keep the enemy at bay.
If they neglect the [Renions] and focus on single combat with these newcomers then it would be putting a cart before a horse.
The most effective plan would be to use their number to their advantage and take them down quickly.

“Wait! I can’t ignore that just now, did you say Soylent!?”

“You know of them, Diaroze?”

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“Eleanor, you bastard……you just casually dropped the honorific huh…….whatever.
Do not let your gua—–…….”


Without waiting for Diaroze to finish, Tersis charged at the Zenith with a giant sword.
Even though it technically looks like a sword, the thing could just be called a chunk of iron.
The weapon itself is bigger than the striker.
Even a Zenith would not be able to move well carrying such an oversized weapon.


However, Tersis’s assumption crumbled.
The rocket engine installed on the cutting edge of the giant sword flashed and the guillotine-like blade accelerated toward the [Van Wolf].


As expected, even the [Van Wolf] can not take a blow from such a thing.
Tersis immediately pulled back the control stick and performed a somersault back.
Tersis glares at the enemy while enduring the G that would be strong enough to overwhelm Kisei’s body.


However, the attack did not end there.
2 bizarrely shaped arms sprung out from the shoulders of the black&white Zenith.
At their finger-like tips are sharp claws and what seem like muzzles of blaster weaponry.

“Auxiliary arms!?”

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The muzzles of the left and right auxiliary arms started firing at the same time and the low-powered particle bullets burned the crimson armor of the [Van Wolf], leaving behind a scorch mark.
Although a single shot can not penetrate the armor, the auxiliary arms continue to fire low-powered bullets like machine guns.

“You do have the ability worthy of the name [Heavenly Blade]!”

Although each bullet was not that powerful, the regenerative armor would eventually wear out if subjected to continuous fire.
If the armor regenerator which converts shock and heat into electricity is overloaded, the armor itself would render into nothing more than fancy decoration.
With a ferocious smile, Tersis brilliantly avoids the barrage.


However, as though it was waiting for that chance, the other Zenith fired a beam from its large cannon at the [Van Wolf].
The high-power beam that made it feel like she was facing a wall of light made Tersis sweat cold.
A direct hit would completely obliterate her striker and there’s no time to avoid it.


“This is why I hate musclehead!”

Nora rushed at Tersis and tackled the [Van Wolf] with her Zarava like a cannonball.
A loud crashing sound echoed as the two strikers dived into the iceberg sending a shockwave through the whole cockpit.
However, thanks to that, they managed to escape the enemy’s line of sight.


“You owe me one, [DESU].”

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While enduring the shock from the impact, Nora glared at the Zenith with the oversized cannon.
That thing was bizarrely powerful.
If she has to compare it, the firepower of that cannon can even rival a medium-sized cruiser’s main turret.
She has never heard about a Zenith that can operate such a weapon before.

“It doesn’t seem like they are some mere substitute [DESUNE]……DIAROZE! You know about these guys right? Fill us in already [DESU].”

“NUUH, even you huh……..”

While rolling her eyes up, Diaroze lamented to herself.
However, now is not the time to worry about the absence of honorifics.
She’s not at the place where Tersis and the others are fighting so she doesn’t have any visual of the newly arrived Zeniths but she can tell from the communication what kind of situation they are in.

“Those guys are genetically modified clone soldiers.
We called them Soylent Sisters.
Their strikers are also specially made for them…….

Since she was next in line to the throne, Diaroze was familiar with the dark side of the Imperial Army.
Tracing back her memory, she continues to tell them what she knows.

“If they named themselves [Heavenly Blade] and [Heavenly Thunder] then their strikers would be the [Geist Fechter], and [Geist Artillerie].
Both were tuned up to match their modified specs so their power should even be higher than a royal family’s Zenith.”

“So both the pilots and strikers are modified, right? Hmph.”

Eleanor doesn’t find that amusing at all.

While Diaroze was explaining what she knew, the Soylent Sisters were on the offensive.
Keeping up with their movement was the most Tersis and the others could do.

That’s why even you guys might lose if you are careless.
Don’t let your guard down!”

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